Daily limit Knew: Seven good tomorrow is expected to ferment | Seven news

  Sina Financial News March 4 news, there are seven good tomorrow may affect the stock market, in particular: a subsidiary signed a long-term commercial contracts total subscription amount of not less than one hundred million yuan Gloria Britain (002,821) March 4 evening announcement, the company Gloria owned subsidiary of the British pharmaceutical and drug development company signed a long-term commercial contracts Order。
According to the contract, the contract period of 5 years, the total contract amount not less than one hundred million yuan。 The contract becomes effective, innovative drugs Gloria British pharmaceutical anti-tumor therapeutic areas of products for a drug company to provide verification of batch-related production services。
A drug company's commitment at the end of confirmatory batch production of new drugs from a drug company in line with the date and Drug Regulations date, at least five consecutive years to provide production services related to the product by the British pharmaceutical Gloria。   : Annual Report intends to switch 10 to send 10 yuan, measuring navigation (300,627) March 4 evening announcement, the controlling shareholder, actual controller, chairman Zhao Yanping proposed 2017 annual profit distribution and equity shares as follows: 10 per shares 10 shares and cash dividends yuan。   : Increase titanium dioxide prices to domestic customers increase 600 yuan / ton Gimpo Titanium (000545) March 4 evening announcement, given the recent major raw material sulfur, natural gas and energy prices rose rapidly, logistics costs and improve the environmental levy taxes, leading titanium a substantial increase in production cost of white powder。
According to recent market conditions, the company's price committee decided: from now on, the company anatase and rutile titanium dioxide based on the original sales price of all types of domestic customers increase 600 yuan / ton, for various international clients, up $ 100 /Ton。   : Annual net profit growth Sicheng be 10 to switch to send Yuan CMEC (603,018) March 4 evening disclosure report, in 2017 the company's annual revenue yuan, net profit billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 39%, 41%; basic earnings per share。
The company intends to shareholders for every 10 shares shares, cash dividend (tax included)。
  : Last year net profit up by more than 4 percent in the first quarter net profit growth of 13% -36% pre-Sen (002,745) March 4 evening disclosure report, in 2017 the company achieved operating income billion yuan, an increase of%; net profit billion, YoY%。
Basic earnings per share yuan。 The company intends to increase by transferring 10 shares and cash dividends for every 10 shares。
In addition, the company expects 2018 net profit of one hundred million yuan in the first quarter – billion, an increase of% -%。   : To subscribe for 500 million yuan industrial investment fund Changsheng Life (002,680) March 4 evening announcement, the company invested 500 million yuan to subscribe for tripod or investment initiated the establishment of the tripod or a letter (Pingtan) investment partnership (limited partnership) of fund shares。 Target investment funds to raise the scale of 15 billion investment fund for professional biomedical investment fund, the main investment direction of the Fund for the therapeutic biologics, monoclonal antibody drugs, cancer therapy, gene therapy and prevention classes and other biological products industry prospects of the pharmaceutical industry related fields。
  : Planning the acquisition of automotive electronics manufacturers daily limit for two consecutive days Qiming Information (002232) March 4 evening announcement, the company is currently planning to issue shares to buy assets manner, the matter may constitute a major asset restructuring, the transaction amount is expected to or will reach shareholders' meeting standards, counterparty for the legal entities registered in China, belongs to the automotive electronics manufacturing industry, this planned transaction does not constitute a connected transaction。
In addition to the self-examination confirmed that matters, not matters should be disclosed without the disclosure of。

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