Beam falls on the outside, just because I ran into, fled away, forgot, this gird, I can keep it up to now.”Spring said, he begins with the arms come up with a challenge to gird.

Bowen saw a familiar gird it, the whole body is restless again, crow blue silk brocade material, which also embroidered moire, and gird the corner, Yao also keep a word, she stared at all day Yao Ji look, how could not recognize him and gird!
“I was actually really!”Bowen excited stood up.
Chunxiao quickly said: “I know uncle now hiding out in a woman with a small yard specially reared, if what day I sent away the woman, let her sister go Bowen perpetrating a fraud, I’m afraid this is not even under prescription do not do the trick, uncle saw a sister Bowen, immediately accept the inevitable favorite.”
Bowen suddenly looked alert Chunxiao: “Now that you know the secret, why can tolerate your uncle?”
“How could a mere uncle looked down on me?Only threat I can not tell his wife, otherwise it would be my life, I do not say that is a word, and he does not