Why China valued G20 anti-corruption international cooperation?

Reading on the previous G20 summit, China to strengthen international cooperation against corruption from behind, to actively promote substantive cooperation, contribute to the gradual cooperation, "China Program" for the international anti-corruption。
Why is so dear to international cooperation against corruption G20?Southern reporter learned that, not only because of corruption directly affects economic development, corruption has become a national "public enemy", but also with the problems facing China's current anti-corruption has a direct relationship。
One hundred personnel through red Qi Cheng fled to 85% G20 G20 countries, although only 20 member states, but the population in 20 countries thirds of the world's population, accounts for the total GDP of global GDP。
Beijing Normal University Professor Huang Feng told reporters the South, due to the G20 countries, most developed countries, economic conditions, the natural environment is better, with a strong appeal from the perspective of overseas migration。
At the same time, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries in a relatively relaxed immigration policy, there are some countries for investment immigration policies, many flight personnel also like to take this "shortcut" escaped and fled overseas, "flight staff also valued in the fight against Chinese judiciary pursuit, repatriation request, these countries can make use of a number of legal provisions 'account for cheap'。
"Last year Interpol China National Central Bureau focused to the public of 'one hundred personnel through red' for the analysis of samples run, 100 flight personnel 76 people fled from G20 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.。
Data show that one hundred workers in red on the United States as a 40-person flight destinations to Canada as the destination of 26 people to Australia as a destination of 10 people。
Overseas pursuit Dilemma need multilateral cooperation due to the different national judicial systems, it is difficult to sign extradition agreements with the reasons for all countries, China in pursuit stolen goods abroad also faced practical difficulties。 After last year's "100 red links" list published, there are already 33 people have been recovered, 20 of whom are recovering from G20 countries。 Has not yet recovered 67 flight personnel, 50 people are still hiding in G20 countries。
This means that in the next overseas in pursuit of stolen goods, with the crucial G20 countries to work together, China actively with other countries in urgent need to conclude treaties on extradition, mutual legal assistance treaty simultaneously and broaden multilateral cooperation channels。
Huang Feng told reporters the South, to countries that have not concluded an extradition treaty, in the cross-border pursuit, with the relevant provisions of international multilateral channels of cooperation concluded will also play a role。 In addition, co-sanctioned multinational promote a particular principle in international multilateral cooperation, then continue to refine between the two countries under the principles of cooperation, the establishment of relevant cooperation mechanism, is also very helpful for。
Chinese People's Public Security University Law School professor Zhijun also suspect fled Jian-Jun Qiao and his ex-wife sued the US Justice Department's case is an example: According to the indictment is "United Nations Convention against Corruption," with China and the US is a party to the Convention, in China international criminal case raised a request for assistance to the United States, the United States must fulfill its treaty obligations。 G20 anti-corruption international cooperation to "pragmatic" and the birth of "G20" was first used to solve the international economic development issues。
Discussion on development issues in the economy, the problems related to corruption go hand in hand: 2008 subprime crisis, when the first meeting of the Group of 20 summit, will "promote financial market integrity, preventing illegal market manipulation and deceit and power Summit Declaration written abuse "and so on。 Thereafter, the international anti-corruption cooperation under the framework of the G20, a step toward "pragmatic"。
Pittsburgh Summit held in mid-2009, began to be devoted to the issue of anti-corruption; decided to set up anti-corruption working group is committed to international cooperation on anti-corruption summit in Toronto in 2010, anti-corruption supervision of the operations of the G20 member states。
The landmark 2014 summit, approved by mid-2015 to 2016 anti-corruption action plan, agreed to build a network of anti-corruption cooperation within the framework of the G20, the return of corrupt assets among members, refused to provide harbor avoid sin as corrupt officials。
Step by step progression of the G20 in the international anti-corruption cooperation, Chahar Institute researcher and static observation Jun believes that together form the G20, so that the group had previously been known as "asylum paradise" feel to some extent the Member States recognized that "collective action" against corruption of the importance and effectiveness of pressure, an increasing number of Member States。
With awareness, G20 anti-corruption collective action from the original mainly for corporate crime, access to domestic and cross-border anti-economic crime in all its forms, and to carry out the greatest degree of cooperation in the pursuit of concerted action of stolen goods。
Written: Southern Reporter intern Cheng Shu Wen Nan Qin Yujie off (except for signature outside)。