Who think this is.

  ”You blame your fault!”XIA been Chouchouyeye away, crying out of breath before too long, even roar at the moment are in the gas shortage.
  Cheng Dong doubt have had to put down, put his arms picking things are put down, but put too distant from XIA one o’clock, let her hand out of reach, do not have to throw bad, wiping her face was in the past, slowed down sound coax her: “Ok, blame me, do not cry, OK?”
  ”You blame!Bees and butterflies!Philandering!”XIA remembered his time away crying so badly, burned so hard, was sick for so long, guilt for so long, it feels uncomfortable wronged.
  This process can not be considered true winter, denied: “I did not.I really do not!”
  ”You have!”XIA away’ve improved version of himself and throw leagues, what tenderness, understanding and mature, forgot, vexatious, the aggrieved think it was after years of fermentation, generally through time back to ten years old when.
  Do not want anything tubes, anyway, she was upset, she wronged her lie, she wanted to coax Cheng Dong.
  ”You have you have!Blame you!”XIA away now shamelessly no child proficient, and not unwittingly, also inhale smoke more