With that kind of foolishness rural baby from knitting bamboo basket to open restaurant

I called Peter (Peter) it, we all so called, used.It was his only requirement in the interview, also opening!As you know, Peter, there is a way you will immediately understand the true meaning of the phrase immortal line.Peter, born in 1981, the original name of Luo Zonghua.One from the mud house out of farmers wanderers, but good at creating a romantic South American style in the heart of the city; a hand too long bamboo players calluses, was able to find rural flavor of a foreigner in a foreign country cook authentic authentic Western food; a living wage earners at the bottom of society, with the real thing from a home run paradise for foreigners.Life, he retains some flavor of farm: 24 years of marriage, 26 years old, a son, a full first few years than city people; to rent housing, transportation by walking, some of the advanced life support and is somewhat similar to wage earners.Such is life, there is no thought of those extravagant enjoyment.Peter’s life simple, simple, honest, passionate.Career, he leaped beyond the field of urban irritability, his sense of foreign taste refined and sincere: TheTex-mexBurrito, Ambassador carbonne Taco, Taco, France Hey tower (name of the dish) play in his hands with Zhang degree, for the Sichuan people never improved sense of taste only authentic Western flavor; actually speaking fluent English sentence is hard to tell that he was a farm boy children drop out of school the first day, just like fellow-like dialogue with foreigners affectionate.By chance, he cautiously asked: Do you think I stammered?Reporter A: You speak English fluently comparable to many Chinese.He smiled, looked down sadly said: my wife had this to say to the success of Peter’s explanation is simple, just weather, geography, and.Maybe he does not understand, and now society is no longer the era of hereditary wealth, is a civilian era, is a wise man who really era, but the era of Hero.From this point of view, his naive and ignorant smile validate a new definition of this era.It turns out difficult years in conversation with Peter, he although when the statement is off, the AC is not smooth, it certainly will from time to time give some classic insights on life.If you have been engaged in sweeping work, for many years as one day, you will not feel how hard the sweeping.Only with the change, the recollection of the past to know that period of time is hard.12-year-old dropped out of school knitting bamboo basket make money in my hometown Ziyang, I had only started to drop out, and parents work together, mainly to do bamboo processing.Peter Ziyang home in rural, poor family, after reading a junior high school grades, dropping out of school because of inability to pay.Peter was 12 years old at the time, wanted to go out to work but not old enough, and like parents, like farming, it was very hard and not making money, the flexibility of Peter attention around which neighbors flies better, what they do is.Soon, he noticed compiled watercress baskets to sell to make money, then secretly went to see others learn basketry craft, two months later, he fumbled made up the first basket watercress, after selling the first ever earned money.Knitting bamboo basket bitter, Peter’s hands are bloody day, instead of being scratched bamboo, is to be scratched blade, but with craft day long, basketry faster and faster, a few months later, a small he has to earn more than the parents money.In Peter mobilization, the family began knitting bamboo basket, with the improvement of life conditions, the locals called him capable, the family embarked on a broad road.Peter some time to plan for their own future is, to be a good bamboo Carpenter.Borrowed 50 yuan battles Chengdu sometimes I ‘gas’ parents do not live up to expectations, why do you always poorer than fellow man.Peter discourse is a love-hate relationship.Get the ID card, he angrily left the family, relying on borrowed 50 yuan to Chengdu.From mid-1996 onwards, Peter began a career wage earners.As he puts it, there is a change just think life is a hard country, since after all, in his view all kinds of little happiness, he always practical hard.Borrowed tens of dollars can only fare, he went through hard floors in the living Jiuyanqiao.The first job was washing dishes in a Chinese restaurant, a full stop to wash more than ten hours a day, there is a monthly net income of $ 200 Baochibaozhu.Peter thought a kind of satisfaction, but the body does not live up to expectations.Less than a week, he could not stop nosebleeds every day, some fear the boss, asked him to stop to go to see a doctor.Since then, chickens, keep the shop, he worked as a waiter and both did, after seven or eight jobs, but also quietly changed the fate of exotic acquaintance that is located within a small Sichuan restaurant, Peter was introduced to this start doing in the kitchen.Suddenly into the world utterly, he was a bit confused, some curious, some excitement.Chinese food here is not as Houchu, the whirring black