Want more womanly?It would have to be a woman will flirt

Flirting is not a man's patent, a woman will flirt more lovable。
Use flirting skills to ease their own relationships to attract you like to keep people's attention and emotional exchange between lovers, after all, a wise。As long as the face of different people on different occasions, flirting master a variety of skills, you can also become a hot mature woman's。….. "Flirting" the term it is not strange, in people's habits and the impression that it is not a good word, there is no serious attitude, provocative and frivolous means。
Because it is often associated with unhealthy and contrary to the moral standards of storylines in contact with literary works, such as "Water Margin" in the Pan deliberately hold the stick out of the window at Ximen head, sort of。
Thus life when people use it is very cautious。
"Exotic" much more elegant word, say a person has mood, in fact, to suggest someone is a rich delight of life of people, there is an affinity, a sense of humor, suave and easy, artsy, etc.。
1.Long-term character a bit cowardly Flirt if you can not maintain self-confidence in social situations, then the "long-term" Flirting is more appropriate for you, that is to say, for a "romantic strangers" remotely, be fleeting uttered a sigh。Sometimes you will encounter such "long-term" flirting。Its most basic type is someone shouting to you: "Oh, ah Beauty Queen"。
The man some distance away from you, so that you do not feel offended, just was very interesting, this practice never tired truckers。
"Long-term" flirting very popular because it does not require great courage, the risk factor is very small。Do not flirt rude rude when your aim is to make people start smiling lips, instead of getting scared, I do not think that this practice is dedicated man, now lady is not as before, can often take such action Lightning。