Despite international creditors against the Greek parliament to force through "pro-poor bill"

Remittance Network March 19 hearing – Greek lawmakers on Wednesday (March 18) by a "pro-poor bill", the country intends to grant more aid low-income funds, though, this bill and related expenses It is not recognized by the international creditors。This also means that the country After further negotiations with international creditors on matters recipient will face more twists and turns。  Congress 300 seats in the vast majority of lawmakers voted in favor of the bill, which is also the country's left-wing government came to power since the election period by 1 header bill。The bill provides free electricity and "food stamps" to low-income families to offset the impact of 240 billion euros to rescue Greece ($ 254) debt imposed by austerity measures to bring。  The policy is expected to cost 200 million euros, while the Greek government said this part of the money will be cut each sector spending and adopt a more transparent system of government procurement contracts to fill。  Greece has ordered all departments accounting cost savings, but the new award of the procurement contract system is still in the revised system of government which, at present does not determine how much cost savings can be achieved expenditure。  At present, the international creditor "troika", namely the European Central Bank [microblogging] (ECB) and International Monetary Fund [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]) and representatives of the European Commission, the progress of the Greek aid program under review。Previously, the "troika" of Greece to hold all the voting bill alleged financial issues in order to assess the proportion of their share of the budget。  In his speech before the vote, Prime Minister Qipulasi (Alex bars) announced to lawmakers, the bill represents the interests of the entire country, Greece will continue to advance other initiatives it is not approved by international creditors, including the reopening of the national broadcaster。Mr Tsipras said that this was the first five years, "but not from the people giving back to people," the bill。  In order to find a political solution, after the EU summit in Brussels, Mr Tsipras will meet on Thursday (March 19) later, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel), French President Hollande (Olang Germany), European Central Bank President Mario Draghi (Mario Draghi), and President of the European Commission (Xigu Ke) and the Eurogroup main Xidiseer Bloom (Jereon Dijsselbloem)。