4 love tenderness

Sexual impulse is so haunted me from time to time。I often have dreams awakened, it is a frantic obsession and seduction。Sometimes wake up the body is Rehan。Often use cold water to make their own evil mind calm down the chaos。There are so few nights I really can not sleep, it was missing, not to be a person, more for her seductive beauty。I was like a ghost walk in all sleeping in the park。  Burning flames burn until the last point of self-control, it may be beyond the child at that age like most brutal and primitive sexual impulses, so that my mind and body can be sublimated to a higher stage。The flashy young person's life may be the most luxuries。  One night we shop in department stores do activities, a day off because of activities。Someone must take care of something like there is no way back。I especially suffering a kind of hobby, the more misery the more I love。This is due to the character, I always feel bitter thing people say is I think the most enjoyable thing。  Some messy outdoor equipment stacked in a small tent, the support of a simple bed。Lingling bed is for my shop, very thick quilt。But still can not stop the wind that Unit。I freeze the huddled, shivering hand "Love of Life" at the pleasure of enjoying the countless tempered wolf to freedom of。The cold wind blowing outside tents whining voice, sounds a bit like howl。There is a special excitement。I wished I become a lone wolf on the snow fields that。That is to stimulate another life of love can be compared with the。It is completely free to release the thrill of the soul, it is the vitality of extreme pleasure。I forgot that I was in the human world。Just as I was thinking extremely wild enjoying the bizarre idea of when。A cold little hand into bed with me。Followed by a soft fleshy beauty drilled in fast speed。Perhaps the novel too charming, I did not hear footsteps, let alone her coat off the voice。She hugged me from behind, he said:“It was filled with really like, do not know beauty to accompany ah!”  Girl, you're crazy, right!If out on the street I do not know how to do madman came。If you come at the point of wisdom for something, you let me do the authors widow。The city is small, but the people you and I know a lot of oh!  You do not know what time ah, what people ah!  Now is not the point of it to ten!  Good for you, now little more than a。  Why not go to bed, go here suffer ah。I did not expect the girl still blush when。  I turned around to hug her。Although there have been several times before this embracing, but this situation is, after all, the first time I saw her face goes crimson。The fun is coming。  Come on, people just miss you too can not sleep, afraid of the cold you to take some warm to you。In saying this is not too suffer ah。  Well, you say how I thank How about you, so be it!I put my left twenty years first kiss for you, you see how ah!  Rogue, if you dare, but I go oh!Johnson's love of her small mouth muster。  Again, I held her tightly, her head buried in my chest。His arms tightly around my waist。She asked me:“This also cool it?”  Much better, even if you are there in the snow, not cold。  Really slick, tell me, are there any other girl you such a good ah!  There ah!I am so romantic prodigal talent was so outstanding, but also the arts rookie, how could it not point the Red cause for rejoicing, for that from my youth ah!  Roll, I ignore you。I pushed open and she put。Bed itself is small, I almost did not fall, but pretended to fall look。He quickly I pulled up again。I still stood a fun and provocative look。She probably realized that I deliberately。But still filled with angry ask me。  Tell me that that woman is, what is his name, how you going with her。  Nor how will back on the men and women that something。I love her ah, every night think she recently wanted to sleep could not sleep, I want to kiss her to come forward, but she always refused, still call me a rogue, really poor, but her long can be beautiful。  “Tell me long-sawed ah!”She began charming smile。Also with some self-confidence and pride。This time she was totally hear it。  Eyes big, juicy, long hair。Small mouth and sexy will speak, see the best of her……。I deliberately paused。  what!Say it?  Yes……Yes……  Come on, bungy!  I can not say……  Well, I do not know what rare!You rascal, you know bully weak woman people see you as!Cold with a little monkey-like, is not that the point quickly absorb heat under the care of this lady, you know talkative。  I'm happy with a smile。  She said:“Since you and my heart still thinking about a girl, the lady that I do not really bother you, I'm gone。”She said really throw me ready to go。  Ling-Ling, what are you doing。It also seriously!  Of course。She said solemnly。  Well, I tell you who she is right, you avoid jealous。Leave me alone Lover。  Lean right, lean right, I have you look good in poor。She said as she prepared to open a quilt。  Well, I say I say it wants。Lingling called good, is my life first love, I'll certainly be her husband。  