Nasolabial folds, how to eliminate the cause of nasolabial folds generated

How to eliminate nasolabial folds?Many women will face as nasolabial folds worry, this will make people look significantly older, and that you know how to eliminate it nasolabial folds?Following small to talk about what nasolabial folds with you how to eliminate it。 1 how to eliminate nasolabial folds, with the selection of skin care products to promote regeneration of dermal collagen components, such as cell growth factors, and other small molecules, can stimulate regeneration of dermal tissue or supplement, improve wrinkles, skin firmer。 Peeling help selecting a metabolic component, it can remove superficial wrinkles。
Select a hormone ancillary support components, like KINETIN, Yao Shan extraction, soy isoflavones, curcumin, peptides, etc., can be adjusted to help stimulate the function of hormones, firm skin。 2, the correct sleeping position improper sleep posture can also produce nasolabial folds, so try to sit way, if the lateral wrinkles may deepen sleep。 In addition, the towel silk, silk soft, breathable, no matter how the extrusion sleep friction, are not easy facial wrinkles。 3, in addition to control expression laugh laugh lines will climb your beautiful face, Minzui, curl one's lip and other facial expressions wink will increase the chances of generating nasolabial folds, laughing girls should not over-exaggerated facial expressions。 How to eliminate nasolabial folds 4, Wrinkle first step: to muster cheeks round, prompting even more obvious lines decree。
Tap depressions along the lines of Act cream and essence, let it absorb。
Step two: with the middle finger, ring finger pressure in a circular motion for pulling massage。 Start with both sides of the mouth to the ear massage; then both sides of the nose to the temple。
The third step: make a fist with both hands placed on the bottom of the cheekbone, starting from the decree from the central line to both sides of massage cheek muscles。
Maintained by the pulling upward pressing technique。

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