Belated dream

My heart has a dream, like a first beautiful tune, often at night after falling clouds, the moonlight gently bounce, knocking the story of youth——    Fourteen years ago, it was an autumn night, going to night classes at the school, I did not rush back to the bedroom, but did not move the original sit, come up with borrowed "pop" book, copying Angus Tung's "stay the root live ", a burning passion but sentimental songs, very touching, moving plume of heart and soul, is also the reason the three places of popular song at the time。    After that, I was just taking the other side of the dormitory touching songs floated, walk the stairs, gradually drifted to listen, really, "I love" feeling:“My dreams have a lock, my heart is a river, waiting for someone to open the crossing was……Under the Moon came alone to meet the old place, lost in the cloud of dust speckled with spit, perhaps only one person can understand it all……”Singing detail, crisp and Yue Yuen, meaning thread floating in the air, as if the flower appointments, and so on, said the pace to stay, afraid after a“Florescence”; Pleases, it seems to have faded music, singing in vain。    I went to the first floor door was heard behind“Fellow”He stopped, looking back look, turned out to be“Ame”,she says:“Fellow!Someone looking for you, we are here for a moment, you see, she would go first, and told me to tell you……”We passed through the forest, side by side forward, the path whisper, went to the dormitory, though I ask her, in the end who is looking for me, but she said are some of the riddles, like a couplet like, with the Union is no second line。    Under the playground slowly, until Huai month, villagers said:“You wait a minute, I went to the bedroom to call her……”Heart guess and wait for a short stay, as if we should be immediate。Soon,“Boom, boom, boom”, Both the sound of shoes through the playground, playing music to my ears, constantly sucking guess the mind, unaware of the shadow of oblique light elongated pull short, one high and one low, decreasing the distance。I step around the place, a circle, a vague, a little early to judge, walking in front of that girl must be her。That's when the new school, and in recognition of the villagers have to know her, and“Ame”The same bedroom……Near to the eyes, it is true。    I played hello, solidification silence, bowed his head, blushing either on the face, blossoming lotus in full bloom, burning autumn leaves。While, by the dim light I sneak into each other in shallow feeling reflected in the glow of the rising sun is like。    I think, just between us understanding each other, usually no exchanges, in the end I have to find something?Silence echoed in the moonlight, waiting and retreat mutual embarrassment, hoping to break the silence……Villagers have already seen, so the first to say:“You go away for a while, and I back to the bedroom doing homework。”I asked her to go all the way, but she……    Rabbit tie word, poetry red autumn。Our small step breezes whisk hand Salvinia implied, from the gate, into the long asphalt road, quiet put any yellow leaves Scholar, slowly move behind the falls silent, as if pedestrians can not find the shoulder, it makes Yiyi docking。At this point, all I guess, like a spring of water, some tide rush and panic, just keep moving slowly walked aimlessly, good body uncomfortable……When approached the door of a restaurant, I was suddenly the wall lamp, locked the pace of progress, asked her to prepare supper。    The supper table, I did not sit down quietly, from the base three or four times, and that less than three feet of the desktop, like a huge arena, the next step will be how to make moves, is really no way to call the shots。I picked up rice, without any explanation, a trip to the effort to eat soup is not left, so he stood in the doorway waiting, listening to TV to sing Mao Amin "desire" theme song, under heavy idea, I do not know but it is now deliberately stepped on, let panic into blame, secretly, said:“Before you say something to me, now, why do not you say, do not lie to me?”    On the way back, I fell on her back, and a half words do not say, hoping she could tell me——what is the problem?But until into the school, or no words, simply leisurely pace of the foot, and white once again distant from each other, so that through the moonlight between acacia trees, shed silent tell——Although Salvinia autumn when the river to spend the non-fishing boat, moon phases send affectionate bitter, Chang E down to earth who know?Hydrangea roll chrysanthemum, red Ye Langtao in just one night, moonlight fade in my heart, I disappear in the late love。    The following year, I will face graduation。Previously, the school gave each made a message book, she wrote me above this message:“——Hello, Friend!Jinjiang sky blue, warm love, this acquaintance, a lifetime。You know, my life's honor and happiness of my life。Normally, I would like to hear you speak, and you that sweet smile, a intoxicating words, a beautiful note, in my heart filled with towering waves, all the happiness and joy, all sweetness and longing It can only be turned into a dream of the future!Last year, the ripples of moonlight night, you accompany me with silence, they walked together for a long walk, then I never want to moonlight shining on me, and do not change the foot of the far away, go on unlimited……At that time, I would like to express their heart, but has the courage……Later, I returned to the bedroom, middle of the night without sleep, let the silence centrifugal distance between us。Gambhir moon, autumn laugh, but it is unclaimed, maybe not fate between us, I wish you only the future brilliant career, love, sweet, happy family!”    The day before leaving school at night, since I was busy cleaning days, lying on the bed, inadvertently turn her message, repeated a closer look, and suddenly is——Last year, in the moonlight night, she said something to me, it seems, really do not lie to me, do not blame me understand the meaning of which, has allowed a“Single thought”Appointments, turned into love regrets。    At that time, I was very excited, immediately stood up, think back to the past, many ran to tell her apology, confession enjoy themselves, they unconsciously went to the window, look at it, but the hour is late I only dissolved in the thick darkness, try to fly all the emotions, the imagination constantly dormitory floor, imagine that night, imagine……Since then, I regret it is repeated, they blame themselves for not seize the opportunity, remember that moonlight night of regret, and I blame her——How do you say that earlier, actually I always thought you……Even for a long time still blame you, you said something to me, but clearly nothing……Now I understand, it was a test of love, how do you use this way to test me?I managed to get anything, turned out to be“Zero”You let me“Makeup examination”It?Now I know the answer, be sure to test ninety eight and 99 percent, even out, OK?So one night turn test, the test has to dawn, the train finally admitted to leaving campus。    Later, I returned to my home to work, my heart is always hard to forget that moonlit night, every moonlit night comes, I will think of her, go look she gave me a message, one secondary, always want the heads off on a journey, Fen Swagger hoof recover once lost, but it was so far away from the road, from where to start?As it is often said:“Love is talking to, not want to come。”Now, even if sincere send away, too far from reality, to mention only a moonlight night, but sometimes I think maybe she hates me understand her heart……As a result, that original blame for the gradual understanding and loving thoughts, thought to want to, empty pigeon flying south, year after year elapsed time, diffuse set for the diary of the soul, go postal“Single Love”Spring breeze, look at the message, unfortunately, had, felt——No one knows Huai autumn fall, led by a month do not ever recall。    In the living green bitter water, on the road twists and turns of love, often frustrated mood, inevitably return to the past under the moonlight, followed by read her message, no people looking, thinking there next month, but for the breeze again Send a miss and blessing!    2006 spring because the network connection, inadvertently in the vast network of sea met her, and suddenly I could not suppress his excitement, opened QQ chat day, she said:“Why do after leaving school, not even a written reply?In fact, I've been waiting for you, so you nearly two years, but a long wait but it is no news, joking flower disabled……”Really!Do not say no regret, getting more and more regret, a regret then regret, measures miss, left a dream come——Yi month old Salvinia fly, Wanxiang now leaves the keyboard; water is difficult to drip off flower language, a character asks the hearts of the Spring and Autumn things。I worked tirelessly successive nights, they made fourteen spring and thoughts of beating, with full a week, only to a spiritual diary thick copy finished, packaged mail in the past。After she received, give me a reply, wrote a letter at the end of——    Brother; thank you for the many years I wrote a diary, this is a belated dream!    July 15, 2006 in Xiaojing