Dew glistening children

[Editor’s note] seedlings strong rain moisture, dew covered grass, swaying contentment, collections of dew shining on glittering grass, grass when swung slightly, wherein a dew inclined stand firm, homeopathic embrace the other one, slide down along Caojian.This observation carefully, describing vividly.[Edit] Butterflies recommended reading even the height of summer, early morning is cool.    Nestled earth moon night, the day accumulated transpiration, turned into a depressed moisture, enjoy the noise outside the vent, filled with.So, between heaven and earth dim gradually, the moonlight suddenly shy now suddenly hidden among dense fog, moonlight mountains and the earth was intermittent scan, houses are becoming increasingly blurred shadows.Only earth doing deep breathing, soulful essence bathed in moonlight, the quiet things in heaven and earth to absorb the aura.After enjoying the warm moonlight night, when the morning twilight to cool a little hit, will come to an end.When Venus told things in the world, the sun is about to rise up, then mist hurry avoid the dilution of their own, scattered fade.    Eastern gray dawn slowly emerged, nostalgia complained that the moon faded stature, put bright daylight, driving mist, cozy warmth began doing my.Whenever mist kissed the place, leaving little trace of it, moist forests, flowers and stained clothing, damp earth, prostrate on the ground the bottom of the grass, small stature, the most feared baked in the sun, cool leafless Chezhu the fog would not let go.Grass and fog in his skin, so, cold heat alternating feedback occurs, the drops of dew on the grass hanging body, glistening dew appeared.    ”Dew thick, red sun”, which is summed up Nongyan people, is scheduled morning glow of splendor, it is assured a sunny day.Taking advantage of the sun has not angry, all starting at the hot flashes.Dew covered grass, swaying with contentment, says the seedlings strong rain moisture, the grass is not the case it ever?The ‘rain’ for the time being put aside, there are ‘exposed’ is enough of.Brilliant dew on the grass shining crystal, a close look, dew big and small distribution, no one who squeeze.When the grass slightly swung, wherein a dew inclined stand firm, homeopathic embraced one another, swells the dew Zheke.With inertia, collision between the dew, the volume swell increasingly, slide down to the ground along Caojian.Asylum others can not bear to leave the grass, quietly fall dead on the grass smb.This is good luck natural crystal, which is evaporated to leave bear dropwise Qinglei.    Diligent farmers began the day sunrise, sucking fresh morning, looking at the bright rays, holding the beloved cattle, walking in possession of a small road in the grass.Servitude cattle farm people know, even today, the water network shoals machinery all over the role of terraced fields, deep in the mountains, the cattle are not be replaced.Experienced farmers all know, the dewy grass, cattle is the most favorite, heat relieve inflammation can play a role in increasing fat flesh.The same is the livestock of sheep, grass with dew, is absolutely not to eat, otherwise it will have the opposite effect, not impatient, cute sheep, can only wait until the sun rises the dew volatile dining.    Grass brushed against the rancher’s trousers, even for a moment it was hit dew wet.Four cow leg hair stick tight, dark color, it can regardless, greedy roll down the food covered with dew in the grass, chewing vigorously, some Grasshoppers cheerful out of the bushes, stunned cow blink a blink of an eye, and then restore calm.The sun rose higher and higher, the dew was quickly transpiration, facing the sun looked, some see through, and some misty vast white skyrocket, which is the dew of the soul fly to heaven.Rise overlooking the horizon there is a cloud, ray of vast white cloud flew straight toward.Tomorrow may rain in years, maybe there is dew soul in it, yes, there must be.It drops down dew, is not it crystal dew?Awareness of heaven to get it, accept the curse is back, back.[Editor: Butterflies]