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10 Unhealthy Mindsets to Find a Job

10 Unhealthy Mindsets to Find a Job

Shyness ran away at the job site and lost his cover letter. Faced with stammers and red ears, this kind of person is naturally uncomfortable for employers to appreciate.

  Shituo psychology is “learning while you are good”. I feel that being an official is the right way. I sharpened my head and drilled into the “Yimen”. I do n’t know that these places are a great competition for strength and relationship. Far from being able to enter, the results are mostly hit.It’s bloody.

  Psychology of comparison Some students talk about “level”, and feel that I have better grades than you, more honors than you, and “official” are older than you. Of course, work should be better than you.

However, I do n’t know that employers have not always been the only criterion for judging talents. These “high talents” who are keen on comparisons can only experience loneliness and indifference in the days of “worry in high places”.

  Excellent Psychology Some college students lack an independent consciousness, and go to see the parents and students of the Federation of Trade Unions, classmates, or a group of alumni to apply for the same unit together. Xi Yi will take care of each other in the future. This kind of unwilling and aggressive graduates will only be abandoned by employers.

  Dependency I do n’t rush to find a job, I think about climbing the relationship among relatives and friends all day, and get some money to buy a job. I’m afraid it wo n’t last long.

  Local college students are reluctant to go far, only to find employment in the “one acre, three points”, while others board the love ark early, and after graduation, stay with the other half and stay in the same trench.It’s hard to see what we can do.

  Be conservative.

Lack of sense of competition, dare not to meet challenges, or humble “virtue”, do not dare to show their strengths and characteristics, tiger spirit, lack of morale, such people are naturally not favored by employers.

  Low psychology is the opposite of conservative psychology. These people always feel that the competition is fierce, and their skills are not as good as others. Then they admire the disadvantages and dare not to “clearly price” themselves and find a buyer to sell hastily.

The inequality agreements issued by some units have also closed their eyes for a longer time, bringing serious hidden dangers to future work.

  These students are radical, edgy, avant-garde, and “cool” everywhere. They do n’t want to go out to look for work. They think it ‘s bad to get a low salary here. When they say they are looking for a job, they want to be the boss.Ass debt.

  Fake psychological fake education, fake certificates, fake honors, etc. are not life-saving straws that knock open the door to employment. After all, fakes will not grow, but they will only mislead their reputation and ruin their future.

Demystifying-Lies in Motion

Demystifying: Lies in Motion

Lie 1.

The truth of “sex is the best exercise”: A passionate “bed exercise” consumes a large amount of roughly a short walk, because the posture you take is either lying or sitting, and almost no muscles will be moved.
If you want to maximize the “fitness effect”, the best way is to use a standing position and use your leg and buttocks muscles to support your body. However, this is not a special fitness time, is it a bit upside down?

  Lie 2.

The truth of “reducing weight first and reducing breasts”: Because of this sentence, many people are worried that when the other parts of the body have not changed, some of them will become smaller first.

Say good news to your heart: Don’t worry about the size of your chest. The first thing that changes in fat loss is your belly!

  Abdominal stool is most sensitive to changes in hormones and enzymes. During exercise, the body automatically uses the abdominal stool as a source of energy.

Why does the lower body always see the effect last?

That’s because the aunts hoarded in the chest and thighs exist to provide emergency use when the human body lacks energy, and its function is like the hump on a camel’s body, so physiologically speaking, the lower body aunt is the most difficult to remove.Be patient!

  Lie 3.

The truth: Let the numbers convince you: Less than 10% of overweight people have metabolic disorders.

What’s even more pleasing is that with the same intensity and exercise time, “overweight people” will burn more calories instead.

Gain weight?

Don’t blame your metabolic system, check to see if you have been lamenting or lazy lately!

  Lie 4.

“Exercise in winter will burn more calories.” Truth: Indeed, in the first few minutes you will become colder and your body will consume more points. Through exercise, the body will gradually disappear after a few minutes.Adapt to the temperature and become warmer, then you will not enjoy the “welfare” brought by the low temperature.

