15 shares of social security funds coming out of 4 New Shares (list) | Social Security Fund

    Annual disclosure period, institutional latest trends in exposure positions!Social Security Fund Awkwardness change what happened?  15 shares of social security funds coming out of 4 New Shares are currently more than 100 companies released the 2017 Annual Report, the top ten shareholders of circulation data reveals the whereabouts of institutions。
Statistics show that Social Security Fund has appeared in 15 stocks, trends in terms of transfer positions, at the end of last year the Social Security Fund New, overweight, underweight stocks have four, while three stocks remained unchanged Social Security Fund float。
  From stake accounts for the outstanding shares of view, is the social security fund stake highest stocks, late last year a total of four social security funds coming out list of the top ten shareholders of circulation, the total shareholding 5296 million shares, representing outstanding shares%; Secondly, the social security fund to% stake; the remaining stocks held by the proportion of social security funds are below 5%。   New Social Security Fund of four stocks are ,,,, stake late last year were at more than 10 million shares。 National Social Security Fund portfolio at the end of last year four hundred twelve Nanshan Aluminum ranked seventh largest shareholder, the number of holdings to 3438 shares, the number of New Shares Up。
National Social Security Fund 102 Portfolio, the National Social Security Fund, one hundred and ten combinations of the collective large steel top ten tradable shareholders list for new parties, the total amount of 1360 million shares。   Social security funds get together hold stock data treasure statistics show that the current social security funds stocks appeared in a total of more than 5 stocks have two social security funds collectively held, Mount Emei A, Selen Science & Technology has four social security funds appear in the first ten circulation list of shareholders, not the total float past the end of the chain is a by one by; Fangda Special steel ,, there are two social security funds hold at the same time。
  4 Social Security Fund Awkwardness double the performance of the social security fund has always been known for sound investment, from the performance perspective, the current social security fund holds 15 stocks in 2017 to achieve full profitability, the growth rate, in addition to a slight decline in net profit, the rest net profit growth in both stocks appear ,, Fangda Special steel, Selen Science & Technology, Jiangnan high fiber and other four stocks net profit rose by more than 100% ;, Shen Tianma A, Changchun High-tech and other net profit also increased by more than 30%。   Market performance, the social security fund holds stocks rose an average of 15% during the year, outperforming the market each core index rose。
But the stock performance is more differentiation, Fangda Special Steel continued strong this year, the cumulative gain of more than 50% increase; Linefan medical cumulative increase over three percent ,, Nanjing Iron & Steel, and other rose more than one percent。 Poor Shen Tianma A, Changchun High-tech ,, Selen Science & Technology, such as performance, this year, the cumulative drop of more than one percent。   (Data Po)。