HKEx announcement millet listed on the first day Shortable!The introduction of futures and options millet black market has dropped 5%

HKEx 4 have the latest announcement – millet listed on the first day included in the list short sales of securities, which are rare in HKEx。  4 night, HKEx announcement that will provide a number of products to selected investors millet listing date (July 9): 1, 2 futures and options millet, millet DW 3, into the designated securities for short selling list of millet millet listed on the first day it launched futures and options, which is not common in Hong Kong stock market!  South Financial Group senior strategist Cen Zhiyong In an interview with Chinese reporters, said the broker, because short selling involves borrowing, if you can start a short selling, investors need to buy in advance or corresponding shares as soon as possible, in order to lend to others for short selling。This arrangement will make the issuer actively buying shares in the listing。  It is noteworthy that, of the four previously known as Hong Kong stocks read the text of the Unicorn Group, Zhong An online, Xin Yi Group, Ping good doctor, futures options were not introduced in the first day of its listing。  Millet listed on the first launch futures and options on the 4th evening, HKEx announced that its first listed in a different voting rights architecture in the new listed company in Hong Kong mechanism millet Group (stock code: 1810) shares, 2018 July 9 trading in Hong Kong and (HKEx) market traded clearing Limited。Millet listing date will be selected to provide a number of products to investors: 1, millet millet futures and options futures and options will be available in Japan July 9, 2018 with the launch of millet。  2, millet Warrant Hong Kong Stock Exchange has notified the publisher, may on July 9 from the derivative warrants listed shares traded millet。Five publishers was June 29 launched a total of 18 warrants, scheduled for July 9 millet shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and began trading market day。  HKEx said that after the millet market shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, will be included in the list of designated securities for short selling on the same day。  Millet listed on the first day it launched futures and options, which is not common in Hong Kong stock market。  Cen Zhiyong told reporters brokerage China launched futures options aim it is to facilitate investors achieve hedge, and the achievement of operating with a different option strategy can operate bullish bearish。However, the first day of IPO had opened derivatives is still relatively rare。  Millet dark disk fell 5 percent, according to the Hong Kong Economic Times reported that large institutions July 3 shares have been traded in the OTC millet。However, market sentiment weak, millet in large dark disk price is only 16.HK $ 15, HK $ 17 lower than the IPO price of 5%, the transaction amounted to $ 28 million。  Here briefly explain the dark Hong Kong trading: dark disc is the OTC market in Hong Kong are generally used for pre-IPO transactions carried out in the first few days after the IPO, closed。Not dark trading through the exchange system, but rather offer brokered by the internal system of some large brokerage。"Dark disk" trading port development in recent years, also, it is only within the system brokerage, providing dark trading by a particular broker, not all brokerage firms can provide dark trading。  A Hong Kong said, by the recent fall in market conditions, Komaki first day of listing below the offering price of the probability of a larger, but investors do not have to worry too much, as long as the market does not continue to deteriorate, there will be some price support at HK $ 15。  Earlier, the State Securities analyst Karagawa not optimistic about millet trend, although as the "rice", he still gave millet gives underweight rating, 12-month target price of HK $ 16。  Lei Jun funding does not recognize "new species" listed before the millet, Lei Jun has said, "Millet is unique in the world can do both hardware, they can do a new retail, you can also do the 'new species' Internet services。"For the 'new species' Lei Jun, the market does not seem to buy it。  Millet final set at the lower limit of the price range of HK $ –17 / share, located in HK $ 17 to HK $ 22 price range of most low-end。In fact, since the beginning of the prospectus millet June 25, the market response is not as expected hot。As of the end of the 28th prospectus, millet public offering was oversubscribed more than eight times the amount of money frozen HK $ 23 billion, to subscribe for the number of 110,000, the good doctor is not ideal and peaceful compared to 650 times subscribed。  According to the issue price of HK $ 17, millet is currently valued at approximately $ 54 billion。This is since the spread of the market valuation of millet $ 100 billion, fell to $ 75 billion, and then fell to $ 55 billion final figure。It is worth noting that the $ 45 billion valuation of the fifth round of financing valuation of millet and not far from the end of 2014。  It is worth noting that the Hong Kong IPO millet were introduced seven cornerstone investors, to subscribe for a total of 5.$ 4.8 billion (about 42.HK $ 7.4 billion) of shares。Which CICFHEntertainmen subscribe 1.$ 9.2 billion; China Mobile, Qualcomm each buy $ 100 million; CDBPrivateEquit subscribed $ 66 million; Poly Group to subscribe for $ 32 million; SF and China Merchants Group to subscribe for $ 30 million and $ 28 million addition, Li Ka-shing invested $ 30 million to subscribe for confirmation millet stocks, Ma, Ma to personally identifiable under a single subscription, the amount ranging from millet IPO Adds a fire in the tens of millions to billions of dollars。  Related reports