  Lie 5.

“Truth: Unless you reduce your exercise intensity or change your exercise time, everything you consume today is as much as yesterday, last month, and last year,” he said. “After the body is used to a certain exercise, it will not be consumed again.So many calories “, after you made the new movements for five or six rounds, the movements are indeed smooth, and there are a lot of movements without complications, but the changes consumed by these movements will probably account for 2%.about.

  Lie 6.

“Truthware: Don’t trust it that much.

Some people have tested the latest transitional devices, and 70% are not allowed.

The new series counter has not been tested continuously. Scientific and technical personnel need to continuously improve its quality. On the contrary, older conversion calculators, such as bicycles and steppers, are now more mature, especially if you consider age and weight.After factoring in.

  Lie 7.

“When you stop exercising, your muscles will become aunty!

“Truth: This is definitely a mistake!

Aunt and muscle are two completely different physiological structures, and no one will “become” who.

It ‘s just that when you stop strength exercises, the originally tight and strong muscles will become loose and atrophy, and the entire body will lose the exercise beats placed. At this time, if you do not control your diet, you will easily gain weight.Your muscles “become” aunt.

  Lie 8.

“If you want to lose your aunt, you must keep your heart rate at 60 beats per second during exercise” Truth: If you want to consume 100 calories of transfer today, the heart beats 60 times per second during exercise (the so-called unfortunate burning zone) or 85relationship?

As long as 100 cards are consumed today, it is victory.

If the heart rate is 85 or recovery, or your exercise is low intensity, then it is not your aunt who is consuming your body, but your aunt who is obese and blood circulation.

Focus on how to burn calories, not worry about where those calories come from.

How to use household appliances (Chinese)

How to use household appliances (Chinese)

How to use liquefied petroleum gas safely Liquefied petroleum gas in households is mainly decomposed, butane, propylene, butene fraction and other flammable gases.

For ease of use, people compress these gases to liquefy them before filling the tank.

According to the characteristics of liquefied petroleum gas, the following safety precautions should be paid attention to during use: 1. To prevent gas leaks in gas tanks and stoves, pay attention to the angle valve on the gas cylinders intact, whether the rubber hoses are aging, cracking and burning., Whether the switch on the stove is leaking, whether the hand wheel on the angle valve is damaged, and whether the gas bottle is leaking.

In the event of run-out or air leakage, immediately open doors and windows for ventilation and cut off all sources of ignition and power at the same time to prevent the gas from burning or exploding when exposed to open flames.

  2. When using liquefied gas, first ignite and then open the valve.

People can’t stay away, and the flame should be adjusted at any time to prevent the soup overflowing from the pot from extinguishing the flame, which will cause a large amount of liquefied gas to leak out.

If an open flame is encountered, the leaked gas can cause a fire or explosion.

  3. When the liquefied gas is not in use, all the switches should be turned off to prevent running gas.

  4. The liquefied gas tank should be used upright and not upside down; at the same time, it should be kept away from the fire source.

  5. Do not dispose of the residual liquid in the cylinder or dump it in the sewer.

  6. When a fire occurs, the valve on the gas cylinder should be closed, then the gas cylinder should be transferred to a safe place, and fire extinguishing measures should be taken at the same time.

  How to 1. It is best to use products with temperature control indicators and protection devices when buying; 2. In order to prevent technical accidents, you must understand the requirements in detail before use; 3. It is best to use electric heating compresses on wooden boards.Spread a layer of blanket or cotton wool each to prevent the heating wire from twisting and twisting, kneading and kneading, causing a short circuit or an open circuit.

Generally, it is not suitable to use on steel beds and spring beds; 4. Shorten the overlap when using it to prevent the overlap from repeating after power on, damage to electrothermal deposition or cause fire.

