And the line and thinking

Every day in their leisure time, I always want to write some words to the perception of life!    This may be one of their own habit of it?I did not want to live focussed on life.Because life is too cruel and harsh words.As long as we are a normal person will not escape, as we live in love, marriage and education, even once collisions oil, salt and soy sauce, are living.People learn to live, not live to control, there is a word in life is to enjoy; without the person’s life, it becomes the efforts of life, it can only be called livelihoods!A content livelihood that is part of life, at some point they belong to a way of life.    Since Into June, with the land of China ushered in a time of college entrance exam, final exam, etc., education is like a loud word appears in people’s lives, people also feel in my heart education to bring their own feelings.    Since time was, because his son participate in the examination of things and feeling very irritable.The face of high tension son, I always comfort him and encourage him.Examination is a brutal competition, if there is the slightest negligence in this exam, in terms of the current situation of a person’s life, a family will have a direct impact.So, to say that a ruthless examination of elimination can not be overemphasized.However, we must accept it!This is life.    When it comes to education, we will always have their own understanding.From the point of view of education intention is to allow a natural person from becoming a social person, it is a process of enlightenment of the people.However, when the imperial examination system to produce for our Chinese education, whether at home or a state and nation, have a direct impact on people’s thinking.Yes, we can not question a number of people, so long as the college entrance examination does not change, our Chinese-style education can not be changed!As an educator, how can we dare to be neglect?    Learning is a personal matter, but a person’s education is our common action and results.The family is part of education, family education can now completely out of tune, and even some families to send their children as a learning machine, completely ignored the self-development of a person’s personality, most children would have let this kind of become numb, indifferent, or even ruthless.As a result, some parents when they pay for their children’s memories will complain that our children grow up but do not know Thanksgiving, in fact, why such a responsibility to our children to bear?As a member of the family, in education, we want to truly understand their child’s demands, and even his emotions.Education for a family, is a process of growing, if from this point of understanding, our family education activities may be more exciting some of the.    After the test results were announced, I have tried to take the exam had contact with some of the parents, especially lower scores one class of family parents, they have several common characteristics: blame, blame themselves first, they simply neglect their children and themselves management; one is blaming the child they simply fun, and deserved today’s result; she then is to blame schools and teachers, schools loose tube, low levels of teacher.After complaining is memories, memories of his outstanding achievements in primary school, the color of life.After the recall, it is a dazed and helpless, as well as seek, as an educator, in the face of these conditions, the heart is pain.Because of the pain I can not solve these puzzles parents and children.Yes, no exams, what can we figure out a better way to open our window of education for thousands of years, and let the whole society of people whom happy, I am afraid that now can not be found.    Everyone does not want their children to lose at the starting line, but more like ours mood to bring pressure on our children, even more would undermine morale in the child’s learning some kind of spirit.So, I still have to speak out, the more current in this competitive era, the more we give our children burdens, our children learning and education as a kind of normal life, I think we are competitive in their children the growth of life will have more and more pressure-resistant, if we prematurely this pressure will give them, in their affordable range will collapse.Education is to help people to adapt to social development, education in the exam and do not let our children become overwhelmed by the last straw of life, it is worth thinking about things.    Education is a part of life, yet the ancients advocate entertaining, music in the knowledge, but why do we give so much pressure on our children?We worry about the future because children and deprived them of their childhood, this is what a terrible thing?    In the test results revealed the night before, I sat quietly in the yard for a long time, a very quiet night, and even his own heartbeat could hear the melody of real.Blinked at the stars in the sky, like a student makes a mistake in my eyes sneak peek.This is one sleepless night, for the family to take the exam for.My wife, my children, all this seems to choking atmosphere of waiting, because this score determines the direction of school children in the future.    Time in a single minute of walking, sometimes want it to go fast, but sometimes they want to stay forever where.To tell the truth, then, that night, his son has always been optimistic, I also suddenly a little shaken, because I was always too believe that all the results are good.But this is not deceiving yourself it?    However, as an educator, I first chose to believe his son, believe in yourself.This is what I want to say, as a child of parents, we need at a critical time as they rely on.Failure is not terrible, terrible thing is that we as human children can not become the most trusted and rely on their children, abandoned children last forever, I would say this is as an educator, then, and must concern.    Into our children in the way they grow, we have to do a real educator, this is a responsibility!    2015.7.27