.Cheng can say that winter is like a reunion after the improved version of the XIA away, keep them in the same class small piece of paper he’s doing time?It was not that he hated her willful ignorance of the peak of it?

  XIA away from sitting here for so long, a search of all the large trunk, and did not find the letter he personally wrote four thick, then those memories was young again with a different point of view to heart too again, you know what had happened in the end.
  Small cry from pack to touch the trunk to drive out of high school winter write notes and wrong title, one he lost another local, geological asked him angrily: “These useless things you keep, I believe it!”
  Cheng Dong scramble to pick, Cen wave destroyed him what he dared to go directly to fighting, XIA away ruined him what he would dare pick up only in the side, her soft voice was soft words roared, completely confused: “What letter?”
  XIA away left and right pick pick pick pick, the rest of the things, can not bear this painting, the painting also distressed, she had picked up on the next to hold over paper towels to wipe the tears of the package, get a flat generally hard hard hard to throw in the Chengdong Huai: “Xu Meng away is not like you!”
  ”Who?”She shouted Cheng Dong are ignorant, no first reaction