All dreams will blossom

All dreams are flowering text / Lin Ke Yi Miaonv she is a native of Hunan.Because his family was poor, can not afford the tuition, up to high school, they drop out came to Shenzhen, a waitress at the hotel along with cousin.  Holding a junior high school diploma, four hundred thirty-seven dollars, several sets of clothes, a pair of leather shoes, more than a dozen books.In addition, she had nothing.  Sick, standing in the doorway of the hospital, but did not dare go in; on the bus, when the bus telephone IC card IC card but do not draw money; drool looking at snack in the supermarket; walk from the East Gate to Huaqiang North , just to save two dollars away.Even at a young age girls love beauty, she never bought a more than one hundred yuan of clothes, all clothes Amoy two thirty in the stalls.Cosmetics can not afford it instead of soap cleanser with the exception of mites, after washing, the orange juice when squeezed in your hand lotion pat.  Distress than substance, more frightening is that dignity is trampled.Because engaged in the service industry, so be sure to deal with all sorts of people and.She was not high quality of some of the people picked through thorn even he has been wronged someone else had stolen diamond ring.She has had many such gas, more to herself did not want to remember, do not want to say, do not want to cry any more.She finally realized that complaining will not change the world, but since it can not change the world, only to change their.  She no skills, and no diploma is concerned, to change the fate of a minimum threshold of only writing this road.  At that time she lived in a dormitory eight people, because inconsistent work time, so the dorm is always someone sleeping or talking.At that time the computer is very extravagant things, attendants are not, are they dare she thought about owning a computer.She did not desk, only a communal table, piled on top of food and daily necessities, want to write only climb on his bed, pulled down the curtains open on a small table lamp yourself sitting there writing.  And she still can not make the same quarters knew what he was doing, because it must be laughed at.At the time, she had appeared in magazines stall, saw some magazines theft of her article, is to buy back his colleagues on the bed, but she did not say she was afraid people would think she was crazy.  Because she had been subjected to such humiliation.She often took a small book, as long as free, even if it is at work in the lobby, she will write something on it.Because of her work every day to stand full nine hours, as well as the edge of colleagues.But she insisted to write thousands of words a day.There are ideas, there is a sentence, there is description.Gradually, more and more of her little book, many years later, she is still a small yard material accumulated knowledge and writing these.  She quietly persisted.Every day after work, she would go black bars in the village, the idea of a day to write articles breath.  Because at that time she was very poor, if typing a little unhappy, wasted network costs, so a thousand words thirty-four article, she was only an hour to finish the.  In fact, just the beginning of writing, she’s very general level, typos talk, no rhetoric, no skills, no main line.  But she did not have no mortal perseverance.Is one such cafe writing, she wrote wrote five or six years.All her time is spent on writing.When people playing the game when she was writing; when people fall in love, she was writing; when people visit shopping street, her writing; when people chat on QQ chat network was in full swing when she writing; when people travel in her writing; when people live in a time of negative complaints, she had about five years in the writing, the writing she did not earn a penny before, but she has been doing this one thing.  Many talented people than she, had excited the network literature who ultimately do not write, and quietly withdrew.And she has persevered.Because she knew qualification flat, there is no elegant aid, the only rely on only their tireless efforts and hard work.  When she finally wrote fame on the network, and there are many editors asked him to when she made the decision to resign, to buy a computer, back home full-time writing.  From a network of self-transformation to text can be replaced royalties magazine article, she took great pains.  Text because the market never had any contact, in order to write the magazine, she was riding a bike every day to go to the library, read a magazine copy magazine.Sit for one day bring their own lunch to eat at noon.She looked about three months, a copy of Big Ben a few notes on what is known about the magazine article for what clearly.  So watch and write, because a good foundation, but also willing to listen to the words of editor, editor unconditionally any amendments put forward, after six months, have been able to draft Each magazine.She often got writing to be edited when it is put a big pigeon editing, editing writing quickly find people to immediately write this column.Edit middle of the night wake deadlines, blankets around him, his eyes half-amused start typing.Because of her faith, and gradually we have the reputation and contacts in circles.Naturally, many people have begun to help her.  Finally, in mid-2006 her first novel was published.Get the book the day happens to be her 24th birthday.  Since then, she at an annual average rate of four novel book.Each novel, there is the traditional version, as well as several foreign version.For such a result, but it is her own evaluation I have nothing to do ah, that is very attentive to write something every day.  