Postpartum women's health knowledge do they want to be healthy

Women's health knowledge which we all know has a lot of different physiological phenomena in postpartum women friends will sometimes psychologically there will be some changes。 So in the end how to stay healthy postpartum women do the following small series to bring common sense postpartum women's health for everyone, they do want to be healthy Oh!Postpartum women's health knowledge of how to prevent postpartum depression should be a lot of women within a few days to a week after, emotions may become slightly depressed, easily sentimental, tears。 Medically known as postpartum depression, which is a normal phenomenon。 However, if women continue to emotional depression, negative thinking more and more apart, and can not take care of the baby, which is very likely to be postpartum depression, you must hurry to take her to seek medical attention。 3 aspects to prevent postpartum depression can begin preparing for pregnancy or in terms of physiological, psychological and environmental prevention of postpartum depression。
Physiology: Maintain a balanced diet, regular life, during pregnancy, adequate intake quantity (amount Yun-rich green food), in fact, have adequate intake of folic acid, helps maintain normal maternal nervous system。
If folic acid intake, fetal nervous system development is not ideal, or even cause congenital diseases。 Mental health knowledge postpartum women: Pregnant women can participate in the creation of new mothers hospital introductory classes, take advantage of before the baby comes, fathers and mothers learn how to properly care for the baby, but also to understand what to do after giving birth, so that my body and as soon as possible mind conditioning repair, early cheer。
All this will help mothers be good mental construction, relieve her anxiety and fears for the future。 Environment: the interaction between maternal and family harmony, to reduce their psychological burden and pressure, which requires joint efforts。 Promote healing postpartum depression。

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