Bryant Lakers away defeat 22 + 6 25 + 7 1.15 Lawson nuggets chase 1-2

  Ticker May 5, the Lakers lost 84-99 away to the Nuggets in the first round still lead 2-1。
  Bryant for the Lakers scored 22 points, six rebounds and six assists, Andrew – Andrew Bynum 18 points and 12 rebounds, Raymond – Sessions 15 points, nine rebounds and six assists, Paul – Gasol 16 points and seven rebounds。
  Thailand – Lawson continues to use his speed suddenly to the basket Lakers, the Nuggets scored the highest 25 points, seven assists, he also。 Kenneth – Faliaide scored 12 points and 15 rebounds, Danilo – Gallinari 13 points 6 rebounds, Andre – Miller 13 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds, Javier – McGee 16 points, 15 rebounds and four blocks。 6 team scored in double figures。   Nuggets to 54-44 on the boards dominant。   Lost the first two games, the Nuggets have the speed advantage is not played out。 Lawson still believe, to keep running together with more rebounds, they still have a chance to compete in this series with Lakers。
  The Nuggets had not even been leading。
Today, after the opening four minutes, Gallinari backhand layup, the Nuggets to 7-6 beyond, this is their first lead in this series。
This section more than half, Bryant shot the Lakers to 12-10 once again beyond, but it has become the last leader of the Lakers。
  Efulaluo cast lesson, Lawson twice within 23 seconds to the basket succeeded, followed by another two-thirds vote assists Efulaluo。
After Bryant hit a ball, Lawson has succeeded three times, twice to the basket, one vote。 Faster and stronger, which is Lawson's goal, and today he did, the Nuggets 20-2 wave of attacks, the first section to 30-14 lead。
In this wave attack Lawson scored 13 points and 2 assists, Lakers end of this section only 5 minutes and 56 seconds Bryant scored 2 points。   Brewer and Harrington have third succeeded in Section II began, the Nuggets to 38-14 distant score。 Barnes to a record one-third, the Nuggets stopped the offensive。
Blake and Bryant then also hit third, the Lakers in this section will be half chasing the score 31-43。 Bryant twice in the third hit in this section, one scored 8 points, but the Lakers still 39-55 behind the first half。   After the start of the third quarter, the Lakers scored six points, to narrow the gap to 10 points。 Bryant then again succeeded long shot, Bynum and Pau Gasol under the basket began to stir up trouble, this section there are 3 minutes and 53 seconds, then Bryant Bynum pass in, layup and foul, even vote with a penalty scored 3 points, the Lakers 9-1 in the attack, he was trailed by four points, three after chasing the score 65-72。
  Back home, the Nuggets become more powerful, not only to strengthen the protection of rebounds, the Lakers attack the basket and more violent。 Shortly after the start of the fourth quarter, Faliaide dunks succeeded, Mackey followed steals, Miller layup Adds 2 points, the Nuggets to 80-69 to regain a double-digit advantage。
  The Lakers finally turn narrow the gap to 7 points, to 81-88 behind in the game there are 2 minutes。 After Gallinari hit two free throws, Gasol shot blocked shots, Miller hit three-pointers in the game more seconds, leading the Nuggets to 93-81。 The Lakers still shot, the Nuggets still in the game seconds to seal the victory 97-81。

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