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Often used in men’s health

Often used in men’s health

Little ginger block can cure all diseases. Ginger is rich in zingerone and zingerol. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation, removing cold, dehumidifying, sweating, etc. It also has the effects of strengthening stomach and vomiting, driving off odor, and eliminating edema.

Therefore, doctors and folks call it “home-prepared little ginger, don’t panic if you have a small illness,” and there are expressions like “eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, and doctors who don’t pay for prescriptions”.

  However, it is appropriate to note that rotten ginger contains safrole, which is toxic to the liver, so if it is found that it is rotten, do not eat it.

  Fresh ginger: Enhance appetite and delay aging. Middle-aged and elderly men often suffer from cold stomach and poor appetite. They can often take fresh ginger tablets to stimulate gastric secretion and promote digestion.

Fresh ginger is not as dry as dry ginger, moisturizing without hurting the yin, cut four or five slices of fresh ginger every day, drink a cup of warm water in the morning, and then slowly put the ginger slices in your mouth to chew the ginger.Emitted in the mouth, spread to the stomach and outside the nostril.

  Dried ginger: For kidney deficiency and yang, take one male carp (about 500 grams), dried ginger, and wolfberry 10 grams each.

Take the fish in the carp belly (that is, the white jelly-like substance in the belly of the male fish—the male seminal vesicle gland), fry it with dried ginger and wolfberry, boil, season with wine, salt, and MSG.

Take it on an empty stomach. Take it once every other day for 5 days.

  Dry ginger warms and disperses colds, strengthens stomach and promotes blood circulation, Chinese wolfberry nourishes liver and kidney, and improves eyesight. This medicated diet can treat impotence caused by kidney yang deficiency, chills, cold limbs, back pain, waist and knee weakness, burnout, etc.

  However, ginger-like Xin Wen, can only be applied in cold conditions, and the amount of use is likely to break blood and Yin.

If you have sore throat, dry throat, dry stool and other symptoms of yin deficiency and fire, it is not convenient to use ginger.

Best time to lose weight with hula hoop, 99% of people are wrong

Best time to lose weight with hula hoop, 99% of people are wrong

Hula hoop before meals or after meals There is no compulsory requirement for hula hoop meals before or after meals, and generally should be acceptable.

Just be careful not to switch hula hoop just after eating.

However, taking into account various factors, it is still the best time to turn the hula hoop 1 hour after a meal.

The following will give you a more detailed description: 1. Do n’t change the hula hoop just after eating, do n’t turn the hula hoop just after eating, otherwise it will affect the digestion of the stomach and cause stomach pain and other conditions.

  2. Turning hula hoop before meals is more conducive to weight loss Generally speaking, there is no limit to turning hula hoop before meals. On the contrary, turning hula hoop before meals should be more beneficial for weight loss.

  3, fasting to hula hoop will also increase the sense of obesity when fasting to hula hoop before meals, it is indeed more conducive to weight loss.

But let’s be clear.

Turning the hula hoop before meals will increase the sense of obesity and easily increase appetite, resulting in increased eating later.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight better, it is better not to eat immediately after turning the hula hoop. It does not prevent you from drinking a cup of warm water to pad your belly first, and it is advisable to wait until the hunger subsides a little before eating.

  4. Turning 1 hour after a meal is the best. Fasting to a hula hoop before meals may inadvertently result in an increase in subsequent eating and abandon your previous achievements.

(Of course, if you can control the diet after turning around the hula hoop, then it is still good to choose turning around before meals, and the weight loss effect is doubled.

) However, just after eating, the stomach is more supportive, and the blood is mostly moving in the stomach. At this time, turning the hula hoop affects digestion and is not conducive to weight loss. It also causes stomach problems.

Therefore, if you turn after meals, it is best to choose one hour after meals, which is a relatively optimal time, because the food is almost digested in the stomach, and exercise can accelerate the slight burning in the body.

  How long does it take to turn to hula hoop to lose weight? Hula hula is a whole-body exercise that can achieve the effect of weight loss, but the duration of exercise must be long enough.

Because the hula hoop’s exercise intensity is not very strong, only the prolonged exercise time and continuous exercise reach the stage of aerobic exercise, so you can consume the unfortunate stored in the body and excessive heat.

How long should I shake to achieve fitness results?

May wish to refer to the “three three three” campaign promoted by the National Sports Commission, exercise three times a week, every 30 minutes, a heartbeat of 130 beats.

Because the hula hoop is not strong enough, it is necessary to increase the speed of shaking if you want to increase the heart rate.

