Beijing team Fangshuo: missed the ball lore will not affect the mood series

Fangshuo contribution has been more than enough photography / reporter Huang Liang Fang Shuo in the interview after the game, he said: "The last ball that I just lost the game cast a large number of balls, that is, an ordinary shooting。 "" Will affect the game behind it?"A reporter asked him to continue。
"I do not think so, because in a series race we have experienced this situation, this series is far from over, so it will not affect our emotions。
"Fang Shuo been in this game 23 points, very long shot hit rate Fangshuo in the third quarter, but down a little when he shot a final。
  "This game can only say that it is a pity, but it is so, this is the game of basketball。 "Chang Lin said。 Comments Yannis coach after the game: "I think the game our overall defense is still possible, because we are a defensive team。
At the same time we have to do better on execution, such as when to use the other dislocation defense our offense, and then like a defense on Hudson。
"Defender foreign aid Jackson said:" We just lost a match, this series will continue, we have a lot of opportunity, we will maintain a high confidence。
We expect to do better in two away。 "In another game, the Guangdong team away to 130 victory over Xinjiang than 114。