TCM analysis of causes of nocturnal emission wet dream of what prescription

Analysis of the cause of Chinese medicine, nocturnal emission is most guys have experienced things that a lot of people just the beginning very shy embarrassed to say, the cause of Chinese medicine analysis of semen which together with the small series to see traditional Chinese medicine cause of semen analysis the introduction of it!Etiology emission TCM 1, where Auntie too emotional disorders, too much trouble, the heart yang alone Kang, Yin heart is burning, Firelight can not pay under the kidney, renal water can not be on the economy in mind, heart and kidney do not pay , water loss Huo, fine disturbance emission chamber。
In addition there thinking too much, injury Heart, leading to temper subsidence, refined gas is not taken, resulting in emission。
2, fail desire young and fit, in the situation moving, heart or crushes, desired fail, or long Masao Kuang, smoothies lust, Jieling heart Shenyao, Huo Jun phase, and emission chamber disturbed fine。
3, wine Atsumi improper diet, spleen injury, endogenous heat, Yun and heat, heat refined chamber disturbance or depression in the liver and gallbladder, force can be caused by emission fine tumble。 4, hither and indulgence TCM emission analysis of causes of youth early marriage, excessive sexual intercourse, or juvenile ignorance, frequent masturbation, drunk into the room or rooms, excessive indulgence, day off on kidney essence, or with fine room fire disturbances, kidney or not is the Gujing into a nocturnal emission。 Pathological nature pathogenesis of emission are not the actual situation, and more false is mixed。 Due to the phase Huo Jun, damp, disturbed fine room, fine off Without a solid and left were mostly true; kidney loss, sealing possession of dereliction of duty, fine off Without a solid and vent are mostly false。 Because in the beginning and more Huo, hot and humid, evidence-based, chronic illness with the fire, heat burns yin, kidney yin deficiency caused, even sinister and yang from yin and yang, kidney failure and other exhausted deficiency。
Wang and often appear in the pathological process of evolution, Yin heat and other evidence of the actual situation inclusions。