  5. Do not turn on the electricity for a long time before going to bed. If you find high temperature or non-heating, you should use it after repairing. 6. Use the electric blanket and electric blanket that have been used for a long time, and carefully check for leakage.For ordinary electric compresses, cut off the power before going to bed to prevent electric shorts caused by short-bed caused by bedwetting and other reasons; 8. When cleaning electric rugs, remove the outer cover for electric compresses. Do not use electric cores together.Cleaning.

  How to ① Connect the grounding wire to a hair dryer with a grounding lead; ② When using hot air from a hair dryer, pay attention to the hair near and far, and blow while moving. Never blow directly to avoid burns; ③Protect the hair dryer from moisture and ensure its insulation; ④ After use, wipe it clean, store it in a ventilated and dry place.

Eating Psychological Traits for Men and Women

Eating Psychological Traits for Men and Women

Some people like to eat and chew when they are depressed, just like the slutty men and women in “Slimming Men and Women”, turning the blow of broken love into a bunch of meat and eggs, meat patties, a piece of fat stuffed into theirIn the stomach, and then too fat to go out.

Some people have no appetite when they are in a bad mood. They just “get away from Iraq” and “regret their belts widening.”

Why is this so?

The secret lies in the inevitable relationship between diet and everyone’s personality, temperament, and psychology.

  Take the word “spicy.”

Look at the people around you. If he (she) is a hot-loving person, then he (she) must be more “spoken”.

Spicy people usually have a fierce temper, and some people are mostly “bloody” in character.

They tend to treat people with warmth and generosity, but their temper is very scary, just like the elder’s sky pepper, chewing an ear in the mouth will buzz.

Geographically, people in Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, and Yunnan are more spicy, and the temper in these places is as hot as the peppers here.

  For others, they prefer to eat sweets.

These people tend to be milder in character, and most of them belong to the type of “mucus”.

They are cautious, conservative in life, and unwilling to take risks.

Geographically, people in Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang prefer sweets.

Everyone must be familiar with the “Shanghai Good Man” nourished by sweets.

If a woman wants to marry a “Shanghai Lang”, she doesn’t have to worry about it inside or outside.

Shanghai men are both earning money and being good at housework. The disadvantage is that they must be so masculine.

  There is indeed a serious relationship between diet and psychology.

British behavioral psychologists have recently conducted extensive factual research to show that a person’s personality is closely related to rich taste.

  People who like to eat rice are often intoxicated and lonely. They treat people well and are comfortable with each other. However, they have a poor mutual help spirit. People who like pasta can talk, exaggerate, ignore the consequences and impacts, but have a weak will.It ‘s easy to lose confidence in doing things; people who like to eat fried foods are brave enough to take risks and have a career desire, but they are discouraged when setbacks occur; people who like light foods think that they are communicative, good at approaching others, and hope thatMake friends and don’t want to go it alone.

  If you associate diet with people, you will find another interesting phenomenon.

Take, for example, bread. Russia has a famous bread called “Da Liba”. Its size and weight are generally “enough” for Russians. French bread is usually made into delicate bagels.Bread sticks.

The Russians are rough and bold, informal, and the French are romantic and tender, with rich emotions, which can be clearly cut from the bread they make.

The American diet is dominated by fast food, especially fast foods like fried chicken are more popular with Americans.

As mentioned earlier, people who like to eat fried food are brave enough to take risks, which is reflected in Americans.

Americans like to take a risky personality, and it seems to have something to do with their eating habits.

  Food and psychology actually have a relationship at all times. This can be grinded from our daily life: describe women complaining that men frown at other women and call them “jealous”; when we feel happy, we always feel “sweet”””; When we are sad, “bitter” tears shed.

The sweet, sour, bitter, and salty flavors can be found in all five flavors.

It is often said that one side of the soil and one side support one person. Now it seems that a dietary habit has created a group of people.

Does this make some sense?

I hope we can “eat” a good mood every day.

5 fruit food supplements to protect your baby from heatstroke

5 fruit food supplements to protect your baby from heatstroke

[Guide]Give your baby some fruit to prevent heatstroke and cooling.

