— Guangzhou Haizhu Square impression of seventy

I have not drunk.    Alcohol only accelerated the activity of brain cells, the feelings of the heavens and the earth is more intuitive.Out of the dungeon, from the floor to see the crevices squeezed out of the sky, like a block of tofu cut Debu rules, soft white white and tender, also braved the heat just pan.Here is the heart of the city, dozens of hundreds of high-rise buildings very sturdy to stand around and tore the north-south above the clouds.Those sun reflects off the windows, like a mythical nine days on the eyes, looking down at us as these small ants life.We build cities, has become our masters, toe air lifted to put us underfoot.    This building high-rise into the sky around, I just had it in the distance peep style, came to its feet, Aung lose his head, it can not see the waistband.Lying only to be Shui Yee.But I can not lie down, here it is the southern most prosperous of the lot.Pedestrians more than the Red Guards in front of the 1960’s Tiananmen Square, you squat tie their shoes, are likely to be stepped on black and blue.This building is not unattainable peaks, there will not make people into the nature of the kind of cozy.Although there are infinite beauty in excellent shape, but the temptation of filling with the smell and strange.Crowds of people, like moths to a flame poured into the wide door, poured into the elevator, the trade on each counter, check their position in the mortal world of.Or in various modes of courtesy and smile, to test your mental ability to accept.    Side of the pool without water, no wind wind crossing.Like the scene in front of the changing kaleidoscope, bustling, are all benefits to.None of the times, like today instant success, although Restraining Commerce tradition in history worth exploring, but the people doing business ethos not desirable.Today, standing businessman soaring, except career, has become the first of all trades.Young people a year out of school, regarded as a business over the life of.Li Ka-shing’s wealth of myths, the reality of thousands of times inside and outside the Great Wall copy, Bill Gates’s entrepreneurial legend, the interpretation of the dream of thousands of times north and south.Therefore, our fields barren, covered with golden wheat in the past, today overgrown with weeds; our machines are rusty past spit bright satin, today rodent their houses; our homes shuttered, floating past the family laughter, staying young and old today.People young and strong travel thousands of miles, want to dream in hypnotic waves of gold.    After all, the legendary land of gold, most people just to make a living.The southern most famous squares, over the years has been a misnomer, because the construction of various public works, is isolated to pieces.Many temporary walls, filled with construction materials to block the site, the top of the wall, revealing two three-quarters of activity.Some of the most bottom of the Argonauts, like chicken cage as markets, thus thoroughly squeeze in there.With the dream of getting rich, tinker with cement mortar daily.These towering buildings, these high-speed smooth subway, the trees, the flowers, all of them tinker with it.Blood and tears, there is laughter there are songs.Not far away there are several performers middle-aged men and women, a few years like a day in this square aisle regalia singing, and even then a difficult life, but also to cry on behalf of the song.    Great Liberation Monument right next to them, a common soldier, carrying a sack, armed with rifles and flowers.He certainly was a farm boy, eyed stare, where his loved ones, they also leave their homes yet?I asked him off the pedestal, to the middle of their loved ones, and like them, holding a bowl of floating dust lunch, while eating.Otherwise, a drink together.Quietly face of the Pearl River, where the aroma of hot spirits, thought we were flying together to explore the true meaning of liberation.    Rest assured, my mind was wide awake.