"New business new thinking" 2017 China (Shenzhen Longhua ·) venture capital leaders summit

Nearly two years of venture capital circles, talk of endless winter capital。
Despite national efforts to promote "double hit", and to give policy support to innovative entrepreneurs, but the impact of the economic downward pressure, entrepreneurs venture capital financing is still the norm ring。 And with the development of the network, the first generation of Internet companies in the demographic dividend, dividend flow, dividends technical advantages are gradually lost, while the traditional enterprise and urgent restructuring, the plight of enterprises under the new situation facing the more distress。 So, entrepreneurs how to tap new opportunities in the depressed market environment, to break new ground?How to improve business thinking to solve the financing problem?How to integrate business resources in the new economic situation and achieve win-win cooperation it?"New Thinking ? New business" venture capital summit sail start!September 9, 2017, "New Thinking ? New Business" China (Shenzhen), Shenzhen Venture Capital Investment Leadership Summit and the First Financial docking Exchange Exhibition, will be held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Shenzhen Futian China。 The summit won by the Shenzhen Century Management Consultants Co., Ltd., Longhua New Area Science and Technology Innovation Agency co-sponsored by the Shenzhen heard about the new media, Chinese youth angels, co-sponsored community college thinking。 Chinese leaders polymerization field of venture capital, investment top coffee big, well-known investment institutions, elite entrepreneurs, to create a venture capital of South China's exchange event。 It is reported that the summit will invite 50 large investment and coffee active front line, to provide business entrepreneurs thinking, management of actual combat experience, and future investment trends and business outlets, to conduct a comprehensive analysis and interpretation。
At the same time, on-site as well as 150 institutional investors with large capital coffee, will direct contact with entrepreneurs, and in-depth exchanges on the project。 So the summit, called an entrepreneur and investor networking event。 In addition, the Greek gull net, maker culture cat, hunting cloud network, venture capital Times billion euros net, pencils Road, fixed focus the media, the business network, the China Times, president of Network, China Business Network, shorthand state, three thousand krypton, FPEC financial circles, three thousand krypton, OFweek nearly 20 well-known media summit will also be interview reports。 Organizers heard about the new media founder Song Zemin said, "This summit will be the entrepreneurs and investors exchange event, our aim is to create new knowledge, new business for the theme of the corporate ecosystem, and through high-value knowledge sharing, analytical mode, multi-channel to enhance the ability of learning and thinking skills to solve problems。 "Entrepreneurs will reap what?It is reported that the summit will be a keynote speech, project guidance, contracting and other topics in the form of direct investment and expansion, offer a feast for entrepreneurs。 On-site interactive sessions, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet face to face with the top 50 investors, listening to the truth and guidance on investment of large coffee。
In addition, the joint summit more than 100 institutional investors, and set up their own booths for them on the sidelines。
Entrepreneurs can live according to your business, free choice of investment institutions or investors match, face to face communication。 This new model of venture capital, entrepreneurs can quickly dock and investors, enlarge the value of the two sides to achieve venture capital, corporate win-win situation。 Overall, through this summit, the entrepreneur will have four major benefits: first, knowledge。
Learn to invest large coffee covers 50 to 10 different investment themes and content of value to share thinking and dry。 Second, the opportunity。 Provide networking opportunities and projects to achieve zero distance of 50 large investment and coffee and 150 investment institutions。
Third, financing。
100 projects to provide high-quality referrals, have access to investors interested in investing ten billion。 Fourth, resources。 More than 5,000 enterprises friends to get to know the field, exchange knowledge, perception of the future development opportunities, docked ten million business resources。 In the economic downturn, difficult winter capital, the transformation of today, the summit for entrepreneurs, will be a rare opportunity to learn, financing opportunities, networking opportunities。
In the wave of "Internet +", and entrepreneurship is "0", "1" game, hard to catch up with missed opportunities。 In this summit, every dream will be sincerely treat, so the time for action has come, seize the opportunity, from this moment!。