What to do to satisfy the discerning baby?

Let’s help my mother with some cute, delicious and nutritious fruit supplements, and try to make it for the baby.

  Assorted fruit tincture preparation: apples, pears, bananas, oranges each half, 5 sugar lotus seeds, 10 grams of hawthorn cake, 25 grams of white sugar, a little osmanthus, 15 grams of powdered black rice, water.

  Practice: 1.

Peel apples, pears, bananas, and oranges, pit them, cut them into small dices with a knife, and place them in a plate; 2.

2. Hawthorn cake is cut into the same size of Dinger, another bowl is ready for use;

Mix the powder with a small amount of water; 4.

Put boiling water in the pot and boil, add sugar, lotus seeds and apples, pears, bananas, oranges; 5.

5. After it is boiled again, simmer on low fire for a minute or two, and use the simmered flour to make a scallion;

Finally add sugar osmanthus to leave the fire, stir in the hawthorn cakes, and let cool in the shade to serve.

  Banana tincture preparation: 25 grams of banana, 20 grams of milk, 5 grams of sugar, 5 grams of glutinous rice flour, water.

  Practice: 1.

Peel the banana and cut into small pieces 2 with a knife.

2. Mix the powder with a little water for later use; 3.

4. Pour the milk into the pot, add a small amount of water, boil on fire, then add banana slices and sugar; 4.

After it is boiled again, slowly pour the mixed rice flour into the pot and stir well.

  Pineapple tincture preparation: 25 grams of fresh pineapple meat, 5 grams of red cherries, 5 grams of rock sugar, 5 grams of glutinous rice flour, and an appropriate amount of water.

  Practice: 1.

Cut pineapple into diced cherries; 2.

2. Remove the stalk from the cherry and wash it with water;

4. Replace the powder with a small amount of water and set aside for use; 4.

Add the pineapple to the pot, add the rock sugar and an appropriate amount of water to a boil, then add the cherry 5.

After boiling again, simmer for 2?
For 3 minutes, pour in the prepared scallion powder and stir well while pouring. After opening the pan, let it cool off and let it cool.

  Apple ravioli preparation: 50 grams of apples, 15 grams of sugar, 5 grams of powdered flour, an appropriate amount of water, a piece of fresh orange peel.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the apple, peel it, cut it into two petals with a knife, dig out the core and cut into small pieces; 2.

2. Mix the powder with a little water for later use; 3.

Put the cut apple into the pot, add fresh orange peel and water, boil on a high heat and cook over low heat 4?
5 minutes; 4.

Remove the orange peel, add white sugar, pour in the flour powder slurry, stir as you pour it, and then boil it.

  Preparation of fresh peach soup: fresh peach, sugar.

  Practice: 1.

Fresh peaches are brushed, washed with water, boiled with boiling water, peeled and peeled, peeled off and removed the peach core, and cut into small pieces; 2.
Pour the water into the pot, add sugar, and boil on fire. Then pour the cut peaches into the pot. After boiling, simmer on low heat for two minutes.

  Features: Thick and sweet, cool and refreshing, the baby loves it.

Don’t let marriage fail in sex

Don’t let marriage fail in sex

There are certainly many factors that can destroy a marriage, but generally speaking, there are mainly three things: one: disagreement; two: economic conflict; three local differences; four: a love disorder.

  Disagreements often occur among intellectuals or between intellectuals and non-intellectuals. Economic conflicts often occur in poor families. Local differences are most easily seen by officials and bosses, and sexual imbalances are most likely to be people of all colors.A common marriage problem.

  I recently read an abstract and read a short essay. The general idea was that a well-known investigative agency had conducted a survey covering a wide range of 13 provinces and cities, and more than 10,000 people were involved in divorce.

The results show that more than 50% of failed marriages are caused by sexual dissonance, and the total number of cases of family rupture due to other factors is not as good as the cause of sexual imbalance.