  The heavier the hula hoop, the better?

  Actually, it doesn’t have to be as heavy as possible.

Maybe the heavier hula hoop at the beginning, it takes spline strength to shake it, but then it becomes a kind of inertial movement. The focus is on the movement time must be long enough, otherwise the short and short movement only belongs to anaerobic.Exercise will only exchange muscle soreness and will not consume extra displacement.

In addition, when the hula hoop is shaken, it will hit the tibia, the internal organs (such as kidneys) inside the tail, and the relative impact of the too heavy hula hoop is also overcome. There may be a risk of injury to the viscera.Right!

  Not suitable for those with lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency. Not suitable for those with lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency. Because the hula hoop mainly depends on the waist, it has fully exercised the lumbar muscles, abdominal muscles, and lateral lumbar muscles.Waist effect.

However, it should be reminded that people with lumbar muscle strain, spine injuries, osteoporosis patients, and the elderly are not suitable for exercise.

In addition, before shaking the hula hoop, do some expansion exercises to shrink the ligaments and avoid sprains.

  Exercise is not a day or two, and too much is not caused by a day or two. Regardless of how your army moves, remember to grasp one principle: continuous and continuous, a little bit of panting without too much panting.

I believe that soon you will be a member of the Dai family.

Health advice for middle-aged web chat fans

Health advice for middle-aged web chat fans

Middle-aged people are the mainstay of society, and pressure from work, family, society, etc. often weighs them down.

So some middle-aged people chose to vent their inner pressures and contradictions in the form of web chat.

However, some senior psychological counselors said that moderate web chats for middle-aged people can help relieve stress, but if they are over-obsessed, in addition to taking up a lot of time and energy, they may also cause mental health problems.

  Middle-aged people relieve stress. Online chat is not the only way. A well-known senior psychological consultant who has many years of experience in psychological counseling, combined with his case analysis, shows that the middle-aged person’s obsession with the Internet caused physical health problems can be expressed as emotional disorders and behaviorObstacles may lead to conflicts with others. Grasping “degrees” is a problem that middle-aged people who often chat online can take seriously.

  The main way to get out of the network is to replace the original imaginary goal with a new goal or activity, so that the original self tension can be truly satisfied, so as to release the pressure and release your own mind.Continue to maintain a happy, happy and healthy life.

  Senior counselors fully understand themselves about the mental health of middle-aged friends.

Middle-aged friends must realize that after middle age, people are not only a period of achievement and a stable family, but also a special period of life’s burden. They must go beyond waste through self-adjustment.

  Good at work, learn to relax, and relax.

Middle-aged friends can use holidays or weekends to spend vacations with colleagues and family in the suburbs, so that they can naturally integrate with the crowd, into nature, and relieve psychological stress.

  Solve the boredom of years of marriage.

Couples may wish to try the “halo effect”, which is to consciously regard each other as the best and most perfect person in the world of themselves. After marriage, continue to develop love and communicate with each other in three aspects of sex, affection and heart.

  Improve self-regulation consciousness, realize your desire through sublimation, and satisfy your psychological needs.

For example, by writing blog posts to express your beautiful wishes and emotions, you can also express yourself through cultural activities such as singing and dancing.

Chuanbei Sydney Pig Lung Soup

Chuanbei Sydney Pig Lung Soup

[Source]Folk recipe[Raw materials]10 grams of Chuanbei, 3 Sydney, 100 grams of pig lung.

  [Production]Wash the pig lungs and cut into pieces; wash the Sydney, remove the kernels, cut 4 pieces into each skin; smash the scallops.

Put all the ingredients in the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with wuhuo, then cook for 2 hours in a simmering pot, season and serve.

  [Usage]Drink soup to eat pig lung, Sydney.

  [Efficacy]moisturizes lungs and relieves phlegm.

For hot and dry lungs, insufficient lung fluid, cough, thick phlegm, bad sputum, dry throat and thirst.

Hong Kong Foot Antipruritic Chinese and Western Medicine Foot Recipe

Hong Kong Foot Antipruritic Chinese and Western Medicine Foot Recipe

Athlete’s foot, commonly known as “athlete’s foot” and “Hong Kong’s foot”, is most common among all kinds of ringworm.

Its occurrence is related to the physiological characteristics of the feet, but also to the climate and the special working environment.

  The skin of the feet, like the skin of other parts of the body, is constantly undergoing metabolism every day, and dandruff is replaced at any time.

