Forbearance urine does not discharge harmful and more careful urethritis

Endure the urine can not be excluded What are the dangers lot of people have to endure the urine can not be excluded when, sometimes forced by the situation of their own lazy sometimes, for whatever reason, does not tolerate the urine discharge will cause harm to the body。
So, endure the urine can not be excluded harm in the end are what it following on with small series together to look into the urine endure it no harm row。
If you often endure the urine can not be excluded, even though they have to be anxious to drop out, you have to fight back, then you should watch out。 Temporary forbearance may harm your life, this is not alarmist, because the tolerance of urinary tract infection can easily occur can not be excluded, if not treated in time, it will become chronic persistent, causing recurrent inflammation, and even lifelong。 Clinically hold back because of frequent suffering from urethritis, cystitis, or countless male friends。 Why endure urine is not so great harm row Let it come under analysis。 Urine does not tolerate row hazards: 1, tolerate the urine can not be excluded, if a long time holding back urine, bladder pressure will be filling Peng urine, the bladder wall thinning, poor blood flow, causing inability to urinate, increased risk of urinary tract infections and have a chance to cause incontinence。
2, urine does not tolerate row, in severe cases, can lead to urine in the bladder back into the kidneys。 In this case, it is possible to trigger a series of male inflammation, such as renal pelvis and ureter go far。 If these men and inflammation have not been active and effective treatment, pathogenic bacteria will slowly spread to the patient resulting in unpredictable consequences friend。
Forbearance urine is not more than three rows of harm, urine does not tolerate row, it will directly lead to physical and psychological tension。
Endure the urine can not be excluded, can cause high blood pressure, heart rate, the cardiac arrhythmia, or even cause angina: patients and patients with high blood pressure should not tolerate the urine can not be excluded。 In addition, patients with enlarged prostate if the urine does not tolerate row, it will increase the symptoms of enlarged prostate。 To reduce urethritis, prostatitis and the incidence of cystitis is not difficult, the key is being willing with male friends, if everyone can be strict with themselves, life is not lazy and do routine preventive work, then It is possible to shut out those genital infection inflammation, please to give yourself confidence, not to be taken lightly in life。