  Many people may not believe the evidence of such an investigation, but I personally agree with it.

What is the reason?

In a word, “satisfying with lust” is nothing more.

Of course, “sexual desire” here is by no means a derogatory concept. I just mean the normal physiological desires of normal people.

  The well-known sociologist Maslow has created an influential “principle of demand”. He categorizes basic human needs into six levels: 1, physiology 2, safety, 3, social and crowd recognition 4, attention 5, Knowledge 6. Realization of self-worth.

He pointed out that for ordinary people, these needs are arranged in a ladder from low to high. After a certain level of low-level needs are basically met and partially satisfied, naturally a higher level of demand will be generated, but only the needs that can be metIn order to influence and promote human behavior.

  To this theory, combined with the status of marriage, we may say that sex is both a low-level need and a high-level desire. Furthermore, we can even think that sex is the transfer of all the needs of Maslow.One of the most basic and important needs is a sacred need where the spirit and the flesh are one.

It must not be classified as zero demand alone, but it is closely related to Maslow’s juxtaposed demand and must be inseparable.

The reason is simple. Sexual love is both physical and mental.

In life, whether it is a man or a woman, you must solve the problem of sex, and this solution must not only be a physical solution, but also must include the following major aspects: -Sexuality requires the full understanding and complete overcome of the partner, not subject to anyDerogation and slowness.

  -Sex has a motive for desire and a desire to create. Mechanical coping or routine business is definitely the nemesis or even the enemy of sex.

  -Sexuality is one of the highest manifestations of self-worth. Without perfect sex, any glorious life has major flaws.

  From this point of view, simple sex is the most important ES in marriage, so you can’t have the slightest contemplation and idleness.

  However, the problem is that in modern marriages and families, for various reasons, the nature of sex, artistry, and sacredness are often met with satire and degenerate irony, so some men completely view women as tools, and some women simplyReluctant to provide minimal response and cooperation for men. Some men are both ignorant and hard-working about the way of sex, and some women impose sexual blockades and penalties on men . This way, two good peopleAt any time, there may be big disputes and conflicts because of such big and small issues. Over time, eventually, there is only a rift in the middle, and even hatred. Finally, Pan Jinlian is the most famous adulteress in history. SheShe can play thirty-eight sexual styles with Simon, and she also understands communication skills in sex. For example, in the process of being immortal, she can constantly call Simon: “My dear Dada”,”My heart and soul” . Ximing Qing lost three souls so much that among the large and small individual companions, Pan Jinlian always won the favor of Xi Menqing.

  I have no intention of advocating that both women and women be Pan Jinlian, and that men are to be Ximen Qing. I just want to say that with the reduction of the life milestones, millions of men and women must consider andTreat sex well, you know, this is the “great desire of man” in the minds of ancient saints.

5 nutritious diet recipes for pine nut kernels_2

5 nutritious recipes

1.20 grams of pine nut porridge and 100 grams of previous rice.

Grind the pine nut kernels. Before the rice is washed, put in the same pot, add 800 ml of water, first boil with Wuhuo, and then boil for 20?
For 30 minutes, the rice is cooked.

Eat for breakfast and dinner.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing fluid, moisturizing the lungs and intestines.

  Scope of application: Lung yin deficiency, dry cough and hemoptysis; yin deficiency, intestinal dryness, chronic constipation; liver blood deficiency, dizziness.

  2.Take 500 g of pine nut kernel paste, remove impurities, mash it, grind it into a paste, and put it in a bottle.

15 grams each time, 3 times a day, warm wine delivery.

  Efficacy: Moisturize the five internal organs and expel wind.

Healthy people often eat it, which can strengthen the body, anti-aging, anti-aging, and prolong life.

  3.250 grams of pine nuts dipped in pine nuts and 500 grams of caster sugar.

Put white granulated sugar in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water to dissolve, and torment with gentle heat, to the extent that can raise sugar.

