TCM regimen foot diseases disappear completely

Reflexology is a traditional Chinese medicine makes you sick do not care what methods can play a foot health care and disease prevention head to foot because there are many related to human health points。 The entire portion of the body in the foot region are reflected on this reflective region of said foot, that is, the whole structure body is reflected projected down to a certain part。 That head, internal organs, muscles and so on, all the organs of the body and feet are closely related, and in some parts of the left and right feet are partially reflective (corresponding to) the。
Chinese medicine foot health has two characteristics: one is anyone can implement anytime, anywhere, press twist and percussion methods are easy to grasp, not much time-consuming。 The second is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory and clinical experience is based on scientific and operational。
Specific methods are as follows: Chinese foot diseases totally disappeared regimen every night before going to a tapping foot tapping foot with his fist, you can eliminate fatigue day。
By tapping the appropriate stimulation to the soles of the feet to promote the body's blood circulation, visceral functions can be enhanced and restore energy as soon as possible。
The method is based on the right foot as the center of percussion, rhythm to the surrounding radiation carried out to a little pain for the degree。
May sit cross-legged on the bed or chair, feet on the other side of the leg of the knee, it is easier to tap。
Each foot were knocked about 100 times, not excessive force。