Bloody nostalgia

Childhood memories, the waves washed the years was sparse, however, there is one place in the home of a small river of things, but seared in the ring of life in. I was ten years of winter, particularly cold days, like 2007 winter snowstorm.North wind like to devour life, like, crazy roaring, extreme terror! The twelfth lunar month thirty in the evening, our family ate a hearty festive dinner, no TV’s in years, is preparing to stay up.A sudden burst of piercing screams and cries for help, like a sound of thunder, breaks the silence of the night sky, shook the town, shook people getting scared! What happened?After our family to wake up from the horror, dark night flock to open the door.Only to hear the bridge creek behind the house, call children call girl, the sound of Kudiehanniang, pierce the sky.We Jiben to a hundred meters away from the bridge, suddenly, a tragic car accident scene comes into view: a “The East is Red” tractor overturned in the river, dozens of people under pressure in the cabin, soaked in icy river , was about to be engulfed by the river. A sudden, the river on both sides of crunching all ages flock to the bridge, there are several voices shouting “fast save it!”Assault like to hear the horn, the men did not hesitate to jump into the icy water, salvage victims groping in the dark.Women, old people mention to the lantern (then the town has no lights), flashlight lighting.Little children screaming, “Here’s a man,” “fast, fast man sank.”Men are supported shivering legs, remove one drowning.When the driver pulled already swallowed air.A woman holding a baby, when death came suddenly, with the mother’s body to keep a patrol lifeblood.A sheet with a small river drift bright red blood.Blood stained the folks who wet cotton. All the victims were salvaged, no leadership arrangements commanded all those who are still alive on both sides of the river folks are duty-bound to his own home, our family also brought back a few people.A mass of people are busy at home, we hold together children and grandparents to set up a pile of fire wood in the court room, the flames disperse the cold.Mom and Dad are busy helping their wet coat off, come up with our large and small cotton trousers to wear them, they are long-winded cold body only gradually stopped shaking.Sitting in front of a fire nice and warm, ruddy face slowly restored.They grateful to say: “Thank you for saving us who you are really great guy friends!”Great people say,” For what ah, who can do nothing about it?”While the adults end to hot meals on the table, they ate a special festive dinner at our house.When they eat, adults to help them bake it dripping coat. The next day New Year’s Day, which was rescued by the farm workers, tears, reluctantly bid farewell to the folks on both sides of the river, eager to go back to my home town from the farm 8 miles with family reunited go. How many years have passed, footsteps away from the river of life has long been home, however, when I see today’s society indifferent sinister relationships, especially that year I heard capsize incident occurred lived in suburban New Year, hundreds of onlookers but no people to save water, some people want the driver to take people from the water to climb to the hospital, the driver said to me when people sent to hospital who pay me, I will deeply miss you – my simple folks, that bloodstained deep nostalgia.