Add the pine nuts while it is still hot, stir well, immediately pour it into an enamel plate coated with cooked vegetable oil, scrape it flat, cut into small pieces, and let it cool.

1 block each time, 3 per day?
4 times.

  Efficacy: Runfei lungs and spleen, cough and bleeding.

Applicable to chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis belongs to the deficiency of both lung and spleen. The symptoms include dry cough, little phlegm, shortness of breath, hemoptysis, fatigue of limbs, etc.

  4.10 grams of pine nut soup, 10 grams of black sesame, 10 grams of wolfberry, and 10 grams of chrysanthemum.

Put the above 4 flavors in a casserole, add 800 ml of water, cook for 40 minutes, and take the warm soup.

Add 600 ml of water to the medicine residue and cook for 35 minutes.

1 dose daily, 1 time each morning and evening.

  Efficacy: nourish the liver and kidney, clear the brain and eyesight.

It is suitable for dizziness caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency, blurred vision, irritability and irritability, difficult stool and so on.

Eating weight loss makes you lose weight

Eating weight loss makes you lose weight

Few people know that ravioli is still an effective weight loss fruit.

Hey, this is awesome food, be careful to keep you crazy!

  Rhenium is mixed with crude fiber and mineral elements, and contains 0 per 100 grams of tartar.

4 grams of protein, 6.

6 grams of glucose, and contains vitamin B1 and vitamin C.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that weight loss should be based on strengthening the spleen and benefiting water, and 枇杷 has these effects.

  Here are two ways to eat ravioli: ravioli paste: ingredients: 500 grams of meat, 600 grams of rock sugar.

  Method: Boil the rock sugar into boiling water, add the simmered meat and continue to cook until a thick paste is served.

  Ingredients: 250 grams of bacon meat, 50 grams of rice before, the right amount of rock sugar.

  Method: Boil the rock sugar with water, then pour the cleaned rice into it, cook until the porridge is cooked and add the processed bacon, and cook for 10 minutes.

3 to 8 year olds need psychological counselling the most

3 to 8 year olds need psychological counselling the most

Case 1: Only a boy who is willing to wear black (Teddy male, 5 years old) Teddy made special compensation for going to kindergarten. Although his mother has been persisting for a year, Teddy has been struggling and crying in front of the kindergarten door every day.

Teddy’s mother said that the kindergarten teachers all reflected that Teddy’s collective sense and hands-on ability in the kindergarten were not good, and her temper was particularly bad.

The weirdest thing is that the child was never willing to wear black clothes, and he didn’t accept any other colors.

  This behavior of Teddy is a typical situation of children’s psychological problems.

His various “weird” behaviors are nothing more than the reaction that the child feels that his opinions are not recognized.

If parents and teachers often take the initiative to care for him, don’t treat him as a “blame child”, and let him help everyone do things calmly, and imply that Teddy “you are competent”, this situation will be significantly improved.

  The so-called children’s psychological problems refer to children’s psychological and behavioral problems, but they have not reached the level of long-term psychological disorders.

Roughly 3?
The 8-year-old child has a disparity in the chances of psychological problems, such as hyperactivity trends, anxiety, dependence on risk, and the possibility of losing.

Absolutely, about 50% of children will have a similar situation at this stage, but as long as they are found and groomed in time, they will never turn into serious psychological problems.

But if parents have no time to take care of their children, and the kindergarten, the management of the school is not user-friendly, it is very likely to cause various psychological problems.

  Case 2: Stress is high, and the child is stammered (Bear bear male, 7 years old). In the second grade of this year, Bear is often ridiculed by other children in the class, because the bear always stutters when talking.

All day at school, bears usually only say three or two words, and they still stutter.

After class and lunch break, the bear always likes to find a corner to stay, his expression is full of wit.

In addition, he goes to the toilet very temporarily, running more than ten times a day.

  ”I don’t know how to raise such a son?

“Bear’s mother is cheerful, so strong, and very disappointed with the child’s series of performances.