If you do not wash your feet often, these dandruff will accumulate with sweat and dust in small amounts and accumulate in the toe seams and skin folds. It is warm and nutritious, and is an ideal “life paradise”.

If you put on airtight shoes again, the temperature of your feet will be higher, the humidity will be lower, and the growth and reproduction of dust will be more suitable. Once you touch the discarded slippers, towels, bathtub, etc., you will easily get athlete’s foot.

  Athlete’s foot damage is diverse and complicated, and different drugs and dosage forms should be used according to different situations in order to achieve better results.

For those with pimple scales or hyperkeratosis, various anti-wrinkle ointments can be used; for blister type, compound salicylic acid tincture, compound rasoxox tincture or 1% clotrimazole cream can be applied; if the erosion is exacerbated, applyFirst use boring powder or beriberi powder, after the skin is dry and desquamated, then treat with 1% gram myconazole cream or compound rezoxin tincture; if the secondary bacterial infection, you should first use antibiotics to control the infection, then anti-flourtreatment.

  Athlete’s foot can also be treated with Chinese and Western medicine soaking feet, such as Western medicine foot light powder, coral ringworm net, etc., Chinese medicine hibiscus skin, snake bed, cork, gallic, etc. have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, or fungal inhibitory effects.Blister-type athlete’s foot has a better effect.

At the same time, the treatment of athlete’s foot with immersion method is conducive to the complete penetration of the medicinal solution into the skin, to fully contact and kill the skin lying deep in the skin.

According to how to choose, you can analyze it according to the specific situation.

  Foot light powder review: powder.

It consists of Sophora flavescens, salicylic acid, benzoic acid and boric acid.

The general specification is 40 g / pack.

When using, add 1000-500ml of boiling water to each pack of medicine powder, stir, dissolve, and soak for 20-30 minutes after warming.

1 packet each time, once daily.

3 consecutive days for a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: Insecticide, antipruritic, astringent sweat, inhibit mold growth.

Can be used for various types of tinea pedis.

  Athlete’s foot net comment: Alias coral ringworm net, consisting of coral ginger tincture, salicylic acid, glycerol, acetic acid, etc.

The medicine has the functions of disinfection, sterilization, convergence and antipruritic, and has a strong killing effect on a variety of dermatophytes such as trichophyton flocculentum, trichophyton gypsum, and trichophyton rubrum.

  When using, pour a bottle of medicinal solution (250 ml) into the basin, add equal amount of warm water to replace, and soak the affected foot for 30 minutes.

The medicine has a strong penetrating effect on the skin, and can dissolve the skin keratin, and it is effective against ringworm of the feet, fingernails and onychomycosis.

  Review of compound hibiscus skin lotion: hibiscus skin, 30 grams each for snake bed, 15 grams each for cork, gallon and 12 grams for dead staff.

First add 2000 ml of water to the first 4 flavors of Chinese medicine, boil for 20 minutes, filter it and add it to a dry board and wait for it to melt.

Each dose can be used continuously for 2 days.

  During treatment, immerse the affected foot in lukewarm liquid medicine for 15-20 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day, dry the affected area after soaking, and keep it clean and dry, which can improve the effect of astringent moisture, insecticidal and itching,Applicable to toe gap erosive foot athlete’s foot.

  Glauber’s salt lotion review: 10 grams of Glauber’s salt, dissolved in 500 ml of boiling water, placed in a basin, when the water temperature instead of moderate, soak the affected foot in the solution for about 30 minutes, let it dry after the water cools.

If the toes are broken, you can sprinkle some talcum powder on the affected area, use l?
Twice, healed athlete’s foot significantly, and the cure rate was high.

  Vinegar review: Vinegar has a significant inhibitory effect on flour. In addition to secondary bacterial infections, all types of athlete’s foot can be coated with vinegar or impregnated with water.

The law is easy to implement temporarily and often achieves good results.

Be wary of the top three snacks that reduce children’s intelligence

Be wary of the top three snacks that reduce children’s intelligence

Snacks are children’s favorite foods, but many snacks are now added to supplemented artificial raw materials. These raw materials include trans traces, puffed foods, and foods and beverages with a large amount of artificial colors. These raw materials will harm children’s brain development.

Therefore, when parents are parents, they should pay attention to the following three snacks that reduce their children’s intelligence: The culprit 1: Ms. Trans Aunt Zhuo has loved to eat fried foods since she was a child. Her habit seems to be passed on to her son.

Ms. Zhuo’s son is in grade 3 in a primary school in our city. Recently, during the winter vacation in school, she often fried buns, lamb skewers and spiced sticks for her son.

