Buy used book shop in the back Pooh (Pooh) the “Poet Diary” (Journald’unpote), is freely open, I saw a funny.He said, in French, joy (Bonner) a noun is “good” and “part-time” should be spelled seen sometime, just for an hour of stuff (Silebonheurn’taitqu’unebonnedenie!).We think of our own words to say, also the same mean deep permanent, such as the provision of fast merry or happy word, put all the pleasures of life floating glanced hard to stay, very clearly indicated.So we shall sigh, he said: “joyous night too short!”Because people happy, to live fast, to a boring hardship, the more that day his feet were as lame like, go very slowly.The term (langweile) German dull, it was literally literal translation is “long” means.”Journey to the West” in the little monkey Walker told the Sun: “day in heaven, the lower bound of the year.”This myth, indeed reflects human psychology.The joy of heaven and earth than comfortable, the gods live fast, the world only a year in heaven when one day too.From then on, hell more painful than the earth, some days even more difficult; paragraph style “Miscellaneous Morsels Xiyang” said: “ghost words three years, the world three days.”Life is too short people, is really the most happy person; conversely, really happy person, no matter what age live to die, it can only be short-lived premature death.So, it is not worth doing god, mortal man has done thirty years I, still a child in the sky less than a month.But this “day count”, but also to take advantage of places: under five “: for example, Dai Jun Fu” Guang Yi Ji “contains Cui joined the army to catch a fox spirit,” peach branch decision under five, “Sun loudly say the penalty is too light, Cui A. is the world five hundred special non-small punishment.”Visible sell old birthday, and so on, the most affordable on the ground, and the penalty it should be subject to the sky.    ”Always happy”, that is, not only can not achieve too slim, too absurd and untenable.Faster than the never permanent; we are always happy to say, it is like saying that the Quartet round, still the same self-contradictory actions.In the happy, we cried out to empty the fleeting time: “Stay a while strike!You’re so beautiful!”What use?You want to permanently, you should go to suffering in.Do not speak anything else, as long as a sleepless night, or do not come about in the afternoon, or a dull lecture lesson – that many and more effective than any religion can make you taste what is called “eternal life” taste.Thorns of life, right here, nostalgia refused to brisk walking, migraine is something you do not nostalgia.    Happy in life, like sugar lure children to take medicine, more like a greyhound racing stadium in the race to lure the dog’s electrical Rabbit.A few minutes or a few days make us happy I lived, endured a lot of pain.We want it to be, want it to stay, want it again – these three words summarize the entire history of human endeavor.In our pursuit and waiting when the life of the past and unknowingly steal.Maybe we’re just spending time chips, but I live is to serve as sacrificial lambs for the years that I, would not think of happiness.But we do not understand death to be taken the bait, we also ideal paradise after death, there – thank God, have this day!We finally enjoy eternal happiness.You see, the lure of happiness, not only rabbits, like electricity and sugar, so we put up with life, and as if on a bait hook, so that we actually willing to die.That said, life is a pain, but not pessimistic, because it is the hope of eventually holding happy; now the account, we advance the future to pay.For happy, we are even willing to slow death.    Muller once “painful Socrates” and “Happy Pig” more.If the pig really happy to know, then pigs and Socrates also a little much.Whether pigs can be as happy as people, we do not know; but who will be easy to meet as a pig, we often see.The two types of happiness and spirit of the flesh, this is the most stupid analysis.All happy to enjoy the spirit of the fall, although the reason is happy incentives of the flesh.Newborn child down, eat milk obediently sleep, do not know what happy, although its body feels comfortable.Mental and physical reason is when the child has not differentiated, but chaotic state nebula.A bath, watch a flower, eat a meal, if you feel happy, because not all washed clean bath, well flowers or vegetables to satisfy your tastes, mainly because you do not Guaai heart, the soul can easily focus on physical feeling, to enjoy, to validation.If you are not happy spirit, like the feast when parting, how to cook with it well, just to eat earth flavor, the taste of mud.The soul of that moment, as if diseased eye afraid of meeting the sun, the skin torn wound fear of contact with air, although air and sunshine are good things.You must be happy when the heart no Kuizuo.If you really feel happy crime, then you must have a moral and human, have the same peace of mind of training.The most white conscience, have no conscience with full darkest of conscience, the effect is equal.    Found happiness is determined by the spirit of human culture further.I discover this truth, and found that right and wrong depend not on the axiom violence, as important as.After the discovery of axioms, since there is no force that can be completely yield of people in the world.I found a happy spirit is all based, from the terrible pain of losing their flesh reduced autocratic.Data spiritual alchemy can make physical pain have become happy.So, burned houses, there are people to celebrate; a basket for cooked food, poured drinks, there are people do not change their music; one thousand Baidu disaster, there are people of Tanxiaoziruo.So we said earlier, though not a happy life, but still optimistic.For example, from writing the “prophets” of Solomon to do until “sea breeze” Poetry of Mallarmé (Mallarme), I feel the pain of civilized man, the body drowsiness.But partial someone taking pains, pain in the filtrate happy to make a kind of compensation for the disappearance of health.Su poem said: “leisure illness was not unreasonable evil, peace of mind is more drug-free parties.”Lu Wang Dan” present and said, “also referred to Mao Chih Huang Shan disease, people think that worry, Mao said:” Disease is also good taste, the first bear to human ears Zaore!”In the Western emphasis on sports, we can also find it equally optimistic person.Workers worry good disease Donovan Aires (Novalis) to establish a disease in “Bits of Gold Collection” in philosophy, he said the disease is “to teach people to learn the rest of the female teachers.”.Luodeng Ba Xu (Rodenbach) collection of poems “life imprisonment” (LesViesEncloses), there are special chant disease flavored roll, he said the disease is “washing of the soul (puration)”.Well built, like the activities of people adopt this view, we feel the pain of another flavor.Health stubborn thick white Luo Kesi eighteenth-century German poet (B.H.Brockes) for the first time ill, that is an “astonishing discovery (EinebewunderungswrdigeErfindung)”.For these people, life is what threat?This happiness, enjoyment becomes the stand, is the biggest victory for the spirit of the substance.Soul will be free – and perhaps self-deception.One can always hold this attitude, of course, a great philosopher, but he does not know who is a big fool?    Yes, it’s a bit contradictory.Wisdom is a contradiction.This is life for life jokes.