Butterfly catch every moment of the soul

The eleven green pots go outdoor, slight cloud, sounds of wind, the blades gently fibrillation, heart buffered at the moment.Easily finally Kenwan Proceedings of Zhejiang University scholar River Flow, “the text of the flesh,” although I read heavy, but very light at the moment, there is a long journey after.These two days I walk through the heart of the classic East and West, and to watch Liu Xie, Lu Ji, Du Fu, Zhou Muslim, ginger Whitehead, Hu Shi, Li Jianwu, Xu Zhimo, Wen Yiduo, Bian Zhilin, Qifang, Feng Zhi, Dai Wangshu, Mu Dan, Fei Ming…Look Kipling, Valery, Eliot, Lorca, Eluard, Rilke…I list them so patiently, because they are the stars shine in my mind at the moment.I do not revel in the comparison between Eastern and Western, but their work and soul make me more in awe, I can not do Du Fu words “water does not mind competing, cloud care about all late”, but that can live in the literature, but also What resentment What distressed it.    Originally thought decade sword, after all, to be an explanation, and who explain it, I wanted to prove himself, to whom prove ourselves.Each of yesterday are today’s past, yesterday careful about Ji Wenlin see the background and his way up, his father and warned his sister’s tears, those poor, those hard-working, those who pay are the river flows.So no matter where you are, when you are in, do not forget to pay a departure exhort parents and loved ones.So I wish to pray silently, all in the way you and I struggle, treasure, treasure.    And any child to the “Paladin” convergence of the TV series “Qi Tan,” I know this also from for the game, I still can not fully understand the child’s state of mind, nothing can stop me, this not just the generation gap, but I want to learn to accept Kind of reality.Not to say that there is reasonable?Although I do not like the stuff of fantasy, but I think there must also have a profound humanity.Children this age obsessed with fantasy just like when we fascination Qiong Yao Jin Yong and Gu Long and bar.    People are slowly growing, such as water in general, can only step by step, make the best use.Andy already beginning to look Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, she said, is to see the children, thinking she had so infatuated with them, I feel happy together, this is a quiet transfer, qing clouds: The sun it has legs ah, gently quietly edging away.He said that the passage of time is silent, every moment of the passage of time in the past, but we have not learned to ask yourself: Did I make the mind more full.    I still have Taoyuan and Zhongnan of the concept, but I am not going forward, and will not like Li Shutong Tiger Temple practice, I can only silent walk their own thoughts and feelings, even if thorns and distressed.Whether good times and bad, for you are the balance within the universe.Like now, I call out these plants, I began to let them breathe for a free wind.    ”The book sun and the moon long”, I think the writer Zhang Wei, and I because “you plateau,” and admire his voluminous grand masterpiece, but can not appreciate him, I even collection of essays, and even last year’s book fair to buy his “On the simple life.” We have not yet finished, it was said that he explored between humanity and divinity, even though he is a painstaking writer, even though he is a thinking type writer.But in my mind, at least for now, his influence on me is also not worth the “things on the earth” a reed shore.Faith is the beacon, it is the spirit and wisdom of crystallization in the works.    I wrote this, I went to see Andy play the zither, she played in “Qin Sang Song”, and the “war Typhoon” not the same genre, it’s sad sad sad melody, plaintive and moving it there power.I went to the Baidu search the next: “Qin Sang Song” is based on undistributed A poetry of Li Bai “Spring thinking”: “Yan grass as Bess, Qin Sang low Greenwood.When the king Huai return date, is heartbroken when concubine.Spring did not know, what is going into Luo Wei?”The content creation zither solo.Yan, the ancient names, including today’s northern Hebei Province and Liaoning Province in the southwest.Qin, also old names, the approximate location in this area of Shaanxi.Yan for Yukio location, Qin for Yukio home location.Yan to cold, warm Qin, Yan grass also like black hair in general, Qin Sang already have flourished the falls.This poem describes the contents of two couples ^ sub-offices in different places, although two different spring comes sooner or later, but Blanc is the real places alike.As long as a wife that her husband hit a breath of spring, think of returning home will have a eager mood.It is women hope so trust her husband, like her husband hope, so she does not even let the spring breeze blowing Luo Wei, because she never met and spring.Poem mean, you go where the grass was green like long black hair, like just take out of our home in the lush mulberry already have the falls.When you see the fields are green and feel the breath of spring miss their loved ones hope to go home, what I miss you and see Mulberry heartbroken when.Spring ah, you and I know, and what do you do to get into my account curtain “.    