The efficacy and role broth intestines to dry good effect

The efficacy and role broth broth which I am sure you all know what it is, it can do a variety of food, but you know what are you broth of efficacy following small series to tell us something about the efficacy and role of broth, intestines go dry Ay effect!Efficacy and effect broth broth cold, sweet; the intestines, the wind power to the heat retaining effect of the number of urine。 With broth treatment of colorectal lesions, intestines dry cure, tune bloody diarrhea dirty drug effect, ancient medical homely for hemorrhoids, bloody stool or bloody diarrhea。 Even shell balls dirty swine pill as "Jen Jai at the party" and "miraculous remedy" in the "Ben Cao Meng Quan" in, are all used in the treatment of rectal lesions in the name of party, which are used in broth。
Food governance ": pig intestines hole, the main tunnel intestinal bleeding are quite Anhui People's Armed Police Corps Hospital psoriasis can cure it。
Tang Shen Yu: a main virtual thirst。
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"The sketches by": the main hot wind large intestine。 "Compendium of Materia Medica": governance intestines dry。
"With the interest rate spectrum of home eating": exogenous unclear, spleen slip diarrhea who were bogey。
The efficacy and role of broth broth how do eat pig intestines can cook, roast, fried, fried, stewed, steamed, rinse, or used to make cold dishes, soups, etc.。
Do pig intestine flavoring preparation is very important, many places in China have the custom of cooking with pig intestine。 Broth tofu stew Ingredients: 250 grams of pig intestine 250 g dried tofu。