The five password oral health, oral health care remedy

  , Today small teach you several ways to life, many diseases can be distinguished from the tongue up, from the mouth to identify aspects of the disease。   1, yellowing – cold Signal。
Keep warm, eat beef and other hot food。
  Symptoms: occurred in the summer, surface dirt fever sweating, but poor sweating, fever is not Young, body weight, fatigue, dizziness, severe pain, nasal congestion or runny nose, cough, yellow sputum, chest tightness, vomit, urine short red, yellow greasy, pulse number。   Governing Law: relieving dampness Qingshu。   Banana and honey, the amount。   Method and Usage: banana roots washed, crushed, twisted take juice with a clean gauze 1500?2000 ml, with honey。 Many times the frequency of drinking。
  30 grams of gypsum, Anemarrhena 9 g, 6 g of licorice, 30 grams of rice。   Method and Usage: front shamisen Jianshui to the residue were put after the casserole, add rice porridge。 One day, even several doses。
  Fresh bitter gourd 200 grams, 100 grams of pork, the amount of salt。
  Method and Usage: The fresh bitter to the core cuts of pork slices were put in casserole, soup added amount of water, with a small amount of salt, seasoning, Decoction and fresh lean pork and bitter。
  2, lip color white – deficiency of red blood cells。
Should eat animal offal。   Upper lip pale Fan Qing, there will be large intestine and stomach, diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal cramps, chills, hot and cold Cross and other symptoms。
Lower lip pale stomach Deficiency, there will be diarrhea, cold stomach, stomach pains and other phenomena。 Pink lip color mostly blood deficiency or blood deficiency, need nutritional supplements。
Fan Qing blood is not smooth lip color, susceptible to acute disease, especially acute violence of vascular lesions, such as blood clots, stroke and other disease。
Anhei lip color lip color black, mostly sick digestive system such as constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, insomnia, loss of appetite; if black patches appear lips, mouth, lips pigmentation, common in chronic adrenal cortical dysfunction。
  Conditioning: Farewell partial eclipse。 Anemia occurs in a large part due to the partial eclipse caused。
Partial eclipse is caused by a cause of malnutrition, irregular diet if, busy time to eat instant noodles, when not busy outside Hu eat Hesse, in that case, not nutrition too simple, it is because the food is too refined cooking destroys the nutritional。 Recommendations can be eaten raw carrots, spinach, tomatoes, kiwi fruits and vegetables such as chicken liver and, liver, black sesame seeds and other foods。
  3, break – gastritis warning。 Eat chew, digest food sufficiently。   If you feel tingling, swelling and even rupture, gastritis is likely to be an early warning of。
When the gastric mucosa in a fatigue state, will lead to heat, causing mouth irritation。
Do not be afraid, 80% of early gastritis can be cured。 Chew a few more suggestions when eating, stomach a little time to fully absorb and digest food。 Stomach temperature decreases, mouth swelling will soon disappear。
  Food conditioning to develop good eating habits, smaller meals, regular meals, eat slowly, avoid the intake of rough, salty, too sweet, too spicy spicy food and beverages and refrain from smoking。 Formulate a diet plan, high-calorie, high protein, high in vitamins, digestible diet based。
Improve cooking techniques, coarse grains doing fine, moderate hardness, to make food color, smell and taste, increase appetite in patients。 Select the appropriate food according to the disease。
We should try to avoid too sour, too spicy, spicy food and cold non-digestible food。
  4, tongue tremor – signs of physical deterioration。
Stay up all night is not recommended。
  If the tongue tremor, perhaps mental stress, physical deterioration, so that patients find a way to adjust their work schedules, do not stay up all night, but also a reasonable diet, there must be early detection of disease, early diagnosis and treatment。
  5, lip color is too red – a sign of weakened body adjustment。 Eat more fruits and drink plenty of water, dissolve excess heat。