Overseas experience wonderful landlord rent? Students share practical small coup

 Li Yifan (from right) together with friends to study together to celebrate their move to rental housing, "housewarming"。
Recently, the "overseas students renting difficult" microblogging hot topic boarded search, many users have had experience of studying abroad have Tucao rent problems during the study: it was the principal tenant rental is slaughtered; it was due to the signing of the contract with the landlord is not explicitly various items dispute; wonderful roommates in case someone sharing……Renting is a live issue for many students must face。
Factors to consider before renting a lot more students feel that school dormitory rent cheaper and convenient than staying, so they will choose to live off campus to solve the problem of living。 Renting need to consider various factors。
What factors are important too?Lee, a University of Texas at Dallas who major in computer science at the Master, "more concerned about the traffic situation around the house when I chose to rent a house, the security situation, the house property management, housing environment, as well as geographic location。 "He demands more specific, such as whether to close fast road to school to long time, whether regular traffic jam, if there is a school bus pass; demand for houses surrounding environment is the streets are clean, showings around whether and friendly; whether around the house there are supermarkets, and other living facilities are complete。 "I asked to rent an apartment is relatively simple, first of all the house closer to the subway station; try to rent additional network costs, electricity, water and gas fees, miscellaneous fees are included, one by one go to save my monthly payment; the best from my house a little closer, but also take care of each other in South Korea between such friends of residence。
"Computer Faculty of the University of Li Dawei said Han Guochong real。
Select the rented roommate is critical when Lv Jiahui read Economics and Finance at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, and now he rents a house with a friend, asked why choose apartment with a roommate, he said, simply because they are too expensive to rent a set。 Indeed, for being school, there is no income students, a person rented a house a set of relative luxury, so many students choose and others shared。
At this time, looking for a roommate in tune becomes critical。 Li Yifan, said: "Of course it is important to choose a roommate!Because different people have different patterns of life, for example, people can not like going to bed early and often at home in the evening gathering of people sharing。 I rented a house sound insulation is poor, and I like a quiet person, if you encounter a call all day, talk roommate, I could not get。
So look for a lifestyle in tune roommate is very important。 "After the summer, the upcoming new school year。 He recommended to choose newborn renters before the semester begins from two weeks to the school began looking for a house, this is more calm, can improve the chances of find your favorite house。
If you can, you find yourself in tune with roommates so much the better freshman in the group before school。 Screening is recommended as needed to select whether intermediary to rent an apartment through an intermediary, the students who have different ideas。 Li Dawei said: "Every time I rent an apartment is through real estate agents。
I put my request with intermediaries make it clear that they are required to have been registered in the register of screening out to rent a house, and made available to me。 Although the need to spend a service fee, but one by one to see the house to avoid the trouble of their own, saving time and effort。
"He added:" If there is a problem in the house during the rental, the agency which will coordinate and solve problems。
Because as a third party intermediary, dedicated to the tenants and landlords as collateral。 Overall, Korea's service sector developed well。 They work very standardized, and I have full confidence in them。 "Lv Jiahui and Li Dawei different approach:" I did not choose to rent an intermediary, intermediary fees because Rome is very high。
Before optimistic about a house, rent is 7000 yuan a month, but the agency fee is higher than one month's rent, which is really beyond my affordability。 "He chose to filter information on the rental Italy rental site, then go to field house。
"I am very happy with my house looking for。 My landlord is an Italian policeman, he treated us very warm。
And I added the opportunity to communicate with the locals in the process of looking for an apartment in。
"(" People's Daily Overseas Edition "(09 edition May 25, 2017) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。