For her achievements, many people have expressed envy.But she says, to this day, I still think they are not good enough, not good enough, a lot of people are very good, so I have to work harder.I’m not a capable woman, I just mark their choice with a single line, persistence and hard work.  Her name is Yao Di, pseudonym red lady, known as the Queen thriller.Her seven-color horror fiction, the reader China has become must reading horror fiction.Works “black hair” listed in the 2008 top ten suspense novels, 16 essays so far has published novels, a collection of seven.His works are exported to Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam.  Her story is very inspirational, as she puts it: the city, there are many industries, I think, as long as people specialization like to pay a lot, there will always return.May every city a striver Do not be discouraged, many people do not know where you are and what you like efforts, all your dreams will blossom. Even a stone can blossom can fly again humble dream will bloom all efforts blossom you do not know the success of text / Zhang Jianzhong Gary Dahl was originally the name of advertising agency executives.April 1975, he was with friends in a bar when the party occasionally hear people complain about their pets.He was friends say, should be the perfect pet rock, no feeding, no bath, not sick, not dead.  Initially it was just a joke, but Dahl was excited about their ideas, and then I decided to put into practice their ideas, which came into pet rock.Like a real pet in general, mounted on a stone pet pets paper box, accompanied by a pet training guide.To ensure a comfortable pet rock, the carton also placed straw with vent openings.  Each pet rock priced 3.$ 95 net profit of $ 3.The first half was only put into the market, pet stone will bring $ 15 million in revenue for Darfur.  Gates is known as the second Mark Zuckerberg launched his first exclusive yearbook when the Facebook virtual, some people told him that this stuff is too weird, and useless.Surprisingly, Facebook just opened on a blockbuster, within a few weeks, more than half of Harvard students are enrolled member, the initiative to provide their most intimate personal data such as name, address, hobbies and photos.The students take advantage of this free platform to grasp the latest developments friend, talking with friends, search for new friends.  Soon, Facebook will be extended to major US college campuses, young people across North America, including Canada, have interest on this site.Now, in the university campus Britain, Australia and other countries are also popular.According to estimates of Yahoo, Facebook to mid-2015 registered users in the US will reach 52.5 million, 60% of students and young people will use Facebook, far higher than 8% in 2005 and 18% last year.Yahoo is expected that by 2015, revenue is expected to reach 18 Facebook.$ 600 million, most advertising revenue from ads, Facebook could reach 10 billion US dollars is huge.  Jeff Bezos on July 16, 1995 the creation of Amazon, its basic nature is an online bookstore.Bezos saw the potential and characteristics of the network.Many people want a virtual bookstore, if you are at home wearing pajamas can bookstore, who will go to the outside?  Amazon’s original plan was originally developed after 4-5 years began to profit, the 2000 dot-com bubble resulted in Amazon steady growth, becoming the stories unique, there are quite a few Internet companies rapid growth in the 1990s, when the shareholders of Amazon’s stop complaining about Bezos business strategy is too conservative and slow, and the Internet bubble, those who fast-growing Internet companies have close of business, only the Amazon there are profits.The fourth quarter of 2002, Amazon’s net profit of about 500 million US dollars.In mid-2004 to grow to more than 300 million US dollars.  Colonel Sanders after retirement, relying on meager pensions to live thrifty life.One day, he whim, holding a delicate fried chicken recipe to a restaurant every lobbied cooperation developed this recipe, but when he knocked on every door in a restaurant almost all of them mocking tone I told him: that age, and there would be no big act, not to mention the restaurant would not accompany him to the adventure, however, Colonel Sanders was not discouraged, so basically he has traveled all over every small town a restaurant, he tells everyone he meets his idea, and finally tell after almost a thousand times, someone took his idea to the people of Colonel Sanders, try holding the attitude and cooperation of Colonel Sanders opened a chicken restaurant, which is now all over the world Kentucky fried chicken store, and Colonel Sanders has become a millionaire.  In the long history of enterprise development, many startups are exciting project from the start, and some creative ideas quite crazy, but after arduous efforts, attempts, there have been many of them winners.If you have a strange idea, can not be understood by others, please do not be afraid, we must adhere to, confident.God everyone is equal, Mark Zuckerberg, Sanders, Jeff Bezos, before these people succeed, but also experienced many failures, but they stuck with it, have been working hard, so they were successful.We’re looking at the same time they succeed, we must also see failures they have experienced, the only way you will truly understand the meaning of success. Insights on life: that you do not know the event that you do not know your life has quietly changed the event at that time, I do not know how much suffering they abduct is curved so that dream realized on paper / Kong Xiangfeng June 2014, a microblogging Polish cleaning woman turned professional model of news caused a particular concern of the majority of users in just a few hours, this microblogging is forwarded to twenty thousand times, people are very curious about this in the end is how Cinderella gorgeous turn of the counter-attack.  