But yesterday morning, Ms. Zhuo was in bed together and found that all the oral cavity was blistered. She hurried to see the doctor at the Department of Stomatology of Zhongshan Hospital.

When Ms. Zhuo received the test report, she was taken aback: her blood consistency was twice as high as normal.

The doctor inquired about her lifestyle and said that it was because she repeatedly overtransmitted fatty acids.

The doctor also reminded her that if she continued to eat like this for a long time, I’m afraid she would eat Alzheimer’s disease in the future!

Trans-impurities, also known as trans-fatty acids, are generally produced after the treatment of vegetable oils by “hydrogenation” technology. Compared with general vegetable oils, artificial trans-impurities have the advantages of high temperature resistance, resistance to deterioration, and longer storage.

Currently, the United States fast food industry uses artificial trans traces quite commonly, and it is usually used to make crispy bread, french fries and donuts.

Some fats that can make the dough crisp, margarine, and cooking oils for frying may all contain artificial trans traces.

After pregnant women consume too much trans fatty acids, they can be passed to the fatty acids through the placenta, and the nursing mothers will also “feed” the trans fatty acids to the babies through milk, which will cause young children to lack the necessary fats, which will affect their growth and development. It may alsoCauses the lack of children’s brain lipids, affecting their intellectual development.

So parents should pay special attention to the following foods: first is margarine, such as margarine (vegetable cream); second is fried foods, such as instant noodles, potato chips, french fries, etc.

Some processed foods containing fats, such as instant soups, fast foods, frozen foods (such as dumplings), baked foods (such as biscuits, cookies, and bread, etc.), all kinds of instant battered foods (such as powdered oatmeal, coconut flour), Sesame paste powder, etc.), all kinds of butter sugar, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, there may be trans fatty acids.

The culprit 2: Residues of puffed foods, puffed small foods are popular among children because of their crispy, crisp, fragrant and sweet flavor characteristics.

However, medical experts at home and abroad believe that puffed foods are not really safe or healthy foods. If children eat such foods for a long time, it will be harmful to their brain and physical development.

American nutritional food experts have advised many years ago that the existence of harmful metal elements such as lead or aluminum in puffed foods, and parents often let their children eat these foods.

Puffed food contains lead and aluminum is relatively high for the following reasons: First, additives such as leavening agents are often added to process such foods. Some leavening agents (such as alum and sodium bicarbonate) contain more lead or aluminum.
Equal heavy metals; the second is that food passes through metal pipes during processing. Metal pipes usually contain lead and tin alloys. At high temperatures, these lead are easily gasified, and the gasified lead will contaminate these puffs.Food.

Eating puffed foods regularly can hurt children (especially children under 3 years old).

When “lead comes in from the mouth” for a long time, it will gradually lurk in the blood and bones, and it will be difficult to metabolize it naturally.

Children are at the stage of growth and development, the amount of lead absorption is several times that of adults, and children’s excretion function of lead is relatively weak, it is easier to accumulate in the body.

When harmful heavy metals accumulate to a certain amount, it will cause significant damage to the human nervous system, digestion, hematopoiesis and other systems, especially cause cognitive impairment or decreased thinking ability, and may even affect children’s life-long health.

Excessive intake of aluminum mainly damages brain function.

For example: it will interfere with people’s thinking, consciousness and memory functions, cause neurological diseases, manifested as memory loss, visual and motor coordination failure, brain damage, decreased intelligence, and severe cases may be dementia.

The culprit 3: Artificial coloring Modern children’s food has many names, sophisticated packaging, and colorful colors, but some of these “colored foods” containing pigments lurk hidden dangers to human health.

Excessive or long-term consumption is harmful to the healthy development of children without benefit.

At the stage of children’s intellectual development, a large number of high-quality proteins and lipids and other nutrients are required. Synthetic pigments cannot provide these nutrients.

At the same time, the synthetic metabolites themselves are toxic, and they may be mixed into them during storage. Lead or other toxic intermediate products will affect children’s intellectual development and neurobehavior.

In addition, supplementation with excessive synthetic pigments can cause allergies, such as high blood pressure, laryngeal edema, rhinitis, urticaria, itching of the skin, and neurological headaches; certain synthetic pigments act on human nerves and affect nerve impulses.Instead.
This can cause a series of symptoms.

Doctors advise parents to strictly control children’s diet, so that children eat more natural foods, and try to choose foods without any artificial additives when buying processed foods.

