(New year, Shen do smoke)

(New year, Shen do smoke) leave ◆ according to La Suoni please leave my hair to go according to La Prairie Tanggula there way to help me look at the sun and the moon fall to the ground, do not forget to pick up on the holding in when your hands close to your chest ablated is your heart still anxious scenery intoxicating me with the sun to make a telephone appointment with me tell you run you have put on color yarn from the sea and floated out of the bath full of vigor we were doing sit together handle ups you glowing red smile lit up my eyes very warm hail hail is formed by grinding lover’s tears do not believe you on the palms look spray on the ground exposed sweet smile is sent to a lover do I stand in the rain any rain wet kiss scratch trouble trousers that I teach basketball skills who is my lover do his eyes hail eyes smile spray is transparent hierarchical hear things across the sea in front of the man smoking a cigarette in the back straight do not turn around in a hurry hand I would wander back uncomfortable so I am going to go back several decades remains the same tenderness stay with years of each other has been put on hold Samuume proud across the mind listening to the sea when suddenly a memorable look back Touch memory quietly sink sitting on the couch watching the lights shining star Snooze residue spilled all over the floor with a lazy body holding her book sad covered with hand ladder unattainable ideal of light with the stars in your eyes in Xinghai dropped in that period of sadness can salvage it back Kua basket finishing touch of this memory mounted in the years read it slowly in