Beijing today, the highest temperature of 22 ℃ will hit a new high this year

China Weather Reuters expected, today (24th) Beijing weather is fine, the maximum temperature of 22 ℃, the temperature will hit a new high this year。
Yesterday, Beijing appeared more heavily polluted。
But the beginning of the night, with the cold air arrives, atmospheric dispersion conditions turn for the better。 Temperatures aspects, monitoring shows that around 16 pm yesterday, the temperature rose to the southern suburbs of Observatory ℃。 This morning, Beijing began to clear。
In addition, today's temperatures continue to rise。
6:24 Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued weather forecast: Today white sunny, morning light fog south, turn north southerly twenty-three four, the maximum temperature of 22 ℃; night, sunny, south turn north twelve, the lowest temperature 5 ℃。
Morning fog will dissipate。
Beijing weather forecast for the next 7 days。 Expected, managing to 28, Beijing maximum temperature will be 5 consecutive days maintained at above 20 ℃, spring thick。 Today the temperature will refresh a new high this year, tomorrow, or even a new high。 CMA courtyard, open bloom。 The so-called spring, outing is the time。
According to the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, Beijing may formally Ruchun on March 22 or 23, compared with the annual average (1981-2010 years) Ruchun time March 30 for a week in advance。 Weather experts have warned that Beijing will be mostly sunny the next three days, the temperature slowly increased, but the larger temperature difference between day and night, the public need for timely adjustment of the dress, beware of cold; so dry, moistening and pay attention to fire safety。
This year's World Meteorological Day theme was "meteorological wisdom", the China Meteorological Administration, China Meteorological Institute organized free and open to the public to carry out a series of science activities in Beijing today, the Meteorological Department。 Taking advantage of good weather, the weather turned Come journey!。