Writer of the contents of Li Bai’s poem demonstrates, using traditional techniques zither, the integration of local local music, and added innovative zither expression, describes a young and beautiful woman greatly missed distant husband, and her husband look forward to an early reunion eagerness.The entire song from the first person point of view, that is the perspective of women hope to deepen the theme music through the complete portray its image.Content “Qin Sang Song” can be used to summarize four poems: “Qin Jun Sang falls pondering, sleepless night of tears stained towel.Luo drapery floating into the spring, the suspect is the husband wiping away his tears mark.”Beautiful song melody, music vivid, Adagio endured, Beibeiqieqie, tear-jerking, Allegro intense, hastily honestly, fully demonstrated the women hope Siv looked forward to reunion mood.”I hope women Siv sad cut, a ‘Qin Sang’ tear million lines.”.The song since its inception welcomed by the masses, with a greater impact.The song has been identified as Chinese zither music, person to be elected “Chinese zither music meets West” and “Chinese zither Grading tutorial”, Zheng and accounted for as an excellent teaching repertoire, elected to the “Zheng approach”.    I know Andy can only pop it in the melody, but can not understand it outpouring of emotion, I do not want to communicate with her these, the total still need time to grow.The reason I put quotation on here, I think she grew up that day will know the art are interlinked, and it is able to express understanding of art in words, that she might be more calm in the face of their own spiritual Journey.    A few months ago Andy have the opportunity to make Shanghai Chinese Orchestra guzheng virtuoso He Xiaotong teacher guided the technique, her father was a master Mr. Zheng He Baoquan, a professor on the tone of this year has just passed away June 6, where the teacher is still in grief in children they kept the original zither artistic affection, which makes it is moved, an artist must be a mild-mannered fellow, full of love and distressed people, a persistent and industrious person, only this way can the arts go farther on.Study art but also to learn to be, no matter can not engage in the arts, as long as the heart, in the arts heritage, in any environment can ease off peace.    Andy looked at the focus of the play, I Taking stock silently, their memories once, almost a poverty-stricken childhood of their own, in addition to the woods goofed and listen to the birds without any artistic consciousness can attend, but fortunately that time the mountains are green, the water is clear, the air is fresh, which makes their own way adrift still maintained the original simple.Do what you can do, not ambitious, diligent work only land their souls.Mother likes to say, “alive dry, dead count.”.This is almost one of my motto, mother and those simple words revolutionaries say that life is more than endless struggle actually is a meaning.Slowly start thinking about life and death, will fear, will be fragile, but never thought to retreat and give up, the reading has been long established yourself a spiritual system, humble in victory by defeat, hard thinking, not like Hai Zi then pull off, then the index finger does not believe in the future as a slogan.I asked myself, go for so long, have not you tired?Tired, but I will not stay, I will not be waiting, just as his own heart hewn Dujiangyan water.    People in this life, is a bold state, is also a state of graceful, but no one is always only one form, more people hovering between bold and graceful.Andy recite a few days ago to let Yue Fei’s “Azolla” She gets one kind of vehement passion, today let her recite the Song Dynasty poet Weng volume of “Village of April”: former Green all over the mountain white full Sichuan, cuckoo sound in the rain to smoke.April little village idlers, only the sericulture and Rubus.Now the rainy season, so she alternately in both languages in the mood, she also hopes that one day she can understand that sentence Ye Jiaying: learning classical poetry biggest benefit is to let our hearts die.We travel needs indomitable spirit and courage as well as a buffer, such either dared not country, can Dan Bo Ming Envision.    This is not a design, but a possible efforts, the world is full of variables thing, but if they work hard, and success or failure is not so important, just like this morning of Belgium and Costa Rica, although they lost the battle, but they were enough pride, sometimes victory is not just you win, but you break yourself, make yourself better than ever.    Children now go to school zither and dance, and also take part in some Grading game, let her learn to sharpen their own, able to withstand the pressure and slowly fail.Slowly Zhang Qifan mind, so that the days of impressive young fast, so that in future when the voyage, it may be a little less fear.People in this life, if there is no oil peddler and Paodingjieniu life accomplishment like that, you want to get a winning easier said than done?    Returned to his reading and writing, if there is no concept of one thousand sword then know to operate your 1000 and then the sound of the dawn efforts, how can make your own text can pass through the mountains and across the water?