A few grains of small, can escape anticancer down three high!

  A lot of dried fruit has its trick promote human health, and nutrients are even more amazed that make nutritionists。 Raisins known as "berry case", is one of the oldest of fruit。
So, what wonders have raisins in the end it?  1, blood gas studies found that the iron content is 15 times the fresh grapes, raisins further additionally contain a variety of minerals, vitamins and amino acids。 Every day is recommended to eat a handful of raisins, about 30-40 grams, last 15 days, you can prevent the symptoms of low blood sugar reactions, dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, etc.。   2, contains large amounts of glucose to prevent coronary heart disease, myocardial nutritional role, help the rehabilitation of patients with coronary heart disease。
However, raisins high sugar content, diabetics should not eat。
  3, relieve neurasthenia also contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, amino acids, eat better tonic effect on neurasthenia and fatigue were, or women's diseases diet quality goods。   4, lower cholesterol also helps protect the cardiovascular。
Studies have shown that raisins can lower cholesterol, prevent thrombosis, prevention of cardiovascular disease。
If the feeding is equivalent to 400 calories per day raisins, can effectively reduce blood cholesterol, while suppressing the oxidation of bad cholesterol in blood。
  5, bowel care can improve the health of the rectum, because raisins contain fiber and tartaric acid, allowing rapid excretion through the rectum, reducing the time dirt stays in the gut。
  6, anti-tumor anti-cancer effects particularly pronounced cancer。
Studies have shown that those who grow grapes and grapes in the number of population, the incidence of cancer was significantly reduced。
This is because it contains white Li Lu alcohol, which can effectively prevent or inhibit the growth of dividing cells cancerous malignancy, leukemia cells and prevents。   7, prevent heart disease studies have shown that the elderly eat can reduce the probability of occurrence of heart disease。 This is because the raisins contains a variety of antioxidants, they play for the body to absorb cholesterol interference, thereby preventing the occurrence of heart disease。   8, bactericidal anti-inflammatory lot of people think it is sweets, eat will definitely eat bad teeth。
In fact lead to oral disease is the sucrose sugar, raisins and sugar is fructose and glucose。 So not only does not lead to eating raisins oral diseases, but also has bactericidal anti-inflammatory role Glister。
This is because the compound raisins can effectively inhibit the growth of various oral bacteria, these bacteria is the primary cause of tooth decay and periodontitis。   9, detoxification, promote digestion and promote the role of digestion。
Raisins contains tartaric acid, can help gastrointestinal digestion。 Raisins in dietary fiber, can adsorb toxins intestinal wall, promote detoxification。
  In addition, long-term smokers can eat raisins can help lung cell detoxification, but also has expectorant effect, can relieve inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by smoking, itching and other symptoms。
  Purchase skills 1, tablets, sturdy, soft waxy taste were of varying。
  2, there is a certain gap between the particles, there should be no phenomenon of molasses, hand touch feeling of dryness, and then walk away clutching look down, preferred particles can rapidly spread quality。 If the particle surfaces raisins quality sugar, oil, or pinching of inferior particles breakable。   3, the look white slightly lack in claim frosting, icing to lick the green transparent color crystal。
Red currants slightly frosted appearance is also required, to lick translucent purple frosting。   4, fresh, dense taste sweet, not sour astringent。

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