The correct method of taking vitamin B6 milk milk back back

The correct method of taking vitamin B6 milk milk back back。
Vitamin B6 is a vitamin Yes, but at the same time you can not think it has some effect, for example, vitamin B6 can return the milk, which is weaned。 Vitamin B6 milk back then the method is kind of how we look at the following methods of vitamin B6 back to milk, how to eat vitamin B6 back to milk, how much day to eat, take a look!B6 dimension of raw milk is known, the inhibition of milk secretion rate of 95%, faster than the commencement of estrogen, effective, and no side effects。 Vitamin B6 milk back approach: Usage: 200 mg orally once (ie, 20), three times a day, as soon as possible after taking the desirability。
While the malt (150 g / day) divided into two halves, one half fried small fire, half soaked in water for half an hour, boiled with about 20 minutes, with brown sugar, filtered juice taking, can drink water when。 If milk expansion, while squeeze milk, do not smoke。
This effect wonders, however, the trial's only one day, do not feel the expansion of milk, but there is no uncomfortable feeling。 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 way back to the milk back to milk principles: vitamin B6 milk back to the real onset of estradiol benzoate, according to the instructions for each injection 2 mg, add dimension B6 for better play with this drug drug effect。 Primarily metabolized in the liver, the decomposition of estradiol, and sex hormone binding globulin portion (SHBG) binding, the free fraction of unbound to the target tissue and estrogen receptor binding, transcription, protein synthesis, estrogenic effects in。 In the liver or kidney, or estrogen sulfate group bound with an aldehyde group, quickly became water-soluble salts from the kidney。 The most active natural estrogens。 The role of estradiol same。 Mainly responsible for the female reproductive system and secondary sexual characteristics and maintenance。 Promote vaginal, uterus, fallopian tubes and the growth of the breast; endometrial hyperplasia and promoting vaginal epithelial keratinocytes; large dose of gonadotropin secretion is suppressed while reducing testicular androgens。 Estrogen also anti-androgenic effect。

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