ong time, pulled his sleeve with what he says banned the office romance kind of thing.

  It should also be free to love it?Pei Shaoyang cold face, his daily work so tired, it touches really should be a sentence Dad had said, would also purposely cultivated land.
  Time just pinch, outside staff have applauded give all the dishes on the table, this private kitchens very famous in town B, impeccable杭州桑拿 taste, the waiters attentive shut the door, the two began formally enjoy Dayton dinner, also talk about each other’s situation.
  ”.Anyway, probablyThat’s it.”Pei Shaoyang brief overview of the situation at home coming in, including my father’s career, in the case of his own company, the same heart-Ningshi Qing, the recently happened to him all sorts of things to come clean, two Tidianyijian each other, do not explain the point thing.
  Seeing food is to eat less, and Ningshi Qing and Pei Shaoyang phone suddenly emit sound at the same time, push the message is well-known financial figures magazine just public number of top clearly states: “Responsibility and forward inheritance and innovation, three generations of the rich interview Pei Pei Shaoyang Group’s new president.”Very famous magazine, interview requests come first serve, Pei Shaoyang they agreed, just last week in an interview.
  ”Not bad.”Ningshi Qing did not jealousy, ridicule glanced friends, Yimushixing immediately looked up from time to time nauseating statement read out loud:” Pei Shaoyang peers still in play age, already know their shoulders bear responsibility, backed 北京体验网by his family, years of training, to take over the burden of the day, he was exceptionally calm, like the same forward.”
  Ah, it touches really calm, Ningshi Qing remember the day he was afraid of tight friends, make a fool of Group employees face the next day, I called intends Laoke, open a video, but found a positive Naochun Pei Pei Shaoyang and nest in the room together play a new car museum of VR gaming, VR glasses will push each other to the