VR Spectators "virtual reality" Secret high-tech on the Winter Olympics Beijing

The picture shows the audience experience the products in the 2017 Winter Olympics Technology Forum。 Xinhua News Agency issued the "brush face" pit stop, trip planning, wireless network coverage……For the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, Zhang high-speed rail service will connect not only Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou three Division, will transform into all kinds of intelligent integrated services "Olympic train", the popular look forward to the outside world。 Experts said that regardless of transportation, venue construction or event security, scientific training, scientific and technological innovation will play an important and leading role in supporting the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games organizing process。 "Olympic train" at anytime for the special needs of Beijing Olympic Winter Games events, Zhang Jing high-speed rail trains designed a variety of customized services, highlighting the features and smart technology Olympics。 For example, the train set up a special doping region, winter sports equipment storage area, and for persons with human seating area, with the wheelchair securing means, the SOS button and a folding table plate intimate design。 In addition, the train full sense of science and technology as well as dedicated media box, not only can watch live matches in real time through smart displays, media reporters covering the whole car can feel free to use the wireless network system to send event reports editor。
Zhang Jing high-speed rail will be completed by the end of 2019, when Beijing to Zhangjiakou, the fastest train running time will be shortened from the current more than three hours to 1 hour。
It is worth mentioning that, due to the weather and climate conditions of the two Beijing-Zhangjiakou, Beijing, Zhang has become the world's first high-speed rail a design speed of 350 km of alpine, large sand high-speed railway。
"Cold and snow during the Beijing Olympic Winter Games will not affect the normal operation of the high-speed rail, to ensure passengers under cold winter conditions can also reach the destination on time。
"Relevant person in charge。
"Olympic train" three Division connectivity, public transportation systems in all arenas of the series from the surrounding areas。
Clean and environmentally friendly new energy buses will debut。
China developed by the lithium-ion battery, at minus 30 degrees Celsius temperature environment, it can be only tens of seconds to raise the temperature above 0 degrees Celsius, powerful。
"China develops intelligent unmanned buses will also serve the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games。 "Tsinghua University mechanical engineering vice president Yang Diange said, just open the phone, through the system issued a directive, intelligent buses will be able to perceive the car needs of people, it will stop when the station with passengers, and this is a smart car the new design, compared with the current vehicle, no steering wheel and no brakes, throttle。 In addition, operating in a complex environment intelligent unmanned logistics vehicles may also be used in the Beijing Olympic Winter Games。 VR Spectators "there" to enrich the audience experience, Beijing Olympic Winter Games will open the "intelligence spectator" mode, even if not on the scene, but also to "virtual reality"。 Industry experts said that with the continuous development of Chinese sports industry and technological innovation accelerating, artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), 5G Communications, 360 degree playback, unmanned aerial vehicles and other advanced technologies will be integrated use in the Beijing Olympic Winter Games。 Where VR technology is increasingly being used in live matches and other fields, especially in the field of demanding sports such as skiing, this promising technology。
In addition, 360-degree playback technology by dozens of tiny camera captures full-court image and seamlessly connect all screens, all in slow motion a 360 degree rotation can be played back to the audience with rich, stunning spectators experience。
In addition, artificial intelligence, VR technology can also simulate and optimize the game scene, breaking the site, weather restrictions, assisted training system for athletes to achieve, to help athletes improve the competitive level and overall quality。
Experts said that regardless of the high-tech trend of daily training or race, sports equipment have become increasingly evident, advanced sports equipment to help improve the performance of scientific training stadium and athletes。 Built-in sensor tech sportswear which is preparing for Beijing Olympic Winter Games is a major R & D focus。
"Sensor can sense and track the activities of muscle fibers inside the athlete, the status of each part of the muscle through the application reports。 "Researchers say this could help athletes targeted for training。
Assured quality drinking water to drink Beijing Olympic Winter Games events will be located seven major items of 102 small items, of which two-thirds of the projects are held outdoors, including skiing and other outdoor weather issues, including the issue became research emphasis。 "Without the support of science and technology, there is no modern Olympic Movement。
"Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter overall planning department expressed former Minister Xu Da, safe, reliable, low-cost technology is the soul of the Olympic Games。
In addition to meteorological science and technology research, timing systems, new materials, water recycling and so on key scientific and technological needs。
In terms of protection arena, the venue for the Winter Olympics to ensure high quality safe water, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, launched a drinking water project Chongli Olympics, Beijing Institute of Technology developed the use of drinking water treatment technology, water and urban residents treated to ensure water quality to meet international drinking water standards。
By then, the Winter Olympics venues and you could be assured of safe drinking water to drink。 According to reports, this processing technology through innovative disinfection methods, the lifting of the traditional process by "chlorine" secondary damage caused by the human body, and solve network of secondary pollution problems, to achieve 100 percent qualified residents water supply。 Experts said, the ministry has developed a "technology Winter Olympics 2022 Action Plan", with the advance of Beijing Olympic Winter Games preparations, technological innovation will permeate every aspect of people's production and life。 Winter Olympics venue to introduce advanced water treatment technology will benefit people's livelihood。 Currently, Zhangjiakou Huailai County has been the first to achieve high-quality drinking water to the home, daily water supply capacity of 30,000 tons of benefiting a population of about 20 million people。 According to the plan, Zhangjiakou City, the full realization of the drinking water public service。
( "People's Daily Overseas Edition" 11th edition (December 12, 2017)。

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