Experts from the Huiyuan Juice R & D Center also recommend that children avoid the effects of artificial colors from their daily diet. Be cautious when buying some brightly colored foods or beverages. Do not choose processed foods that are too bright in color.Food ingredients list habits, pay attention to whether carmine, lemon yellow, sunset yellow and other synthetic colors are added.

Fungus Beancurd with Rabbit Soup

Fungus Beancurd with Rabbit Soup

[Source]Folk medicated recipe[Materials]10 grams of black fungus, 1 yuba (about 120 grams), 2 slices of ginger, 10 grams of wolfberry, 250 grams of rabbit meat.

  [Production]Soak the yuba and black fungus with water, wash them, and cut the yuba; cut the ginger slices and wolfberry; wash the rabbit meat and cut into pieces.

Heat oil pan, add ginger slices, sauté rabbit meat, add appropriate amount of water, add black fungus, yuba, wolfberry, simmer with simmer, and season.

Drink soup and eat all the ingredients, 1 ingredient per day, 7 days for 1 course of treatment.

  [Effect]Spleen and nourishing blood and cooling blood.

For the lack of vitality, shortness of breath, laziness, and so on.

Cupping for up to 15 minutes

Cupping for up to 15 minutes

Acupuncture experts say cupping is a traditional method of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

Because of its simple operation and convenience, it has become a common method for preventing and treating diseases in the folk.

  At present, the types of cans are mainly bamboo cans, glass cans, rubber cans and vacuum cans.

Because bamboo pots need to be boiled with traditional Chinese medicine liquid, they are more complicated and are replaced.

The glass jar is clinically toxic, and the skin condition can be observed in time.

Rubber cans are used in places that are not very flat, some joints, etc.

Vacuum tanks are generally suitable for domestic tanks.

  Hospital cupping generally uses tweezers to clamp a small ball of cotton balls, dipped in an appropriate amount of alcohol, tilt the mouth of the tank, ignite the cotton balls, reach into the bottom of the tank to bypass 1-3 circles, and then pull out.

Be careful not to let the burning cotton ball touch the mouth of the jar, so as not to burn your skin.

  Of course, it is easier to use a vacuum tank at home, and no burns will occur, but the effect of removing wind and cold is not as good as that of a fire tank.

  A disease suitable for cupping and cupping is commonly used to treat low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, rheumatic pain, falling pillows, colds, indigestion, insomnia and menopause syndrome.

However, Director Zhao believes that cupping at home can only be used as an adjuvant treatment, and it is best to go to the hospital for more serious conditions to avoid delaying treatment.

Director Zhao then introduced several home cupping treatments for common diseases.

  Low back pain: Cupping at the pain in the back and the middle point (center of the leg), 10-15 minutes, once a day.

  Frozen shoulder: cupping on shoulder pain, 10-15 minutes, once a day.

  Falling pillow: Look for tender points on the neck and back of the affected side, and cup for about 10 minutes.

  Do not pull out the jar when you pull it out at home. The mouth of the jar should be smooth and undamaged, and it should not be too thin to prevent cutting the skin.

At the same time, pay attention to the following issues during operation: 1.

Choose a suitable tank according to the area of the pulled part, such as a wide and muscular tail, and a large tank can be used at the thigh, but a small tank is convenient for the calf, arms, and neck and shoulders.


The retention time depends on the condition and location.

Generally, the tank is left for 10-15 minutes. The large tank has strong suction and extraction force, and the time can be appropriately extended, otherwise foaming may occur.

If the foaming is relatively small, it does not need special treatment and will usually subside on its own; it is best to go to the hospital for treatment when foaming and perforating, first disinfect it locally, then pierce it with a disinfection needle, and apply sterile gauze.


Do n’t pull down hard when you lift the jar. Hold the jar with one hand and press the skin next to it to let the air in. The jar will come down naturally. The purple spots on the skin usually disappear after two weeks.


Overeat, overwork, and should not be cupped when craving.


The distal, underarm and groin areas with large blood vessels, skin allergies, edema or ulcers should not be cupped; pregnant women’s lumbosacral region and abdomen are also prohibited to prevent abortion.

How to deal with phone phobia

How to deal with phone phobia

Xiao Li, a salesman, is clever, and can communicate with customers face-to-face, but he can’t pass the phone.

“Pick up the phone, your mind is blank, all you want to say is forgotten.”

Therefore, he would rather send a text message to a customer than to call by email.

  Xiao Li’s performance is typical of “phone phobia”, with different types and causes.

