Chen Kun Lin Chi-ling shoot Sex in the large-scale passion play racket inventory fear the dew point of the actress

  Chen Kun on the first day into the group that is deliberately get drunk ling sex scenes in "the amount of happiness", the Lin Chi-ling respectively with ordinary honest "fiance" Liao Fan, "handsome men more than gold," Tony Yang and Chen Kun three sportsman staged love scene, can be described as deep, "the four corners of Love", he reveals the ultimate creative Lin Chi-ling Chen Kun was married。 Chen Kun in fact only exposes himself into the group for two days, others are shot for several days, the first day just like Lin Chi-ling Sex in play, he does not feel stage fright, but rather deliberately put himself drunk Lin Chi-ling, a little tipsy like to play this scene。 Lin Chi-ling said this explanation, because drinking is so charming Edward's eyes, their own electricity to fear, "or out of focus state is better."。   Chen Kun said with a smile, Lin Chi-ling was barefoot, her feet wrapped himself helped her put her on the bed with a blanket, a process that he was sweating profusely。
Is it because the media asked Lin Chi-ling tall good hold, Chen Kun replied that just because they are too tight。
Editor: Qiaofei Xiang。

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