2013, 26-year-old Alexandra graduated from a vocational college in Poland, although she received a master’s degree in education, you can easily find a job related to education, but because they have always had a dream: to be a model, on the stage enjoy showing their beauty, so after graduation, Alexandra turned down the invitation of a number of schools, carries the dream of celibacy to become a supermodel Bristol City.  Let she did not expect was that she ran a lot of home model company, and shows various models stills public activities at school, or no one willing to receive her modeling agency.After hitting the wall several times, her life in trouble, even the basic room and board have become a problem.Finally, she came only a local services company, looking for a teacher working families can food, accommodation, room and board to solve the problem of.  A few days later, she called to let the afternoon services company to sign a contract, said there are several families very satisfied with her condition, she was willing to hire.That afternoon, she was more than an hour to advance, as she carefully watching several employer information when a man rushed in from the outside, come in, it is anxious to let the staff immediately to help him find a evening will be able to work cleaners.  When the staff to explain to him to find the cleaners need to make reservations ahead of time, the man is more anxious, he round and round the room, Alexandra can not help but curiously looked at him, she suddenly found this man a little familiar, as if what Seen.As she puzzled, then he whispered in the man himself: Charlotte home tomorrow morning, tonight if people can not find how to do it can clean up?  Charlotte?Poland famous fashion designer!She suddenly remembered that this person is Charlotte’s agent.  In man disappointed intend to leave, Alexandra forward to stop him, she said he is willing to do cleaning, and go now, and make sure to put good tonight Cleaning Service.Men’s ecstatic to hear, aside services company staff listened Mangquan her and said cleaners do a week salary is only 250 pounds, which is not only much lower wages than her tutor when, but also much hard.Who knows Alexandra smiled and did not say much on the man signed a contract and.  Alexandra with their diligence and careful quickly gained recognition and trust Charlotte, finished cleaning every day, she secretly practicing walking in the room.If you encounter a model company for visiting and some supermodel, she would stay quietly in the living room and listened to their conversation and Charlotte, slowly, her understanding and knowledge of a lot of their own did not know before about the walk?Taiwan and a model of knowledge.  One night, she finished cleaning, Charlotte found slouched on the couch, out of courtesy, but because she and Charlotte usually a good relationship, she came up care to ask how the Charlotte, there is no they can help.Charlotte told her chagrin, their own specially designed as a supermodel recently a series of summer clothing, I did not expect the final, the supermodel but because the pay issue and the organizers in a conflict, the unilateral breach of contract, do not want to participate in the next day fashion show.  That sets the dress Alexandra read, many times Charlotte was not at home, she also secretly touch too, if you can imagine yourself wearing these clothes took?Taiwan be nice.Alexandra bold enough to say that they had previously participated in costume model contest at school, can you let her try.After listening to her words, Charlotte opened wide his eyes, he kept saying this fashion show success NO, is directly related to their ability to quickly open the clothing market, the model of which plays an important role, not downtown a play.  Alexandra was not discouraged, she agreed to Charlotte to be worried, but after all, now is not the right person, can you give yourself a chance, and now look at him go again.() Charlotte Alexandra looked skeptical, and finally nodded and promised.  A few minutes later, when Charlotte Alexandra wearing that sets pay for several months of work effort, walked the catwalk standard came out, Charlotte could not believe my eyes, because not only those clothes Alexandra who like to wear tailored in the same.Alexandra typhoons and walking with professional models are not any different from.Although there are some small flaws, but with a little guidance of fully qualified for the fashion show.  The next day, Charlotte Alexandra excited to recommend to the organizers, as the last time when Alexandra finale appearance, the audience everyone was shocked by her charm, after whispering to each other but found no one knew the same good, short hair, height 1.8-meter model.After the conference, it was learned that her identity turned out to be a cleaner.  A cleaner became a model, became the biggest news of the day, a number of model companies thrown an olive branch to her, she eventually chose London-based modeling agency.Alexandra currently has become a series of advertising and catwalk star, appearance fees of up to £ 2000. Do not let this discourage you four things the youth realize their dreams is to struggle, the ideal is to achieve a dream or have, in case it achieved?