smoke billowing in the stove fire, replaced by a different oven, microwave, bowl bowl of chili, onion, garlic and been replaced by neat rows of Western-style seasoning.The lobby is no longer the noisy sound of dishes more than a reminder, here the foreigners are always talking in English waiting in a small space.Learn to do while working side salad dressing is easy to imagine the excitement of Peter.And when his cherished only because no sleep that night greasy table, with separate staff room, a bath tub in the sink of cold water is no longer used, but the Sichuan bathing room enjoying plenty of showers.Opportunities are often not only need to cherish, Peter was crazy Western learning in essential salad dressing, each time in the final due to inability to figure out a good raw material components, fall short.The week, looking at the pots of costly materials such wasted, the boss has dismissed the idea of Peter.Could you show me the opportunity to do a week?I lose something with wages will waste.Peter eager eyes revealing the desire to ascertain the Western.Proprietress understanding smile, this guy has a child with a serious and strong unskilled laborer different.Kitchen help learning English side edge Since then, Peter swim in a world of spoon and fork, he sometimes cooks in the kitchen to help the side, while carefully studying Western techniques; but when he went to the lobby, wrapped around big brother big sister to be a translation bridge, and foreigners who come to dine chat.Something when he intentions to help cook, when retired and sit, he will be holding a junior high school English textbooks sent from the home of her sister, Tu Tu painting plus Guikulanghao fortune hit benefactor That was in mid-1997, Chengdu’s restaurant is not yet a larger scale, that tiny little restaurant then became a base in Chengdu working foreigners.One was a little fat, smiling grandmother was a frequent visitor to the restaurant, she comes from Texas in Chengdu Branch Branch when foreign teachers, full name MeredithElizabethDunton (Meredith Elizabeth Denton), we called her Mary ( Mary).In Houchu help Peter always looked far older Mary sitting on the seat, point the TV drama a few familiar home cooking.Mary always warm-hearted, to put forward the views of the dishes into the kitchen after a meal subsequent guidance from the chef to learn new dishes after dinner started, from the furnishings to the guidance of the store employees professor of English.Mary Mary out to finance his study Western acquaintance with Peter, the passionate wife gave him the name Peter, although later a colleague in front of his name plus a small print – small Peter– but the name still in use.Mary want to let all foreigners can enjoy authentic western food in Chengdu, inviting restaurant where the chef to her house to learn, Peter with sincerity and hard work in exchange for the opportunity to accompany the.Wow imagine, Mary’s house only Western there are dozens of spices!Today, Peter laments Western once gave him shock.Peter greed and diligently learn with, look in the eyes of Mary in mind.One day, Mary called to Peter, he said to send him to study western Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine cooking, pay full tuition by her.Peter moved agreed and vowed to learn.Mid-1999, Peter began to enter the cooking specialized, systematic training, his technology has made rapid progress.Especially the Mexican technical Mary is more to China few people know purse.After a year of learning, Peter Mexican dishes and steaks have been very famous in the industry, many students are seeking food to him.20,000 yuan and technology in exchange for shares in the restaurant early 2000, Peter the end of the study, and recognize Mary did godmother.One investor to open a restaurant in Chengdu, Mary and Peter the technology, the latter investment.I have always wanted to own a restaurant.In early 2000, Peter thought it was just a dream.He only wanted to change a little $ 20,000 shares.Then Peter gingerly the idea to investors after several months finally got 2% of the shares.Good, so I will have to participate in management matters in addition to cooking, although there is no absolute right, but at least you can look up.From the stove Mexican restaurant opened in December 2003, he resigned from paying remuneration, in their own way to create a North Branch Peter Western, with good Mexican food and steaks for the main.Peter while doing technology known chef, while learning management.He has been working with staff commensurate with the brothers, so there is little Peter Western employees to leave.Peter and partners to adhere personally trained staff, restaurant chefs are his disciples.Authentic flavor quickly attracted many foreign customers come here especially, some people even have to patronize every day.Peter recognized a total of four foreign godmother, the other three godmother is a frequent visitor to the restaurant.US Ambassador Randt during a tour to Chengdu, but also to specify Peter’s restaurant to enjoy Mexican cuisine.Looking under the direction