Japanese group show "John Rabe": forget history means betrayal

The picture shows the film "John Rabe" stills。
Information December 10, warm sun shining on the earth Tokyo, many Japanese are enjoying the pleasant weekend time。
However, more than 100 Japanese did not do so, they are more important purpose to gather in a large conference room in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, viewed by the United States such as France and Germany to shoot the film "John Rabe"。
Show half an hour away, in front of waiting in long lines, both white-haired elderly, there are young people in their prime。
After watching the film, they have said that the Nanjing Massacre evidence, can not be altered hope the Japanese government can learn from history, to avoid tragedy。
"Forget history means betrayal", "the Japanese army to do bad things too much, indeed too numerous to mention。
So sad!"Over eighty iron lady after watching this movie, filled with indignation to watch the movie again and again to tell their feelings with friends。
This iron was born in the Korean peninsula during World War II, though still a little girl, but then the crimes committed by the Japanese army left her lifelong indelible impression。 Iron this reporter said, "show" John Rabe "so meaningful。 Every Japanese should take a look。 Including the Nanjing massacre, including the massacre evidence, can not be tampered。
Not only China, Japan also should mourn the victims of the Nanjing Massacre, not forgetting the war, in order to maintain peace。
" 'Forget history means betrayal', in order to view" John Rabe ", who lives in Kanagawa Prefecture rice paddies sit a half hour car came to Tokyo。
Paddy said that he was a mediocre Japanese, very interested in history, to deny a part of the Japanese war of aggression acts furious。
Although the Nanjing Massacre occurred 80 years ago, but it should not be forgotten, but should always be borne in mind, only learn from history in order to create the future。
As a father of two rice fields very worried, told reporters that Japan is now the ruling party wants to amend the Constitution Article IX, which is terrible。 Hope that the Japanese government learned the painful lessons of history, do not let the kids go through a tragic war。
Remember history, not to perpetuate hatred but to common warning。 "Look a" John Rabe ", read in ten years", who lives in Tokyo Yoshino arrived early at the venue before the film screening。 Having over sixties Yoshino was only heard of the "Nanjing Massacre" is the word, but the Nanjing Massacre in the end how it is, is not clear at all, that the film "John Rabe" message, she signed up early name。
Yoshino said, "John Rabe" It's a good movie, I want to recommend it to friends and relatives around, so that they get to know the Nanjing Massacre, learn from this history, put an end to historical tragedies。
Although "John Rabe" for up to 134 minutes, but no one halfway through, everyone is glued to the screen, afraid to miss any detail。
"It was a good movie, I really hope that more Japanese public screening of a movie theater," "history of the Nanjing Massacre is so sad," "I hope more Japanese young people to understand this history." ……After completion of the film screenings, the audience eager fear to express their feelings after。
In the meeting show, each audience received information on a 16-page, introduces the history of the Nanjing Massacre in the form of illustrations。 "John Rabe" After the show finished, the Nanjing Massacre researchers implanted Songqing children also presented their research results。
Uematsu said that many Japanese right-wing denied the existence of the Nanjing Massacre, but the Nanjing Massacre true, evidence, and even Japan's own archives are also a large number of records。
Uematsu told this reporter, "I hope that the" John Rabe, "a show that allows more Japanese people to understand the history of Japan's war of aggression, including the Nanjing Massacre, etc.,。
" 'Past experience guide for the future' day show" John Rabe "by Japanese civic groups 'constitutional thinking of the movie will be' held。
The citizen's group from the beginning of 2013, the monthly show a film, as an opportunity to re-let the Japanese people know the importance of the Japanese constitution for Japan。 War is a mirror can make people a better understanding of the precious peace。
Civic groups "think the Constitution of the movie will be" responsible person spend Qi Zhe, told reporters, "In the survey in May of this year," John Rabe "is our most want to watch the movie。
In Japan ruling party attempts to amend the Constitution Article IX of the background of the 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre occasion, the film "John Rabe" meaning then how can not be overstated。
"" I hope you can contact us, in their own lives in the area show "John Rabe"。 Ms. Arakawa "Japanese civic groups 'Nanking guardian facts Film Festival Committee on the' staff of more than 100 spectators to the initiative of the scene。 Arakawa told this reporter, understand and bearing in mind the history of the Nanjing Massacre, the Japanese are very important, so we set up in mid-2009, "the historical facts of the Nanjing-guard Film Festival implementation committee", by screening "Nanjing!Nanjing!"" John Rabe "and other movies," so that more Japanese people have the opportunity to learn more about the Nanjing Massacre, past experience guide for the future。
"It is reported that," John Rabe "is the 'guardian of the facts Film Festival in Nanjing · Implementation Committee' staff to scrape together more than one million yen theatrical rights to buy。
For various reasons, "John Rabe" has not been publicly released in Japanese theaters, but as of now, citizens' groups in Japan country including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, etc., organized a number of screenings in Japan, more than 10,000 people watched the movie。
Visible Prior to the incident, Ti Ti descendants。
"In order to let more Japanese people to watch" John Rabe, "we want to make unremitting efforts。
We feel the heavy responsibility, because whether or learn about the history of the Nanjing Massacre, the relationship between the Japanese can really learn from history, the relationship between Asia and the world peace。 "Arakawa told this reporter。
( "People's Daily Overseas Edition" (10th edition December 12, 2017) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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