The dragon man October 2016 Detailed fortune

Dragon people in October 2016 fortune how do valiant October autumn is imminent, regardless of fortune in September, almost passed, and the advent of October fortune is the key。
Zodiac fortune in October of love, work, career and studies are not the same, together with the small series now go and see October fortune dragon human right。 The dragon who in October 2016 as a whole fortune into October, the dragon and the cause of human competition is heating up, many personnel changes, infighting between peers should be a lot of walking, to ensure the flow of information。
Couple further intensify contradictions, may wish to temporarily separate, or physically and mentally fatigued。 There are early investment losses, but stick with it, after the first was lost。 Good health, but should watch out, Mo Tomorrow is going to place。 This month the dragon who crises, if not handled carefully easily into a hopeless situation, suggestion or home office business is booming [put] reconcile feng shui ornaments to enhance the dragon people whole fortune, business is booming, resolve conflicts, feelings of beauty and good luck , everything goes。
Long who belong October 2016 LOVE the dragon who in October 2016 Detailed fortune into October, when the dragon is a month of LOVE is not good, especially between couples, there may be a contradiction in all aspects, long distance relationship that sort of thing also occurred。 However, single people because the dragon [] star of Hung Luen, might be the enthusiasm of love becomes higher, are more likely to find what you want love。 There will be a sweet ending after the end of the month。