of Peter laments station, I was such a person, in others that good old time wanted to do more things.The restaurant opened in Shanghai in fact, he really has been done more things.Together in the 1980s in rural poverty reduction efforts and fathers in the 1990s and with the tide of migrant workers spent working life, but also in the 21st century has become a typical stand up to call the shots.Today, the 27-year-old Peter is about to run Peter’sTex-MexGrill (Peter Western) extends to the international metropolis Shanghai.Boomer, born into prosperity, everything for him a matter of course, but also meaningful.Compared with many of his peers, Peter’s experience really shameful.When city people reading his work; when working for others, he call the shots.City people fashion, he is creating an atmosphere; fashion people sought after feeling that he is already feeling the part of.Sometimes I think, like Peter Waterlilies, but is not appropriate.He dishwasher, chickens Aberdeen, kitchen to start, who to create a romantic Western food, delicious manufacturer in South America, can not be said to be reborn, but also step by step sublimation.Peter is the cultural contradictions of daily bus commute, chewing Sichuan staff meals, but my brain is American melody, whether marmalade authentic, how to create an exotic atmosphere in the restaurant.The restaurant is open as to realize the value of one of the owners Peter’sTex-MexGrill, and Peter do not have much idea of self, drive fancy cars, live in houses, so what, do not look to others.Peter firmly rejected everything he can bring success now enjoy.I am from the countryside grew up in the kind of mud huts, afraid of what hardships.At this time, Peter and some dancing, excitedly ask, you can imagine it, is the kind of spider web environment for many years will be Chen Ji.I nodded..He tried hard to make people understand his pursuit: now in Chengdu, Beijing’s four stores are set up with its nature, did not say let Peter’sTex-MexGrill done more than most strong, the future will naturally go on like this always think it should go on like Peter began to stammer, unable to express his sustenance restaurant.Implementation of a value it?Reporters asked softly.Yes, that value.Peter is like suddenly realized, loudly and firmly affirmed.Travel time, Peter happened to meet the US Consulate Marines friends to dinner, his fluent English and his chat to arrange the next meeting of the club in Peter’sTex-MexGrill.Research Peter and Mary made with homemade ice cream has Marymoo’sIceCream OTC, its taste may be sweet to the hearts of Mary and everyone else.Character sketch is the kind of child doggedness into the Peter’sTex-MexGrill, imagine that there is such an operator.Peter’sTex-MexGrill like a bunch of daisies Mexico, casually exudes a fiery passion of the Americas.Many foreigners come here often, feel the local flavor of Mexico.Store left wall was covered with a huge painting, carefully written in Mexico tell bustling trade sale of the previous two centuries to the people.Dining table and chairs are reclaiming wood, natural wood grain showing yearning for nature.Tablecloths and many more colorful stripes and plaid-based, soft, thick texture create a casual feel at home.I have seen the moment of Peter, a kind of illusion, his cordial such as students, as workers simple, Shagen children like most of the film “A World Without Thieves” in the.Next to the table outside the restaurant outside leisure Bide Xi, wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans regressed Peter always smiling, crooked eyes, mouth always has shares rose innocence.When the end of the interview, I expressed the manuscript will be published on Tuesday, he asked suddenly sit up straight: ah!It is not a weekend in English, I hope more foreigners know me.He asked in surprise, pointing to my business card, this card it is not in English?I am positive Chinese version for you, but you have to see is the opposite, in English.I gently say.Oh!is it?Peter and exposed his customary smile, a bit embarrassed Momo Tou.Reporter’s notes sincere exchange for the opportunity for success is this my people.Peter always said that in my opinion he exudes a unique charm, just as Peter complain about their parents, they always put down the things to help others, I do not care about their own crops to harvest.In fact, he is it not.As noon that day, he looked at me share blueberry cake tasting in general, kept looking at the happiness of others and happy in the next.For success, said Peter is an opportunity, somewhat difficult to explain.If I gave up the chance at a restaurant, do not fight for themselves; or not encountered godmother; godmother or no funding; or to the hotel to work; or the courage to go it alone, and then he comes down so good opportunities.In fact, Peter’s success is easy to explain: Should he not sincerely work, the boss will not let him stay in the restaurant; should the knowledge that he is not sincere, Mary will not be singled him in single people she knew to finance.His opportunity is sincere exchange of.