Winter how far away they give Hello body disease

How far away from the winter cold and dry winter weather, day and night temperature difference is relatively large, it is more prone to diseases of the season。
So in the end how can away from the disease during the winter months when it next small series to bring knowledge, to help you in the winter from illness!8 things to help you not afraid of the cold winter away from the disease 1.Bed early evening "the Emperor" record: "Winter March, called closed reservoir, water ice to crack, almost undisturbed male, early evening to lying, will be daylight。 "His point is that people should go to bed early winter evening, in the morning the sun came out again until after the event。
From the modern point of view, going to bed early saliva cortisol indicators were contained in the generally low compared to other people, so that they have a lower degree of mental depression。 Visible, early hours can also help relieve stress。 2.Winter indoor ventilation, wind whistling, some people just will the doors and windows closed。
But some people think that only high summer temperatures relatively easy to breed bacteria, fewer bacteria in winter, at home, can reduce cleaning frequency。 These views are not correct, the doors and windows closed for a long time easy to breed a lot of bacteria。
Open every day windows, clean indoor stuffiness, air purification, ventilation generally adhere to 30 minutes a day。
How far away from winter disease 3.The amount of sweating winter morning run surge "brigade" number, but from the health point of view, this approach is not worth promoting。
Winter morning cold, thin air, morning run one hour sweating, this time the body also will distribute yang。 Sweating is the body's normal physiological phenomenon, is a normal way of detoxification of the body。 Winter is not motionless like to nest at home, the best sports to sweating slightly。
4.Feet warm。