I did not expect my name like people。So tell her not to Hello!She asked with a smile nasty。  She told me Yeah, these days,。I took care of her all I've done from start to finish to say it again。I usually remember a person's name needs to ask to live five or six times to remember, do not know why she did to me, I have not forgotten one。  Well, it seems you this girl is actually quite humane, the lady on her behalf in accordance with the you。  My music. He is very gentle to her glanced。She pulled her arms, the mouth stretched her lips。Her hands blocking my Zuiba。Look at me like that Huoji, nasty smiled and said:“I mean, the lady according to you tonight, I did not let people come across the little face to kiss you, want it to go。”  Not surely, you want to play dead you head home this handsome Zhu!  No, ah, people want to contentment always happy, you always taught me ah。She learned my tone said,。  Really good memory, remember those words tell you I'm talking about the。  There is what you say without my permission will not get nearly inch ruler。  Ok!I lost。Really smart girl。  Not smart, not smart so long ago to some devious rogue bully。Fortunately, however, you teach Oh well!  At that time my face is really milking the Bulls, good and angry, funny。She looked at me ha ha smile, laugh until tears almost down。  I was angry, funny, he said:“Girl, you're happy now, sooner or later you will be my people。”  That is what happened after, good, it's that the bar tonight!Sleep fast。  I was suddenly in her little face bitter Qinliaoyikou。  This time I was a happy laugh。To see her angry, I hasten to say:“Girl, this is your permission, are not allowed to get angry。”  Her face horse emerges a kind of a cute face and said:“I'm not mad ah!You see that kind of timid。”  I smile and hold her, she said:“Little liar, you really can become an actor, I love you!Sleep!”  Er er, I listen!  I hugged her, she fell asleep, I listened to her breathing slightly, that Zhang Ningjing and beautiful face, happy smile, shed tears of happiness。I want this life with her, I have nothing to do dissatisfaction!I finally understand why some people say:“We have roots heart, several country value silver?”Feeling!  I looked at her tranquil and there is a slight smile in the face, and dreamed of better days smile。Approached dreamland!I dream appeared most beautiful ideal life photo。  In a quiet mountain base, we have a little in the house, there is a small yard。In front of a small river flowing down from the mountains with quiet。The yard has a number of oil floating green lawns and fragrant roses comfortable driving。Two little white rabbit basking in the sun on a lazy。I sat on top of a bamboo chair love to write some articles。Sometimes I'll watch out from the wall of apricot。The pigeons flying in the air。Hedge Lingling small river to wash clothes, sometimes stop loving look at me, I told him wide-eyed grimace。She would have also come back to me a more lovely grimace。So when I wrote her a cup of tea tired to say a few thoughtful words。Block also take on a bamboo chair on a book to your favorite, or do needlework cross show like this, we talk about some interesting things。Or put Chopin's music, or Beethoven piano。The busy eye or enjoy the tranquil world of wild storms。  To dinner time, we will go to grow their own vegetable garden to dig some food, where there are a variety of her favorite vegetable。I go home to cook her vegetables。After dinner she was washing dishes and punch bowls。Everything is ideal world love life, only two people's lives。  Such as the sun is not too hot in the afternoon, we will go hand in hand to walk between the bamboo forest。Take those stepping foot stone。There are a variety of small animals bamboo pleasure, Cha magpie children cried on the big elm。Cop wife flew from under our feet。She stooped to pick up a beautiful pebble。Thrown inside bamboo forest, fly up to see groups of unknown birds。Her cheerful smile ran, looked back at me with eyes seduce, Qunjiao flying up I took her dancing a dance of speculation beauty, graceful figure and beauty Mutual, that I would be most blessed of people。  Tired went to the foot of the mountain flowers leaves stopover to see the color of the drug through the Montagnards。Things outside and we talk about the old man of the mountain thing, the World。The old man gave her a beautiful orchids。She giggled and pulled Choi medicine man asking questions to our home to a cup of tea。Like the old man very happy to admire her beautiful and virtuous。  Shrill sound of a car horn woke me a better life。I opened my eyes, I saw a pair of beautiful eyes looking at me, look good in reading a book or listening to a master of landscape。  I said:“See Shane?Not do not recognize!”  I hate, appreciate, I do not understand how you would do so ugly pig world!  you…………  Haha。  She smiled and took my clothes to take over。Treat me as a child I put on a coat。I let her mercy。Quite enjoy。I like this place two cold but very warm cold nights。