Most people who dare not call leaders are out of fear of authority. They may have a harsh parent when they are young and often denied.

Fear of calling strangers may be a sign of social fear. They are often subjective and afraid that others will find their shortcomings on the phone.

Afraid to call a loved one may be a fear of escaping and escaping.

There are also people who are afraid to answer the phone and are annoyed as soon as the phone rings. These people are mostly busy with work and hate being disturbed by phone ringing.

  People in the workplace can’t do without phones, so find ways to overcome the “phone fear.”

First of all, understand that because you can’t see each other’s faces and expressions, you can talk uninterruptedly, and you can highlight the key points and improve efficiency.

Sensing each other through sound and intonation can also increase feelings.

In fact, the more afraid you are, the more you should force yourself to make more calls, accumulate experience in high-frequency calls, improve communication skills, and eliminate psychological barriers.

Third, give a positive hint to yourself before the call, such as “the other party likes me very much, and I can communicate with him well.”

It is also necessary to understand the situation of the other party in a comprehensive manner and set out the “call outline” so that there is nothing to say.

Finally, avoid overly straightforward opening remarks.

Maybe first ask “Will it be convenient for you to speak now” or “Will it bother you”, etc., but the other party has time to talk.

Try to enrich the call content, make the call artistic and emotional, and you will slowly find that communicating with people on the other end of the phone line is no different from face to face.

Chopsticks used too long to induce liver cancer to prevent cancer

Chopsticks used too long to induce liver cancer to prevent cancer

Core tips: Do not use chopsticks for more than 3 months, because disposable chopsticks that are used overdue can breed a variety of molds, and mild cases may cause digestive diseases such as infectious diarrhea and vomiting.

Severely moldy chopsticks can breed “aflatoxin”, which has been widely found to induce liver cancer.

  Carcinogenic factors are everywhere, they may be around you, and if you are not careful, you will be found by cancer.

Many people know that toothbrushes, towels and other supplies need to be changed regularly, but they do not know much about the frequency of chopsticks replacement. It is also common for a pair of chopsticks to be used.

It is generally believed that there is no need to change chopsticks if they are not broken.

Did you know that using chopsticks for too long can induce liver cancer?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  The use of chopsticks for more than 3 months to induce liver cancer overuse of disposable chopsticks can breed various molds, and mild cases may cause infectious diarrhea, vomiting and other digestive system diseases.

Severely moldy chopsticks can breed “aflatoxin”, which has been widely found to induce liver cancer.

  Household chopsticks that are overdue are particularly rich.

Because household chopsticks are used frequently and washed with water for a long time, they can easily become hotbeds for bacterial growth, such as yellow bacillus and E. coli.

Placing chopsticks in a cabinet for a long time may increase the chance of chopsticks deterioration by more than five times.

  How should chopsticks be used? When using chopsticks, you must observe every day whether there are spots on the surface of the chopsticks, especially mold spots.

Bamboo products and wood products are the favorite living environment for mildew. As long as the environment is not dry, the moisture content of the substance itself reaches a certain level, which can be generated in only one day.

  If non-bamboo or wood-like spots appear on the chopsticks, it indicates that the chopsticks are likely to be moldy and deteriorated and should not be continued to be used; chopsticks are prominent or bent and deformed, which means that they have been damp or left for too long, and the shelf life may have passedSmell, if there is a clear sour taste, it is a sign of contamination or expiration, and you can not continue to use it.

  What are the causes of liver cancer? The etiology of liver cancer is not completely clear, but from the characteristics of epidemiology, the main causes are as follows: 1. Viral hepatitis: viral hepatitis includes hepatitis B and CTwo, the cause of liver cancer may be liver virus damage caused by hepatitis virus, which leads to liver tissue hyperplasia or atypical hyperplasia, which is sensitive to carcinogens, causing uncontrolled cell growth and continuous proliferation of liver cells with the participation of multiple etiologies, and finallyCause cancer.

  2. Alcohol: In western countries, alcohol is the most important factor leading to chronic liver disease, but studies have shown that alcohol is not directly related to liver cancer.

However, its role as a catalyst can promote the occurrence and progression of liver cancer.

This is because alcohol can affect the normal metabolism of the liver, causing trace precipitation in the liver and causing liver cancer.

Large amounts of alcohol can eventually lead to cancer.

  3. Diet: Long-term consumption of moldy foods, foods containing nitrosamines, and lack of trace element impurities are all important factors that promote liver cancer.

Among them, aflatoxin present in moldy foods and nitrite in pickled foods are the main carcinogens.