What to eat to lose weight they help you burn calories

What to eat to lose weight lose weight has always been a topic of endless discussion, about the way to lose weight is also very much, then what to eat to lose weight can do the following small series to talk about what to eat to lose weight, they help you burn calories!10 kinds of food to help you burn calories 1.Grapefruit Grapefruit can speed up metabolism and help burn more calories。
This fruit may be extended digestion time, increase satiety。
Grapefruit is rich in fiber, help stabilize blood sugar levels。
An American study found that eating grapefruit has its unique effect of weight loss。
2.Calorie celery Celery contains a small amount of calories, when we enjoyed a delicious celery, the body in burning calories, and calories burned is much greater than celery provided。 In addition, celery can stimulate peristalsis。
Celery is rich in water and fiber, it is an excellent choice for a balanced diet。
However, if the body is not getting enough nutrients or minerals, choose celery will need to consider carefully, preferably with food and other food。
3.Studies have shown that whole grain cereals, whole grain cereals healthier than finishing grain, it can reduce the risk of chronic disease。
Digest whole grains require more time and therefore prolong satiety。 Whole grains low in fat, but rich in minerals and carbohydrates, healthy。 4.Green tea can well enhance metabolism, remove grease greasy。
This is very common hot, but healthy。 Green tea is rich in antioxidants, can speed up metabolism and help lose weight, is a good choice for ladies。
So, regardless of work or spare time, can be a cup of green tea, quietly enjoy its fragrance。 What to eat to lose weight 5.-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids scientifically proven, -3 is a metabolic regulator regulator。
Such -3 fatty acids, affect hormone leptin, leptin controls the burning rate of fat。
Because the body can not produce -3, so only through food intake, edible fish (tuna, herring, salmon) or -3 supplements。