Antler medicinal value and health benefits

Antler is our precious animals to nourishing essence and blood, kidney yang, gluten bone health and other effects, pushing for the first Yang of drugs。 Antler and ginseng (Panax ginseng food) par, said the Chinese ginseng, a long reputation in the world。 Velvet and warm but not dry, with exciting and improve the body function, general weakness, after a long illness patients, a better physical role。 Further evidence of modern science: velvet contains organic ingredients up to%。 Inorganic elements contained in the calcium (Ca), P (phosphorus), iron (Fe), mg (Mg), aluminum (Al), silver (Ag), copper (Cu) and Zn (zinc), barium (Ba) and the like two dozen。
Can regulate body metabolism and physiological functional activity。 Medicinal value and health benefits of velvet antler health treatment effect is very significant, is a good body strong drugs。
Antler contains richer than Ginseng ,, and trace elements。 Velvet and warm but not dry, with exciting and improve the body function, general weakness, after a long illness patients, better health care。 Velvet can be improved cellular and humoral immune function, to promote lymphocyte transformation, having immunostimulant effect。 It can increase the body's defenses against the outside world, regulation of the immune balance in the body and prevent and promote wound healing, the health body, and thus play a strong body, arrived in effect。 Separated by modern medical research from the antler of fat-soluble ingredients out of estradiol, cholesterol, oil vitamin A, estrone, the brain hormone, lecithin, brain phospholipids, glycolipids, sphingomyelin, etc., and are rich in 16 kinds of amino acids。 Some active ingredients antler can inhibit the MAO-B activity, therefore, anti-aging effects; velvet having a role in enhancing gastrointestinal motility, and promote the secretion; Furthermore, Pantocrinum can enhance immune function。 Large doses of velvet can reduce blood pressure, systolic smaller amplitude, heart rate, peripheral vasodilators。
Moderate doses can cause significantly enhanced cardiac contraction, contraction amplitude becomes large, heart rate, cardiac output increased thereby; velvet particular have been particularly significant cardiac effects of fatigue。 TCM: velvet having strong yang, essence and blood, strong bones, Tiaochong any, role sore Torr。
Commonly used in clinical treatment of impotence Hua Jing, dysfunction, infertility cold palace, emaciated, Shenpi, chills, dizziness, hearing loss, lumbar Leng Tong, soft bones and muscles atrophy, uterine bleeding vaginal discharge, vaginal gangrene not grabbing。 Recommended reading]。

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