Here’s who called Yueshu Yan was arrested, he confessed the other two, your broker before you hate to be high Mei Ling and Li Lu plagiarism.Lu Mei Ling and Li are high in the country and I am already walking program transnational arrested.”

  Sheng Joe’s look is not surprising.
  Qiao Yu said: “Yes,.You can also check out a broker there, a few months ago you received death threats Yueshu Yan is also indicated, he confessed to produce evidence.”
  Horch aside frown: “Death threats?When did this happen?”
  Before “: Sheng Joe Gordon a long time before whispered.”
  Horch eye color somewhat heavy, but did not say anything.Qiao Yu went on to say: “Do not worry about these, good rest and recuperation, I have a few friends that do specifically kidnapping, reputation is very loud, they have to run, and then a big background it will not be a good.”
  Sheng Joe gently nodded his head, “Thank you, ah, Qiao Yu.”
  He smiled: “When better the call back to the parents, they almost worried sick.”
  Sheng Joe quickly to touch the phone, “I give them a fight.”
  Phone is connected to the mother of Joe, Joe Sheng heard the voice on the other end suddenly choked up, that she was all right at ease, and let her take account of recuperate attention to the body, waiting for her to return home they would see her.
  Qiao Yu in there, on the legal thing she is not worried, the next time is to keep the body good.
  Group work program