How to eat lunch with the best nutrition so

How can I eat lunch nutrition lunch I believe many people are very familiar with, because no time to cook can eat lunch, but because of convenience, often neglect their own health, then how can we eat lunch together and nutritious lunch to see small series how to eat nutritious introduce it!How can I eat lunch nutrition cabbage stew frozen tofu materials cabbage, mushrooms, noodles, onion ginger garlic, salt, pepper noodles。
Practice 1.Wash the cabbage leaves separated from the outer leaves, and cut, washed and shredded fungus, fans cold water soak。
2.Wok put the oil, put onion ginger garlic until fragrant, put cabbage silk, silk fungus fried pour heated water, put frozen tofu, cover the lid, turn a small fire to boil and simmer 10 minutes。 3.In addition cabbage leaves filaments, fans, salt, pepper surface, cover, stew 3?4 minutes on it, pan sprinkle with green onion and red pepper rings。
Maize burning material ribs ribs 300 grams, 2 corn, oil amount, amount of salt, ginger amount, amount of onion, crystal sugar, soy sauce amount, amount of wine, amount anise, cinnamon amount, peanuts 1。
How can I eat lunch nutrition practice 1.Prepared food。
2.Corn cut into pieces, ribs cut into pieces, light blue and cut into sections, ginger slices。
3.Half pot of water into a small pot, into the ribs, add ginger, Linru amount wine, cover, after bleeding boiled water, remove。 4.Into the oil pan, add two spoonfuls of sugar, fry until melted down into the ribs, the stir the fragrance, into the amount of water, preferably flush with the ribs。