Massage adaptation and contraindications take you through massage

(5) patients with bleeding tendency or blood diseases may cause local subcutaneous bleeding, it is not appropriate massage therapy。 (6) applied in part to avoid damage approach。
However, light is applied around the bedsore techniques improve local blood circulation, ischemic necrosis of the wound can heal gradually。
It was accidentally discovered in the 1970s when treating patients with traumatic paraplegia。 (7) more than 3 months pregnant woman's abdomen, buttocks, lumbosacral region, in order to prevent, should not be applied to the way in these parts。
(8) should not massage therapy when the patient or psychological stress。
Massage is not suitable for people to follow health massage is increasingly becoming a fashion, wrong patients with massage and disease is also increasing, and some sprained foot, and some pain worse, some even paralysis。 Experts point out that if there is a certain first to the hospital treatment, rather than blindly thinking "relax" in the massage room。
Massage trick health massage conform crowd。
You can go to massage tired muscles corrupt, but there are some cases of inappropriate massage。 ,, such as severe osteoporosis patients, skin diseases, infectious diseases are not appropriate to do the trick massage massage。 If the neck pain, massage should select stable, preferably holding the X-ray doctor to massage created in the future, then the received massage。 Do not fed, do massage massage trick when hunger。 The elderly, the infirm children, women best not to massage。
Adaptation and contraindications of massage massage severity varies。 At the moment many people to massage a misunderstanding: the better the more severe consequences that efforts。 It Otherwise, the massage shall be feel a little sore, but the full strength may be the best time to suffer, do not feel palpitation, dizziness, nausea, etc.。
Especially for heart disease, high blood pressure patients, but also may be due to massage spend large force caused by disease recurrence。 Manipulation requirements。