Private Message: woman in the end how to look at married life

  Women's inner world always holds many secrets of their own, even gazing at her husband, it is difficult to completely open the window of the soul of his wife。 Especially on the more serious sexual problems, their soul forever hidden security is almost impossible to discern the secrets, but from the point of view of medical psychology, women during sex is often consciously or unconsciously exhibit common features the psychological phenomenon。
  First, the overall sense of sex。 Sex men having sex now concentrated on the surface, once they hold a strong libido difficult biggest wish is often the most pressing sex。 In their view, it seems that only sex is the best way to transfer emotion, while women are not, their sex requirement is an overall feeling。
Sex is just one of the more important part of。 Someone once said that: "A woman's biggest wish is to be loved。
"Here's the connotation of love far beyond sex。
Usually treat her husband's behavior, attitude, her husband's position in the eyes, are an integral part of the whole experience。
So after marriage her husband intentionally or unintentionally, indifference, alienation, and hurtful words and deeds, will greatly affect the positive response to his wife during sexual intercourse, you know, women tend to put their lives every thing in contact with each other together, this is their overall sense of sex。   Second, the motivating factor sex。
Women often worry about losing the charm in front of her husband, thus losing the love。
Therefore, the husband of caring is the best comfort, they can taste from a caring husband's love to warm, to prove his charm has not disappeared。 So, if successful, the husband presented a bouquet of flowers; when lost, the husband brought one seat comfort; when happy, to share with her husband; when sorrow, with her husband divided, then she will dedicate all his own husbands as a reward, and look forward to spending a life with her husband in that moment of shock people。   In addition, for women, sincere conversation also makes them loved, that's even more important than sex。 Careless husband tend to ignore it。 As everyone knows, talk before sexual intercourse, more to stimulate their sexual desire, they want to feel the love of her husband in the words of sweetness, pleasant conversation and comfortable but also enhance sexual consequent share。
Especially busy with work, housework and childless women, and talk to her husband is a real sexual satisfaction。   Third, the location of sex。
Throughout the process of sex, sexual intercourse is a stimulant。 When they get care caress from her husband, will be unrestrained passion, this time as a natural sexual intercourse inject a stimulant, will climax hot sex, so women often want a husband more romantic, tender or warm hugging, touching, kissing can speed up the arrival of the climax of sexual intercourse。 But after orgasm, men may lack the power to fine tired whirring to sleep, but Yu not women。 Sexual pleasure because it is a slow steady disappearance。
They want to continue to caress and tenderness husband。
It should be understood as a husband wife, not his wife at home in solitude and alone fall asleep soundly。   Due to physiological mature women in general than men about two years earlier, so the emergence and development of their consciousness also earlier。
With the female menstrual cramps and body feminization of development, they themselves feel is not a naive child, and felt himself more and more obvious difference with men。
Its psychological performance mainly in the following three aspects: 1, the pursuit of knowledge due to the way sexual maturity and knowledge of the emergence of interest in sex, is the inevitable outcome of adolescent psychology。 In the women's pursuit of sexual knowledge than men open more strong。 Most sources of their knowledge from the classroom come, they often talk about sex with friends and mother。
When you enter puberty, the mother of a greater dependence increases with age, they are more willing to read about their own books, in order to understand the nature of knowledge。
  2, longing for each other between boys and girls love and the pursuit of the opposite sex is a normal stage of development of their sexual physiology。
Women enter puberty, the beginning of an anxiety often have emotions, and behave shy, shy in front of people, full of inner experience。
With the further development of consciousness, alienated from the period between the close of the opposite sex into the opposite sex, they begin to feel attracted to the opposite sex, resulting in a nearly opposite sex emotional needs。 At this time, women began to expand the circle of friendship with the opposite sex or shift from homosexual friend。
They like to have characteristics, such as learning good, smart, with a sense of humor, brains capable of the opposite sex, etc.。
They have a certain rationality in the choice of the opposite sex。
In dealings with the opposite sex, women experience feelings quite rich, performed extremely delicate。 They began to pay attention to modify their appearance, with the United States to shape their own。 In front of the opposite sex to show quiet, dignified, generous appearance。 Intercourse between men and women during this period is not necessarily true love。 They interact with the opposite sex is mostly psychological needs。 Less than men, as they focus on the appearance of the opposite sex。
This is the female sexual psychology than men mature early performance。 Once those who find love, some girls will go for him, like all his, and sees it as part of their own, that is, pay all the feelings。
  3, adolescent sexual desire after puberty, sexual desire and sexual impulses, is a normal physiological phenomenon developing and psychological phenomena。
Women in heterosexual intercourse, the beginning and not linked to sexual desire。
They manifestations of consciousness is subtle, and its development is gradual, slow process, experience deep feelings, and sexual desire is not urgent。
During love, women pay more attention to the exchange of psychological and emotional contact with both sexes。
  Women on the physical relationship about gender in general are more careful, most especially value their virginity。 However, due to women's deep emotional investment is very strong, while other sexual demands, and often out of affection for her boyfriend, the individual will not persist in the end, yield to the other party。   Research shows that women in the absence of sexual experience, sexual desire is not obvious。
Once you have had sexual experiences, sexual desire becomes very strong。 In addition, the age of sexual maturity sooner women, the more intense their sexual awareness, sexual life begins earlier, their sexual experiences, the less influenced by social norms。

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