According to her mother, before the age of 3, the bears were as cheerful and lively as other children, and they didn’t stutter when they just talked.

However, since attending this key elementary school, the obstacles in speaking have become bigger and bigger, until the stuttering is no longer possible, and the words are getting less and less.

  It turns out that the bear’s parents attach great importance to their children’s academic performance. Because the children’s performance has been flat, they almost never praise the bear.

After returning home from school once, the child happily told his mother, “Today I offered . to . the drink in the classroom . drink . the water machine changed.

The teacher praised me.

Mother replied casually: “Learning is never good. What’s the use of doing some idle work?”

“The cub was there.

  In fact, the “culprit” that Cubs became stuttered is their parents’ coercion policy.

For a long time, children’s self-esteem was contused and their self-confidence was replaced by a strong sense of self-esteem and inferiority.

His stuttering was not a physical cause, or was caused by excessive mental stress, which caused him a language disorder.

  Case 3: No speculation, holding the iron ruler to chase the teacher (qiangqiang male 8 years old) forced to become a “high-risk character” in the school. If it wasn’t for the parents’ repeated pleadings, he would almost be dismissed by the school.

Just a month ago, Nichao Qiangqiang complained with the teacher because he couldn’t stand the criticism of the Chinese teacher.

During a class, he raised his hand and asked to answer the question, but the teacher did not call him several times.

After class, Qiangqiang and the teacher theory: “Why don’t you call me?

The teacher criticized him for being unruly.

Who knew Qiangqiang took an iron ruler from the pencil box and started chasing the teacher . The so-called child psychological problem refers to the child’s psychological and behavioral problems, but it has not reached the level of long-term psychological obstacles.

  It turned out that Qiangqiang’s parents often quarreled with each other because of their feelings.

When he was a child, Qiangqiang would start crying, and gradually became numb, becoming a silent spectator.

Later, he would even help his mother in an attempt to play against his father.

After going to school, there was a contradiction between Qiangqiang and his classmates.

  The school came forward to hire a professional psychological counselor.
The counselor believes that this is domestic violence that causes the child to feel insecure and violent, and it is a kind of child mental mania.
  In childhood, parents were the first enlightenment teachers in their lives to learn and imitate. Parents’ words and deeds led to their children’s profound suggestion.

Living in an environment of frequent conflicts and domestic violence, children will have a strong sense of inferiority.

Being strong is an “excessive self” among inferiority children. When self-esteem and self-confidence are hit, frustration rises to violent resistance, which is a typical child’s psychological mania.

  The new method of “playing fingers” for children’s psychological counseling, “playing fingers”, seems simple, but it can effectively correct some behavioral and learning disabilities of children.

  The parents of this generation of parents now have to play a lot of games when they were young. They have to customize the rules of the game, such as throwing sandbags and hitting glass marbles.

But these games have been gradually eliminated, and now children’s toys are ready-made electric toys that can make sounds at the push of a button, etc.-in fact, it is these toys that affect the physical development of children.

  Some parents want their children to write and do arithmetic at the age of three or four, but at this stage, the most important thing is to develop the ability to develop movements, that is, the ability to manipulate fingers.

Failure to develop this ability in a timely manner will result in brain dysfunction, which may cause children to often make troubles at home, poor self-control, impulsiveness, etc., and do not know how to express themselves properly in language, will only lose their temper, leading to increasingAffect children’s relationships.

  In addition to sports-based sensory integration training, for children who have caused some degree of psychological harm and are unwilling to communicate with others, they can also help them re-establish social relationships by using dolls instead of real characters to perform small plays. “”Trauma” understands the meaning of the event.

  So, when children behave abnormally in life, they may be a symptom of psychological problems that need to arouse the vigilance of parents?

In fact, the child’s learning situation has deteriorated significantly, his grades have dropped significantly, or the child’s interpersonal relationships have been greatly affected, including problems with other children, family members and loved ones.

In this case, the parent must first communicate with the child.

