Cupping this summer dampness in addition to chronic illness

Summer is the peak season cupping, and compared to other seasons, Xia Jiyang gas exuberant, the body's blood and most filling, smooth meridians of the gas, more sensitive skin points, and therefore is the best time to treat chronic intractable diseases。Coupled with high summer temperatures, rain, humidity, moisture can easily accumulate in the human body, not only this season cupping prescription for warming yang, enhance physical fitness, but also received a cold dampness, qi meridians, promoting blood circulation and other treatment。
Cupping can treat many diseases, rapid relief of symptoms, but there are some indications, such as back pain is generally most suitable for cupping, cupping the back cough, asthma, chronic gastritis, dyspepsia more effective。Cupping method is divided into left common tank, cupping, and flash cupping four tanks, each with its targeted。Retention tank is adsorbed on the can surface after fixing indwelling 5?10 minutes, this method is used for the treatment of arthralgia wind cold, neck and back pain such as。Cupping is applied Guankou million to spend oil, the tank is adsorbed to the surface, holding tank bottom, back and forth several times to move the sliding surface of the skin to skin flushing, back and other areas suitable for large, lucrative parts muscles , used for the treatment of colds, coughs, etc.。Flash tank after the can pull live, began immediately, suction pulling repeated several times, to the skin flushing, often this method treatment of facial paralysis。Cupping is to use needles or lancets plum Tapping local or skin prick bleeding, then adsorbed on the canister body, pull blood 3?5 ml, used for treatment of acne and other skin diseases。Shu distributed along each bladder back (as shown) and internal organs are closely related to each week in a cupping pulling back, very useful for regulating physiological function of internal organs, the people will feel a lot more comfortable。
After the summer for several common diseases, we have the following skills cupping method, can operate their own home。
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