Back to reality

The loneliness of the winter sun streaming into the house bright breezy mood touch my hand it felt warm realistic nor so beautiful I have some mixed feelings.People are always fascinated to the genius and beauty of drawing near, after reading to know inconstancy of human relationships, etc., can really have a period of a few people have a romantic plot?Share a dream after all, is a warm, touch broken, broken into appalling, broken Debu leaving any traces, waking only muttered Yin read “Where beauty?Trinidad moon “.Dreams are dreams, different from the reality, the dream is always good, the reality is not always better.    On the “life” of this stage, we all play different roles, frequently staged tragedy, comedy, farce.Tasting “real” glass of wine, taste the offer all kinds of taste, thousands of style.It was too persistent, persistent have to make yourself old, was so persistent worry about yourself, why not look for a secluded place, let the mind rest of it?Man with the outer space Yunjuanyunshu busy watching Pretrial blossom, then you will epiphany, will see the window frames the sky was edited into thin light blue small plaid, the horizon is still beautiful clouds, floating out of a Fan realm, the realm of the sky, but also the heart of the realm.Read bustling, see everything vicissitudes, years quietly slip through your fingers, leaving a trace of your reverie, you know, after all, in the past in the past reverie, only to suddenly see the reality of the beautiful and precious.Product puddle of water in the heart of reality, you will find that the heart is so clarity, that is the heart of the character, but in the past often been surrounded by emptiness, by the proliferation of dirty swallow.Retired from the hourglass of years, we could do nothing but watch it fade away, and then alone, heart-breaking, unable to retain the years, failed to keep the fingers like sand slipping.Sometimes dwell on the past, lose myself; sometimes fantasy in the future, Wang Yang ignorance.    Chinese oil burnout year, it was clear he would just run out of lives in hope, suffered pain in disappointment, wasted his life, almost sad!Let geese flying south to take away your cares and sorrows, the coming year Chunyan send along a letter for you, whispering “real struggle”.In the cracks of our time, just drop in the ocean, life is short, why play it to indulge in dreams?Wake up, do not be afraid reality, because you are you, that this style of live, live the charm!