  However, in the process of communication, remember to not ask “why”, because words like “why” make children blame and blame.

Parents should talk to their children like friends, and slowly analyze the reasons.

If there is still a problem with the communication between the parent and the child, parents are advised to seek help from a professional agency.

  Usually, parents and children communicate well is the best way to avoid psychological problems.

  Then, for children 3-8 years old, at least one day a week is a “family fun day”-this day parents should play with their children, and to create a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere, do not become a “learning replacement” meeting “, “Family Criticism”.

And, what to play, where to play, how to play, and so on, don’t just blindly contact the parents, listen to the child’s meaning first, and play more children’s favorite games.

Duck blood fan soup helps you drive away Qiu Fei


Duck blood fan soup helps you drive away Qiu Fei

After the cold dew, even if it is late autumn, do you still feel tired and tired?

Body boring in autumn is a very common phenomenon. A moderate amount of food supplemented with iron can help you get rid of fatigue and maintain a good mental state.

Today, old Chinese medicine doctors recommend a famous soup: duck blood fan soup.

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup Ingredients: 200 g of duck blood, 100 g of mung bean vermicelli, 50 g of duck gizzard, 50 g of duck intestine, coriander, spring onion, ginger amount, salt, sesame oil, pepper powder, chili oil, water amount.

Practices: 1. Wash duck gizzards and duck intestines, slice duck gizzards, slice the duck gut and add a small amount of salt to marinate and remove the fishy fish for about 5 minutes. Then wash them with water and cut them into chunks. 2. Put a small amount of oil into the pot, pour the duck and ginger slices into the pot, stir-fry the scent, add 2 bowls of water, boil the duck blood, and boil off the heat again.Boil the water and add the vermicelli, which is soft and hot, and remove it. Add the parsley segments, shallots, and ginger, and then add the salt, sesame oil, pepper, and chili oil. Slowly pour the duck and duck blood soup.Fill the bowl with the fans and serve immediately.

First, duck blood can nourish blood and detoxify, iron supplementation can prevent fall and winter. As the saying goes, “spring is sleepy, summer is short, autumn is snoring”, and the lack of fall and dryness after entering autumn are two major substitutes that invade people.

There are many reasons for the lack of autumn, but we can all improve from the diet. Among them, adding iron is one of the good ways.

Iron is always present in lean meat and liver, and it is also very abundant in animal blood. Duck blood is one of the ingredients that people often choose.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that duck blood is salty and cold, and has the effect of nourishing blood and detoxifying. It is better to take blood.

The Book of Materia Medica reads: “Duck Blood Gong is dedicated to detoxification, but it must be detoxified with hot drinks, which is also a method passed down from ancient to modern times.”

In general, duck blood is used in food therapy as blood loss or blood deficiency or women’s menstrual hot flashes, children’s white pupa like fish freezing and stroke dizziness or drug poisoning, generally washed into hot wine.

From a nutritional point of view, duck blood is rich in protein and a variety of amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize. It also contains high levels of erythrocytin. It also contains minerals such as trace elements iron and various vitamins. For iron supplementationBlood supplements have certain auxiliary functions.

In addition, duck blood can be used for soup, cooking, and cold dressing. In fact, it is diverse, rich in flavor, and low in energy content. For people who want to supplement iron and are afraid of obesity, even if they do n’t eat meat, do n’t eat liver, eat animal blood.It can also supplement enough iron to relieve the fatigue and fatigue caused by iron deficiency.

Second, the cholesterol content in animal blood is high. Many people think that only fatty meat contains cholesterol in egg yolk. In fact, the plasma in animal blood is not low, so for some people with abnormal blood lipids, eating duck blood is also very important.Be careful not to overdo it.

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that duck blood is cold, so you should cook warmly in order to neutralize the coldness. For people who have a cold constitution or a spleen and stomach, try not to eat duck blood raw.In autumn, try to avoid eating duck blood raw, so as not to aggravate the coldness of the body and hurt the body’s yang.